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The war conduct of the Japanese, Shanghai, Hong Kong, London Three came home, London The war against Japan, London 3 vols. Diplomat in peace and war, London We flee from Hong Kong, Toronto The colonies after the war, London I left my roots in China, London Japan's military masters.

The hidden years: , Hong Kong All over the place, London Operations in Hong Kong from 8th to 25th December, , London I escaped from Hong Kong, New York Told in the dark. Hong Kong The three corners of the world, London This was Singapore, London Voices of Asia, London British rule in Eastern Asia, London Triad societies in Hong Kong, Hong Kong This war against Japan, London Report to combined chiefs of staff: South-East Asia, , London Mowrer in China, London China proper, London , 3 vols.

For fear of weeping, London The phantom caravan, London Eastern windows, London Our ally China: story of a great people, London The fail of Singapore, London Shanghai Saga, London War and politics in China, London Through Japanese barbed wires A thousand mile track from a Japanese prison camp, London Underground from Hong Kong, New York Hong Kong: The island between.

Malayan climax, Melbourne War torn China: From the diary of a relief worker, u. Officially dead, London Behind bamboo, London Jesuits under fire in the siege of Hong Kong London Prisoner of war camp life in Hong Kong. Report on medical and health conditions in Hong Kong, 1st January to 31st August , London Strange harmony, London The jungle is neutral, London Hong Kong in history, Hong Kong They shall not sleep.

A missionary in the war net, London Secret memorial concerning Mongolia, China, U. Shanghai Chungking listening post. What war means; Japanese Terror in China n. Chinese escapade, London Singapore: The Japanese version, London Secret agent of Japan, London Centenary number of the journal of the royal Hong Kong defence force.

Hong Kong under Japanese occupation. A case study of the enemy's technique of control, Washington Thunder out of China, London The rise and fall of Japan, London The British in Asia, London Should we surrender colonies? Asia and the West, London War news, copied from newspapers, and summaries of radio broadcasts. Reports of events foreshadowing World War II, World War II. Including: Macao refugee relief committee. Tshinshan refugee committee. Portuguese refugees from Shanghai. Correspondence to and from internees in camps.

Cards made by residents. Items on the last days of Wong Koon-Kit. Including: Items on the B. Items on the British Consul Reeves. Items on other individuals and agents. Passports of agents. Items on arms supplied to agents. Including: Items on agents.

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Items on Japanese. Items on Chinese collaborators with the Japanese. Items on the sinking of the Lisbon Maru. Including notes, photographs and various items on the history of Macao and notes and photographs on Macao during World War II. Braga: 17 July — 5 Sept. In each case all issues available for the war period should be consulted. Box 1 contains biobibliography and newspaper clippings of Hong Kong.

Boxer, C. Published and unpublished transcripts and typescripts of Boxer's work from Macao Senate Papers. Camera Manoel. Jeromyno da. Missionios na India e no Japao A list of missionaries from Portugal to India and Japan. Hunter, William C. Bits of old China. Typescript of book published Costa Nunes, D. Jose da Bp.


Conference sobre o Padroado Portuguez do Oriente. Lecture at the Geographical Society of Lisbon. Sampayo, S. Conto de. Typescript of Relacao dos successes no Barra de Goa Account of the victorious happenings at the river bar of Goa against the Dutch by Telles de Menezes Capt. General of the sea forces in India Ferguson, Donald. Typescript of letters from Portuguese captives in Canton, with an introduction on Portuguese intercourse with China in the first half of the 16th century from Book by Donald Ferguson probably using the original in the Chamber of Deputies.

Braga says Marques Pereira, Antonio. Typescript of Ephemerides commemoratives da historia de Macao e das relacoes da China com os poros christaos. The events that have taken place on each day of the year. Morse, Hosea Ballon. Typescript of extracts from the 4 vols. Hirshberg H.

Papers dealing with water catchment, Macao Miranda Guedes, Antonio P. Netto, Antonio F. Macao Calvo, Vasco. Typescript of Cartas dos prisoneiros en Cantao. Copy of letters of Christopher Viera and Vasco Calvo Cunningham, Alfred. Cordeiro, Luciano Jose. Lien, Chou Ching. Papers dealing with Sino-Portuguese relations 19th century.

