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Die Diskrepanz zwischen Lebensalter- und Sprachentwicklungsalter ist somit geringer. Kinder mit Mehrsprachigkeit zeigen schlechtere Ergebnisse als einsprachig deutsch aufwachsende Kinder. In der Nachsorge gilt es, ein besonderes Augenmerk auf Kinder mit Mehrsprachigkeit zu legen. Abstract Objective: Long term goal in early cochlea implantation in children without any additional disabilities is an age-appropriate speech development. But it must be kept in mind, that children who were implanted earlier show the same results at a younger age.

The discrepancy between their chronological age and their speech development-age is smaller.

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The Inhabitants sure had a lot of fun watching us and talking with us. This was a great visit! Die Familien kommen aus unterschiedlichen Kultur- und Sprachkreisen. Kinder mit einer Eingliederungshilfe sind integriert. Das Team setzt sich, entsprechend des Leitbildes des Querwege e. Wir arbeiten nach dem Konzept der offenen Arbeit.

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Becau we had some ripe apples from our apple trees in the garden, we came up with the idea to bake some apple pies this friday. The little baker men and women were really busy slicing apples, rolling the dough, seperating eggs and trying the ingredients.

Deutsch lernen: Körperteile / learning German: body parts

What a nice last kindergarten daof the week! On the first of July the Billy Kindergarten turned 12 years. We started celebrating this event with a big morning birthday circle. We sang birthday songs and shared 12 delicious cherry muffins.

Sprachentwicklung beim Kind

We also gave the Billy 12 sunflowers and each one of them was given with a birthday wish someone came up with. Yvonne introduced a special magic ball to us, which made us move a lot.

That was fun! We also got some birthday presents that enrich our games in the garden, we had a bubble machine, which blew a lot of shiny soapy bubbles around our noses and we had a slide, on which we rolled down the hill very fast and giggly. In the afternoon our parents and friends were invited, too. All together we made a nice buffet including salads, cakes, fruits and delicious other things that made us happy.

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  • In the garden the party continued. The least were needed to dance, because we had a special guest who played us a concert: We got a harp player who made us stunning and listen deeply to the nice and gentle sounds in the evening. Thanks to everyone who made our birthday celebrations so much fun and so successful!

    The children at the kindergarten had visitors from the Jena bus and tram service Jenaer Nahverkehr. The children received a donation of painting materials and a voucher to be used in one of the local shopping centres.

    Fragen und antworten

    The contact with the kindergarten developed from an art exhibition by a member of staff at the kindergarten who produced drawings of people on the local buses. The partnership developed so that the children also had an opportunity to develop works of art using found materials donated by the engineers who keep the buses and trams running. The children were able with their free spirt use the materials to produce work which was the impetus for a larger project at the bus depot.

    The children produced work using the forms of wheels, cogs and chains. Many of the children and families attended the day at the depot. Their work can now be viewed traveling around Jena for a month on various buses and trams. During the time from the 29th of May till the 9th of June the children visited many areas of natural beauty near to the kindergarten.

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    The open concept of the kindergarten enabled the staff to mix the children so that younger children were able to participate in activities. We went out on Alternative days and reflected on what they had experienced on the day that they were in the kindergarten using collected materials and photos which were taken as points of inspiration to start discussions and the telling of stories and experiences. The other day for example we walked through the long grass near Winzerla.