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Dining with Terrorists - Return of the Freedom Fighter -Pt 2

To the Point. Hosted by Warren Olney National. India's terrorists are Pakistan's freedom fighters, even when they're talking about the same people. Feb 4, Afghanistan: seventeen years too late. Jun 1, Why are Islamic extremists still attacking the West? Explore, analyze, understand. Get the book. Related Policy Briefings. Defence Policy Briefing Short and informative analyses on policy challenges that bring background and recommendations to policymakers, journalists and the general public.

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In the Crosshairs

In an email to The Hill Times, a spokesperson said that Ms. Craft, who has been tapped to serve as U. It just pissed me off, so I started rocking the police with them. During one clash, Harroun fractured his wrist, and during another he was briefly arrested. He was detained again a few months later: he and Thomas Wood, a British college student, were kept inside a police vehicle for several hours while riots raged nearby.

They stayed up all night, chain-smoking, and at one point Harroun removed a Xanax from his shoe and swallowed it. Harroun spoke passionately about Syria, arguing that America needed to do more to help the protesters. He also told Wood that he was part Lebanese. They were released the next day. Harroun left Egypt, and spent the rest of the summer touring Cyprus, Jordan, and Lebanon.

In Beirut, he began dating Teresa Richard, the yoga teacher. In October, , Harroun returned to the U. But he soon yearned to go abroad again. That December, she flew to California to visit him for the holidays.

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Eventually, he admitted to being hooked on heroin. In June, , he travelled to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh City, he contracted a parasite. But he slowly recuperated in his hotel room, spending hours a day tracking developments in Syria on his laptop. He contacted his friend in Sacramento and asked to borrow two thousand dollars. He claimed that he needed the money to fly home.

Instead, he used it to buy a plane ticket to Istanbul. Harroun is hardly the first man to have set out to join a foreign war. In April, , the Marquis de Lafayette, then a twenty-year-old military officer, left his home in Paris and sailed across the Atlantic to participate in the American Revolution.

In the eighteen-twenties, hundreds of Europeans, including Lord Byron, joined the Greek struggle for independence.

Kurdish ‘freedom fighters’ or ‘terrorists’? It depends on your frame of reference | The Independent

Tens of thousands of foreigners flocked to Spain in the nineteen-thirties to resist the Fascist regime. Recent conflicts have mobilized a new generation of international fighters. Often, their politics are muddy, their motivations inchoate. Inevitably I was in love with the idea of war without even knowing what it was. A disturbing number of Americans have joined jihadist groups abroad. In , John Walker Lindh, a Marin County teen-ager, travelled to Yemen and Pakistan, and then to Afghanistan, where he trained with terrorists; in November, , he was captured by American soldiers near Mazar-i-Sharif.

He is currently serving a twenty-year prison sentence. He has been indicted on terrorism-related charges but remains at large.

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Omar Hammami, an Alabaman, attended Bible camp and served as the president of his sophomore class before going to Somalia to support Al Shabaab, the militant organization that attacked a Nairobi shopping mall in That September, Hammami was killed—by Al Shabaab. Since , according to the Washington Post, as many as fifteen thousand foreigners have joined the conflict in Syria. One of its top military commanders is an ethnic Chechen from Georgia named Tarkhan Batirashvili.

A man who appears in isis beheading videos speaks English with a British accent.

Encountering Peace: Terrorists and freedom fighters

The French government recently confirmed that several former soldiers had defected and joined isis. His politics were crudely romantic. On January 5, , Harroun and the activist went to the Istanbul airport to fly to Gaziantep. Harroun had loaded his backpack with canned food and medical supplies.

After arriving in Gaziantep, they took a bus to Kilis, a Turkish town on the Syrian border. They entered Syria on foot, and then the activist hired a taxi to take them a few miles south, to the town of Azaz, where they met an F. Harroun knew very little Arabic, so the activist did the talking. Harroun was handed two weapons: a Dragunov sniper rifle and a Kalashnikov. As planned, the activist returned to Turkey.