Rodrigues, Damiao. Typescript of 0 Petardo and The China Truth separata do processo que acompanhou o recurso do notario D. Rodrigues peranti o conselho de Ministros. A restricted report of the Govt. Uma pagina negra nos annaes da procurata de Macao Anonymous restricted pamphlet entitled 'A Black page in the story of the Procurators Office in Macao Deals with China's emigration from Macao. Erncarnacao, Antonio de. Typescript of Breve relacam das Cousas. Short account of the happenings in these recent years and accomplishments by the Dominicans and the prodigious successes in Christian places in the southern seas in which the author took part in parts of East India written by various Dominicans.

Wright, Arnold ed. Narcisco, Armando. Typescript of his Documentary Studies of the Portuguese League for social prophylaxis published after a conference on leprosy in Clinica Hygiene e bedrologia April Vespucci, Amerizo. Typescript of letters and other documents illustrative of his career.

London, Hakluyt Soc. Carmona, Lima. Vol 1 pp. Froes, Luiz Fr. Letters from Japan published in Lisbon Arquivo dos Coionias. Extracts concerning Macao from the magazine. Portugal Booksellers Association Bibliography Bibliography of Portuguese books published in 17th to 20th centuries. Macao Peninsula. Typescript of documents relating to the setting up of boundaries for the Peninsula of Macao Alvares, Gorge.

An account of Gorge Alvares of Japan. Marques, Lorenco. The album of the Camoens Grotto Macao, published mid 19th century. Vargas, Phillipe. Coates, Austin. Poems Macao, April Poem written for J. Braga and not published. Medical Foundation, Hong Kong - Annual reports, Cairns, Robert, Father. Declaration in honour of St. Francis Xavier. Has picture of the Saint's death , is a reproduction of the original since disintergrated. McCall, John E. Macao Court papers, typescripts of decisions regarding estates of Portuguese families in Macao and Lisbon late 19th and early 20th centuries. Silva, J Marques de.

Papers regarding his ancestors compiled in Chan, Albert S. Typescript of the Glory and fate of the Ming Dynasty talks given in the late 's. Brunt, M. Typescript of essays on architectural development in Macao over the centuries, Salazar, Antonio Oliveira.

Speech Translation done at the request of the Governor of Macao in for distribution to Portuguese refugees from Hong Kong. Martin, Joseph. Typescript of article on tea. Conceicao, Adrelino. Machado, Barboza Diogo. Sandomil, Count. Benedict Convent, Portugal. Transcript of the inquisition against the abbess of the Convent of St. Benedict Original since lost. Papers connected with a court case between Portuguese Consul in Shanghai and a group of Portuguese lawyers and businessmen.

Cistersian Abbey. Unpublished book with regulations for the Cistersian friars in the Abbey of Alcobacca Portugal consisting of the Latin Calendar in medieval Portuguese with illuminated capitals written ca AD. Pedrosa Guimaraens, dom Allessandre de Silva. Original manuscript of his sermons and addresses with extensive annotations. This bishop was extremely narrow minded, desired the expulsion from Macao of all non-Catholics. Several of the leading citizens of Macao were excommunicated by him. Written Freitas, Jordes de. Typescript of study in Archive Historic Portugal Vol.

Caderna Pharmacutica. Manuscript book of medical prescriptions and natural secrets with index. Bound in velum from 18th century. Oporto - Cortes. Transcript in late 18th century of the National Assemblies convened by the King on various dates from from the Senate city of Oporto. These assemblies were in the days before Parliaments functioned anywhere. Lazarist Missions.

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Regulations and general constitutions of the priests of the Lazarist Missions written in the 18th century. Silva Mendes, Manoel da. Typescript of book unpublished because of opposition by the Salesian fathers. Covers the history of Macao early 20th century. Mesquita, Vincente Nicolau. Typescript of Notes biograficas por Coronel Garcia , Sentenea de rehabilitacao, , newspaper cuttings.

