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Where hide a leaf? In a forest. Where hide a body? On a battlefield. The date is December 18, The setting is Paris. In Provence, in the hills behind Cagne-Sur-Mer, the body of an attractive, well-dressed woman has turned up; she's been shot through the heart with a crossbow, the arrow equipped with a barbed iron tip.

The dead woman, Mme. We further learn how the advent of journalism and the need for fast, compelling stories brought sensationalism to the foreground of popular literature. Nevertheless, it never feels dry. The writing is fluid, guiding the reader from Shakespearean drama to the modern detective novel without ever drifting away from the main theme.

The language is impressively straightforward, and Ascari manages to discover interesting details even among the most obscure commercial writers of the 18th and 19th centuries. If some areas might be slightly too packed with summaries of unknown Gothic novels, this is almost always helped by a dynamic or thoughtful quote that provides a refreshing break from all the paraphrasing. As we read accounts of the dark recesses of London, we always remain sufficiently anchored to the present to note how these stories are never divorced from the prevalent ideologies and prejudices of their contemporaries.

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“A Counter-History of Crime Fiction” by Maurizio Ascari – Rediscovering the Origins of a Genre

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