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Sarah screamed and swung around but saw nothing but her breath in front of her. She turned around twice in panic. She was terrified and breathing rapidly. Then she felt some one whisper "My flower", softly into her ear. She screamed again.

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By now she was crying from fright. She glanced around frantically, looking for signs of shoe prints or anything that would prove she was not going crazy, but there was nothing. She decided she better move on and started running down the path. Sarah was not the most athletic of people but adrenaline and fear kept her moving faster than she has ever moved before. Sarah felt as if she was running for hours when she suddenly fell like she had been pushed to the ground, she rolled over achingly, propped herself on her elbows, looked up and screamed.

There standing above her was a young man. He had long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail; a couple strands of hair blew in the wind across his face. His eyes where a deep dark brown, she found herself being drawn into them and had to look away. He wore a white button up shirt and plain black pants with a long flowing black cape. She found his voice strangely soothing and she found she was no longer afraid. She felt two of his teeth plunge into her jugular then she became numb.

She felt as if pure heroin were coursing through her veins, her hair stood on end, her toes curled, it felt better then any sex she had ever had. She felt her pussy instantly get wet. The man lifted his head and sniffed the air. He then looked down and smiled.

He then bent down and bit her bra so her breasts became bare. He grabbed one of her tits and pulled her nipple to his mouth, sending a moan of anticipation from Sarah's lips, and then he bit.

Tough Love - Season 1, Episode 1

His fangs plunged into her breast and he started simultaneously sucking her blood and nipple at the same time. Immediately she started to shake uncontrollably, moaning with unbridled passion. Sarah could not control her body; she was having orgasm after orgasm, her body was shaking violently, she screamed for him to stop while she pulled his head closer.

It seemed like it would never end. While he continued to suck he grabbed her jeans and with supernatural skill he pulled them off of her, she now laid naked before him. He slid his hand up her inner thigh and inserted his fingers into her; she gave him an instant reaction, moaning like the fabled banshee. His fingers felt like icicles inside her, filling her with a cold heat like nothing she has ever felt before, it was then she realized this man was a demon, a devil and she didn't give a fuck.

She then made a conscious decision, whatever happens; she was going to enjoy it. He pulled his fingers in and out of her, fucking her with his demonic digits, while feasting upon the blood-milk from her breast. She wriggled on his hand, pronouncing her love for her devilish partner holding his head in her hands as if he were some kind of satanic infant. He then withdrew his mouth from her breast causing, an almost painful, yelp to escape from Sarah.

Don't stop.

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With an almost feline gracefulness he moved from on top of her to between her legs. He put his nose up to her clitoris and inhaled deeply savoring the musky aroma of her snatch. Then he struck her pussy with his fangs like a snake capturing a mouse, his fingers were still inserted in her and he felt her clamp onto them while waves of vaginal fluid gushed out of her pussy, over his hand and onto the ground.

She shrieked into the night. I swear, I tried to keep the word count under a thousand words. Maybe next time! Still, this story will be shorter than my usual stories, so enjoy. This Erotic Bite comes as a special request from a reader. A Daddy Dom would love nothing more than to play with his pretty girl, but his job begins to get in the way of his responsibilities to her. They were looking each other straight into the eyes. The anticipation of what was to come was growing. They did not touch, not yet.

And while they were standing, leaning at opposite walls of the small elevator in his apartment building none of them dared to speak. They had completely entered the state of non-verbal communications. It nearly seemed they had unlearned language with all its constraints and expressions. Enough of imagery, societies own masturbation.

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Sunset had already passed over the horizon as an older-looking Mazda pulls up in front of a cheap apartment building. As it sputtered to a stop, the driver set the parking brake, and exits, with high-heeled shoes hanging from her feminine fingers. This time I don't know what I was thinking. Well, that's not really true. I was thinking about the rosy cheeks of Pam's ass after she had asked me to spank her. If I was thinking about anything else I probably wouldn't have said, "I don't know.