Ecclesiastical decision on rehabilitation of Colonel Mesquita. Mesquita died after killing his daughter whom he suspected of having an affair with a married Portuguese officer. Iao Seng Company. Reference to irregulations by Iao Seng Co. Inso, Jayme de. Loo, Hing-Yun. Typescript of memorandum prepared by Loo for submission to United Nations Barres, Luis Frederico de. Teixeira, Manoel, Father. A rough English translation of a substantial portion of a book entitled 'A facade de St Paolo' with pictures by Baron von Reichman.

Portuguese text published Jollye G. Typescript of his poems unpublished before his death in in Macao. Wong, Po-Shang. Gouvea, Alexandre de Bp. Photographs of correspondence from the Bishop of Pelang at Macao. Correspondence between the Procurator of Macao and the Mandarins of China Hainan Catholic Mission. Photographs of a description in English of Hainan Cemetery. Author unknown, Tai Seng Cong-si Company. Capital is not declared. Purpose to produce and sell opium authorised by Govt. Saldanha, Manoel de. Magalliaes, J. Montalto de. Jesus, C.

Heavily annotated copy of Historic Macao, international traits in China old and new. Maloney, Photocopies of Maloneys memoirs relating to period in China. Original in India Office Library. Braga, J. Unpublished book Native Banks, their formation and their functions considered in relation to the economic crisis in Hong Kong Bernades Brance Manoel, Typescript of Portugal e os estrangeiros, Lisbon Bianchi, Joao A.

Gama, Luiz da. Transcript of diaries written between and describing conditions at Macao and now lost. Sampaio Carlos Dr. Translation of Report on traffic in women and children presented at the Conference of Bandoeng, Figueiredo, Antonio Jose de. Typescript of Primaira embaixadra do Japas a Europa e Lisboa em Since published in book form by Fr. Videira Pires and J. Braga, Macao Santos, Alfredo R dos.

Typescript of secret document published by the Macao government entitled Governo da provincia de Macao Breme memoria documentada acerca da soberania e jurisdicao Portugesa nas oguas do porto interior de Macao. Menseart, George Father comp. Menseart, George, Father comp. Documents date from Braga, List of Portuguese voyages to Japan and Governors of Macao Note on voyages to Japan Pinto, Fernao Mendes. Britto, Mateuse de. Typescript of information given by Britto. Lemos, Romao de. Typescript of letter containing instructions to Lemos sent to control the voyages to Japan together with supplementary documents issued by King of Portugal, April Freire, Diogo Vas.

Typescript of letter to Freire sent to administer the Royal Exchequer services in business with Japan, 20 April Sequeira, Andre de. Typescript from letter in Goa Archives of instructions given to Sequeira commander of 2 Galliots sent to Macao 6 May Bocarro, Travares Manoel. Typescript of letter in Goa Archives from Bocarro regarding trade and conditions at Macao and Moluccas 10 February Coutinho, Diogo.

Typescript of letter in Goa Archives with instructions to Coutinho from the King of Portugal and various supplementary documents. Gago, Balthazar. Typescript of letter in the Ajuda Library written by Gago in giving information about China supplied by Amaro Pereira, prisoner in Canton for 14 years. Portugal, King of. Quadros, Jeromino. Julius II Pope. Pires, Tome. Typescript of letter to the King of Portugal from Pires at Malaca, Typescript of letter from Pires to Alfonso de Albuquergue, 9 January Typescript of letter to the King from Malaca 20 August Mello, Martin Alfonso de.

Typescript of letter to the King of Portugal from Meilo dated Malaca. Typescript of letter to the King of Portugal from Mello, 14 November Calvo, Diogo. Typescript of letter to the King from Calvo, 17 January Galvao, Antonio. Typescript of letter to the Queen of Portugal from Galvao describing the products of the Moluccas, Melo, Simias de. Typescript of letter to the King from an unknown author about Franciscans going to China.

Palha, Franciso. Typescript of letter to the King regarding the Moluccas undated. Remiro, Alfonso. Typescript of a letter from Remiro, a prisoner in China doing business there in to an unknown. Heredia, Manuel Godhino de. Typescript of letters exchanged between the King of Portugal and the Vice Roy of India regarding proposals by Heredia for the discovery of a great land to the South Australia Letter held in National Archives of Portugal.