Harroun was left with a group of fighters who, as far as he could tell, were mostly farmers with no military experience. Syrian warplanes sporadically dropped bombs. Three days after Harroun arrived, Abu Kamel announced a plan to ambush a Syrian Army camp near Idlib, sixty miles to the southwest. The fighters set off in a convoy of pickups. Along the way, another rebel brigade joined them. They travelled in vehicles mounted with black flags. It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between radical groups and avowedly moderate ones like the Free Syrian Army, whose commanders have admitted to collaborating on the battlefield with Jabhat al-Nusra, the Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria.

In a recent Times Magazine article, Theo Padnos, an American journalist who was kidnapped in Syria for twenty-two months, claimed that the F. The fighters ditched their trucks in a forest, sneaked the rest of the way on foot, and opened fire. The Syrian soldiers soon forced the rebels to retreat. Harroun raced back through the forest as bullets ripped into tree bark. He climbed into the bed of the first familiar truck he saw. A few days later, his captors were preparing to raid a militia loyal to Assad and decided to enlist Harroun as an extra gunman.

In the battle, a bullet pierced the leg of one fighter. After that, the group accepted him. On January 14th, a week after Harroun entered Syria, a video surfaced online of him in a room with four men who appeared to be rebel fighters. He was dressed in a tan jacket, with a checkered kaffiyeh draped over his right shoulder. You should just quit now, while you can, and leave. Where you go, we will find you, and kill you. Law-enforcement agencies and media organizations tried to identify the swaggering, fair-skinned American.

Harroun and his comrades set up a base near a rural intersection twenty miles south of the Euphrates River. Roman ruins overlooked the intersection, and the crumbling gypsum ramparts provided ideal cover for ambushes. One night, the rebels established a checkpoint. While searching a bus, they singled out a man, in plain clothes, whom they suspected of belonging to the Syrian military. They tied his hands, and Harroun filmed the captured man on his iPhone. Harroun filmed more than a dozen episodes in Syria.

Ann let me extract the files from his iPhone; geolocation data embedded in the videos, and in dozens of photographs, enabled me to plot his wartime activities. Six days after filming the video of the prisoner, Harroun aimed his camera at a rocky landscape dotted with concrete homes. A fire from an explosion smoldered on the horizon. He began narrating the scene, in the grave tone of Captain Benjamin L. This fucking place is hell. Had one guy die in my arms and had to help one guy tie a tourniquet around his leg to stop the bleeding so far.

That afternoon, as the sun was casting long winter shadows, Harroun and the other men came under heavy fire. He took shelter in a shack with broken windows and bare floors. He was sweating and out of breath when he switched on the camera. I piss on their graves. I swear I was never afraid. Something always kept me calm and relaxed. It was like I was invisible to death. In late February, Harroun flew to Istanbul, intent on meeting with intelligence officials at the U. He felt that he had critical knowledge to share: he had come to believe that the men he had fought alongside in Syria belonged to Jabhat al-Nusra, which the State Department had recently classified as a terrorist organization.

It was risky, even foolhardy, for Harroun to reveal this association.


Violating that law could lead to a lengthy prison sentence. Harroun may have assumed that infiltrating a brigade of militant Islamists in Syria and then reporting that information to the consulate would be enough to shield him from prosecution. Normally, access trumps other concerns when it comes to intelligence. Harroun knew this well, because he had spied for the U. In the autumn of , Harroun contacted the Central Intelligence Agency.

He was living in Tucson at the time, having recently returned from his first trip to Lebanon. I liked some of your myspace page photos from there. Harroun eventually met with him. Bob Baer, a former C. I discovered more than forty e-mails between Harroun and Wayne. The messages do not provide a full picture of their relationship or contain specific references to the C. But they reflect a dynamic particular to handlers and their assets.

Harroun noted that he had pressed Suzuki for details about Shatila.