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Once a week, the Pasco Times provides a seven-day report of higher-priority sheriff and police calls, sorted by ZIP code and by the block to which an officer was dispatched. A report does not mean an arrest was made.

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To protect victim confidentiality, we do not include sexual assaults or abuse of children or of the elderly. Special to the Times. Published April 27 Updated April 27 Load Comments.

Also In This Section. Body found surrounded by alligators in St.

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Petersburg lake 15 minutes ago. The body was so severely decomposed that investigators could not determine the person's gender or race. Some believe that planting lilies in a garden will protect the garden from ghosts and evil spirits.

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In China, the day lily is the emblem for motherhood. To dream of lilies in spring foretells marriage, happiness and prosperity; to dream of them in winter indicates frustration of hopes, and the premature death of a loved one.

Succulent houseplant delivers indoor color

The Romans were said to cure corns with the juice from lily bulbs. In ancient Greek and Roman marriage ceremonies, lilies, symbols of purity and innocence, along with wheat, the symbol of fertility, were placed on the bride's crown. Long ago, Spaniards believed that eating a lily's petals would restore someone who had been transformed into a beast back into human form. In medieval times, lilies symbolized feminine sexuality. Color Messages On the whole, lilies imply purity of the heart.