Benemerito, A. Typescript of unpublished report held in Ateneo de Manila on the propagation of Mullberry, by means of grafting, Typescript of report held in Ateneo de Manila on the possibility of a dairy industry in the Philippines, Tanaka, General. Privately published in Shanghai Edict of Toleration. Typescript of article on the Edict granted by the Emperor of China , permitting the preaching of Christianity in China.

An account of the happy and invaluable benefits from the liberty to preach Christianity obtained from and issued by the Board of Rites in China in Leal de Castro, Don Felix. Photograph of 26 page book by man who probably never existed. Possibly a name used by the Jesuits to set forth their point of view in the disputes promoted by Cardinal Tournon in China. The Jesuit General did not wish further controversy hoping that other orders would follow suit.

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When they did not, this book was printed from a wood block, probably at Macao. Guimaraes, Alexandre da Silva. Chinese in Macao. Photographs of letters written giving accounts of the almost daily trouble caused by the Chinese against the city of Macao followed by letters from the Bishop of Macao to Father Luis Lefebuire and letters by ex-Jesuits Simonelli and Lefebuire. Montanha, Jose Father.

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Apparatus de historico de Bispado de Macao. Photographs of pages compiled from source material, the originals of which no longer exist. Father Montanha assisted by Brother John Alvares and six assistants transcribed from documents the papers now known as The Jesuitas na Asia. The Apparatus is a history of the church in Macao.

Gouvea, Alexandre da. Photographs of a list of astronomical instruments taken to Peking by Don Alexandre da Gouvea, Sampaio, Francisco X. Pedro, Adriano. Photographs of the notes in the Ajuda Library, Lisbon on the missions to China, Leinia, Isadore. Photographs of the annual letter written at the College of Macao regarding the missions in China. Missions in China and Macao. Photographs of report in the Ajuda Library giving the tragic account of the most notable happenings in the missions in China and the City of Macao during the period Victory of Portuguese against Dutch in Macao, Photograph of the.

Published by Antonio Noguerra Barrocas, dealer in books, Madrid Eastern India fortresses. Photographs of an account in the Ajuda Library, Lisbon of the countries and fortresses in Eastern India and their domain and values, together with an account of the cities and fortresses in the Indies and the kings in neighbouring places in time of war and peace, Goa 12 December Phillip IV, King of Spain.

Photographs of correspondence addressed to King Phillip asking him to stop sending missionaries to Japan, and letters regarding conditions at Macao. Gouvea Alexandre de, Bp. Photographs of true account of the persecutions against Christianity in the Empire of China which took place in by Bishop of Peking. Magellan, Ferdinand. Photographs of a 5 page account of the voyage, date not identified but early 15th century. Gabiani, John Domingoes, Father. Photographs of a 6 page letter from Gabiani, 5 January Letter incomplete. Camara Couttinho, Antonio Luis G.

Photographs of a 14 page letter from the King to Camara Couttinho, Vice Roy of India, March regarding Portugal's possession including a report on Trade at Macao and other places with particulars of customs revenues from incomplete. Photographs of letter to King regarding the Bishopric of China, Photographs of report held in the Ajuda Library, Lisbon on conditions of the missions in China for the year including the cost of the Portuguese College at Peking and other miscellaneous documents.

Photographs of papers in the Ajuda Library, Lisbon regarding the abundant success in the Portuguese Vice Province of China effected through the help given by the Crown of Portugal, Photographs of papers in the Ajuda Library, Lisbon concerning trade between the Philippines and Macao and prohibiting the friars from coming into China disturbing trade between Philippines and Macao, not dated. Photographs of papers in the Ajuda Library, Lisbon of trade instructions, lists of merchanise and instructions to prevent smuggling of snuff.

Hodenph, C. Photographs of an article by Hodenph at Delph, May and account in English of the attack by the Spanish Armada in on the English. Rocadas, Jose Augustus. Photographs of letter dated 2 September to an unnamed friend in Lisbon regarding Macao problems which he as governor would have to tackle. Photographs of cartoons, Chinese drawings printed in colour showing the war between the French and the Chinese, presumably The Chinese were defeated in this war but they alleged that the French suffered heavy losses and were even defeated.