Why don't you surprise me with a little kinky sex? I knew something was up when she looked over and just smiled, then went back to washing vegetables. I wondered how much she already knew about Pam's kinky streak, and our late night fun. That was before Jill and I had started dating, so it wouldn't be a problem. Just interesting. I had some work to do before dinner so I headed off to the study. I shut down the computer and headed for the shower. Jill stuck her head in the door as I was rinsing off. We're meeting her at her place.

We need to leave, and I still need to shower, so don't dawdle.

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We need to be there by To my surprise she started stripping off her shirt and was soon standing before me with water cascading over her shoulders and down her breasts. I soaped up a washcloth and gently ran it over her arms and shoulders as she lathered up her hair. Reaching around to wash her back, I kissed her neck and breasts and gently sucked each nipple into my mouth.

I was glad she was getting turned on. The curve of her back and the way that the water ran over her hips and delicious bottom made my cock harder. I scrubbed her back and sides, but moved closer so she could feel my hard cock against her ass. She leaned forward against the wall to stretch her back while I scrubbed. Her posture pushed her perfect ass against my cock. She moved her hips erotically while I scrubbed, treating my cock to the feel of her wet skin slipping across it. Then she turned saying, "We don't have much time.

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Finish me up please. I slid my hands between her thighs and felt her hard clit nestled there. She moaned appreciatively, but surprised me by saying "No, no. We don't have time for that. Besides, I want to save you for later. I think you can wait a little for a treat.

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She kept trying to towel off, but I was able to keep her off balance by kissing her neck and whispering how badly I wanted to fuck her. I rolled her warm damp nipple between my fingers and traced a circle around her areola. As I got closer to her pussy I could feel my hard cock against the bed. She moaned as I pushed my tongue down between her beautiful lips and tasted her cunt. She was damp and clean smelling from the shower, but in no time at all her pussy was slick and glistening; erotically scented by her own moisture.

Her taste was everything that I had hoped for. After a couple of minutes she breathed, "We really have to go. I made as if to kiss her goodbye while I caressed her arms, and then gently took her wrists in my hands and held them above her head. She was distracted until I slipped the tip of my cock inside of her. The feeling of her wetness and heat on the tip of my cock was overwhelming. I pushed myself deeper inside of her and was rewarded with a groan telling me that everything I was feeling my cock she was feeling in her cunt.

Your quickies are never quick and I don't have enough time to cum. I sheepishly whispered in her ear, "So are you saying that you aren't enjoying being fucked? We just really need to get going. Is this your idea of trick or treat, you evil man? I could easily have cum as I pushed myself in and out of her. I just didn't want to.

I really wanted to savor her, not just fuck then have to jump up and dash out the door. I compromised. Promise to spread your legs for me tonight and let me fuck you? I want a really good fuck with you. I let go of her arm, which immediately slipped between us. I love the way her wrist presses against me as she fingers her clit.

Watching her masturbate is a treat that always thrills me. I shifted back a little to watch her finger herself. I slowly pistoned in and out of her as I watched her. Her magnificent tits moved to the rhythm of her fingers strumming her clit. Her eyes closed and pleasure melted the concentration on her face. The way she rushed herself to orgasm was so erotic. She pressed her fingers hard and frantically, every breath laced with an excitement that held me spellbound. I had to slip my cock out of her, or I would have cum. That pushed her over the edge and she came, her delicious body writhing on the bed in front of me.

It was almost too much. I drank in her body; glistening and slowly heaving as her breath slowed. It turned out that Pam's place was across town. It took a few minutes to find her block in the maze of monotone white buildings, but we still managed to be on time. Pam introduced us to Tom, her friend who would be joining us for dinner.

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  • I need to run to the store for another one," I said. Pam dismissed my worry out of hand, "Oh, that's not a problem. I don't eat much meat any more. Tom's on call and I'm house-sitting for him tonight if he has to go to the clinic.

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    • He has this amazing house. It's right up against the cemetery and someone has to be there or the kids like to play tricks. We thought we'd head over there now so we don't have to worry about driving later. Looking back in the mirror, I noticed that they'd both worn low cut tops showing a generous amount of cleavage.