Expert Chinese propaganda. Castner, C. Photographs of a 2 page proposal made to the King of Portugal for voyages in the direction of Macao, dated 17 February , signed by Father Francisco Noel and C. Relacion de La Vito. Photographs of a 2 page document in the Boxer Collection giving an account of the repulse of the Dutch invasion of Macao on 24 June Jesuitas na Asia - Siam. Feetham, Judge. Vespucci, Americo. Typescript of letters and documents illustrative of his career translated with notes by Clements R.

Markham, London Hakluyt Society, Vasconcellos, Ernesto de. Marques, Jose Luiz. Transcript of list of letters held in Academy of Science, Lisbon written by the Jesuits in various places entitled Letters from Japan, letters, Ajuda Library, Lisbon. Copy of list of titles of letters sent from many places in Asia to many destinations including Portugal and Rome containing descriptions of places and activities Lisbon and the National Archives of Torre du Tombo.

Archivo Nacional da Torre du Tombo, Lisbon.

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Notes made by Mr. Braga of documents in several collections of codices including a list of the collections, some covering Africa and India. Municipal Library, Evora. Transcript of miscellaneous documents noted in the Evora Municipal Library, some regarding Bishop Alexandre de Gouvea. Esperanca Bibliotica. Transcript of a few items of interest from the library of Visconde da Esperanca, Jose Bernando de Baronha Fragose Cardovil da Gama Lobo, containing 30, volumes purchased by the Portuguese government and housed in the Palace of Vila Vicosa.

Coimbra University Library. Transcription of 4 pages of some items from the Library of Coimbra University, not yet catalogued. Braga Municipal Library. Transcriptions of a few items noticed in the library. Archivo Historica Nacional. Transcription of items noted by J. Braga in Spain's most important collection of material. Academy de Historia. Transcriptions of 18 pages of documents noted by J.

The Portuguese in Asia and the Far East: the Braga collection

Braga in the Academy of History, Madrid. Madrid Royal Palace. Documents noted by J. Braga in the Royal Palace Library. Items of interest noted by J. Braga in the Library of the Franciscan Headquarters at Pastrana near Madrid, together with various documents of the Franciscan order Minors, Archivo de India. Transcripts of 8 pages of documents from the magnificent archives which contain an enormous collection of interesting documents.

National Archives of Spain. Notes on the Archives of Simancas, an old fortress used to house the National Archives which contain some extremely valuable material. Dominican Convent. An item noted by J. Braga in the Convent. Arquivo Historico Ultramino. One folder of notes on the Archives, some of great importance to the history of Macao, many referring to Bishop Alexandre de Gouvea. Consists of summaries of contents of documents, Bibloteca Nacional. One folder of notes made on various occasions by J.

Braga on the content of the library including Father Luis de Gama's original diary and documents thought to have survived the fire of in Macao. Lisbon Geographical Society. Notes on documents of interest made by J. Biblioteca Academy of Science. Notes on documents of interest by J. Vatican Library, Rome. Notes made by J. Braga concerning the collection. Propaganda Fide Archives, Rome. Braga on the collection. Casanatense Biblioteca, Rome. Notes on documents of interest to J. Braga from the library which is attached to Santa Maria Sob Minerva.

Victor Emmanuel Biblioteca. Two items noted by J. Civezza Collection, Rome. One item noted by J. Braga from the Dominicans Civezza Collection. Embassy of Spain. Notes on a few items in the collection of the Embassy, St Francis a Ripa, Rome. Notes on some interesting documents held by J. Public Library Notes by J. Braga on a few items from this good collection. Society of Foreign Missions. Notes on a few documents in this enormous collection made by J. Bibliotheque National.

Notes on one item by J. Braga from this magnificent collection. British Museum, London. Notes by J. Braga of a few items of interest, mostly unpublished. Notes on documents in the Library made by J. Many items listed also appear in the catalogue of Jesuitas na Asia. Tournon, Abp.

Transcript of list of Tournon's mission to China , compiled from various libraries. Messabarba, Abp. List of documents concerning Abp Messabarba's mission to China He was sent to save something from the chaos of Abp Tournon's mission. Convent of Santa Clara. List of documents to be found in several libraries regarding the Convent, Peking Schism List of items referring to the quarrel in Peking among the priests, , collected by J.

Santa Rosa, Hilario de Bp. Braga, Goa , India , laws statutes, instructions, proclamations and other orders sent to India from the date of the establishment. St Josephs Seminary. Notes in Portuguese and English by J. Braga with observations by Fr.

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Teixeira regarding the history of the institution with many scattered notes. Timor list of maps. List of maps of various places around Timor with an indication of their present whereabouts compiled in Portugal by J. Braga from various sources. Os Enviados Japoneses a Roma em Typescript of a short article on a legation from the Japanese Christians to Rome in Macao-Canton Railway Convention. Typescript of the wording of the agreement between the Portuguese and the Chinese for the building of a railway from Macao to Canton This was not implemented.

Lisbon Ajuda Library. Transcript of Pontos do q me Alembrar , an important diary by an anonymous Jesuit writer in Macao and Japan Some of this material used by Boxer in works on Japan but basically unpublished. Old Portuguese in style but contains facts of absorbing interest. Public Library. Typescript of documents entitled Colleccao-de varios factos acontiados nesta mui nobre lidade de Macao pelo decurso dos annos, together with an instruction sent by Martinho de Melo e Castro, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lisbon to the Governor of India regarding the carrying out of reforms in Macao with information for Bishop Alexandre de Gouvea, Bishop of Peking, regarding Macao "s news.

Si Tu, Stephen Ensehro. Copy of birth certificate, 5 January dated , Macao. Macao History. Power of attorney for a greyhound meeting, Macao Muller and Clausens, Macao. Price list of commodities from the store, 21 March Medical prescriptions dated Canton, 30 May Soares, J. Typescript copy of article entitled Vesical calculus among Chinese, translated by J. Braga from the Portuguese original Ms. Costa, Peregrino da Dr. Draft of an article entitled An epidemio-logical and clinical study of a cerebrospinal meningitis epidemic at Macao, Translated from the Portuguese by J.

Moriz, Vargas Dr. The control of leprosy in Macao, a paper submitted by Moriz at the conference in Shanghai , translated from the Portuguese by J. Kruif, Paul de Dr. Translation by J. Braga from the Portuguese of Kruif's article Why should they go on dying? Turns from old Dr. Sun to science's latest development, young Dr. Braga translation. Blyth, Samuel G. Braga, Jose M. Folder of miscellaneous articles on China and the Far East.

Jesuits in Asia. These documents were copied from the Ajuda Library, Lisbon relating to the Jesuits in the Far East, mostly unpublished. Documents mostly in Portuguese but some in Latin. Spanish and French. A full list of the documents is available and a translation in typescript. Braga of of the pictures in his collection. He painted previously in Manchuria. The nao was a development from the 15th century caravel and was the type of ship used by Vasco da Gama to sail on the voyage of discovery of India.

The naos flourished mainly in the 16th century being displaced by more elaborate vessels after that. The Portuguese ships carried the Cross of Christ on their sails. Peter, Praia Grande, Macao. The Brazilian Minister of Foreign Relations serves as the Chancellor of the Order, and an officer of the Ministry of Foreign Relations that heads the ceremonial and protocol division serves as the Secretary to the Order. The Order also has a Council, chaired by its Chancellor, that recommends awards and promotions. Under its current regulations, the Order consists of the Grand Master and six Classes of members: [12].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved on Notes and queries, Volume London: , p. Only after the Constitution had ceased to operate due to the Revolution was a republican honours system created, beginning with the recreation of the Order of the Southern Cross in Archived from the original on Retrieved Retrieved 22 August Retrieved 21 August Retrieved 12 February Quadratin in Spanish. Archived from the original on 13 April Retrieved 9 February Retrieved 21 February FAO website. July News releases. April 10, Retrieved 3 March Retrieved 20 February Retrieved 14 September Retrieved 19 January Retrieved 2 September Retrieved 2 April Folha de S.

Retrieved 16 February September Retrieved 15 May A Noite. Retrieved 30 December April Journal of Inter-American Studies. O Imparcial. Retrieved 21 March Air Force Official Website. Air Force. Revista Navigator.