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It'll never happen. What about us. There is no "us. This is a political arrangement, nothing more. It doesn't have to change anything. I know. But this is important. I can turn her down, if you prefer. Then I'll tell her no deal.

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Stop being a child. This is your duty. This is about more than us, Alistair. Please just hear me out. Tell me. Persuade I think this is the best compromise for peace. Persuade She can rule while you lead. It's perfect. Cunning It's the smart move. And I think you know that, too. You'll do it because I tell you to. Perhaps I will tell her no, then. Condition 3 : Warden agreed to support Anora. Alistair is hardened , in romance or not.

Alistair: She wants to be queen. I get it. I don't trust her any more than her father, but I get it. I've decided to support her in the Landsmeet. What do you think about her? You don't think she should be queen? Why does she dislike you? A Alistair: What do you think? When the Landsmeet comes, you might even have a say. I think you'll make a fine king. Why would they listen to me? I think we should deal with Loghain. B Alistair: I guess all we need to do is stop her father from taking the throne first, right? Yes, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

He can't rule if he's dead. That should be the easy part. Condition 4 : Warden agreed to support Anora and suggested marriage between Alistair and Anora. Alistair is hardened. Differences between being romanced or not noted below. She wants my support in the Landsmeet. What would you say about marrying her?

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I think you should marry Anora. B Alistair: You C Alistair in romance : Why do you think I should do this, then? Alistair friendly : I can't say I like the idea at all. Why should I even consider something like this? Approval resets to 0 Romance ends end 5. If the Warden exists above conversation without marriage proposal and talks to Alistair again, the following takes place: Alistair: You know what she said?

This conversation is broken down into steps of 3 choices. No matter which choice you make, it will lead into the next set of 3. This conversation unlocks the next "Juicy Gossip" conversation where PC and Alistair talks about all other party members that have been recruited so far. If you want to have that conversation with all possible party members available then best option is to leave this "What was it like to be a Grey Warden" until you have recruited everyone.

Just do not select it until you have everyone in your party. This is automatically the next player-initiated conversation after "What was it like to be a Grey Warden, with all the others? Appears to happen after a few moments: first arriving in Denerim, after giving him Alistair's Mother's Amulet , or after first arrival into Redcliffe Village dialogue.

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It's automatically prompted when you try to talk to him. Alistair : Chances are we'll be heading to Denerim soon, and when we're there I wonder if we might be able to Alistair : I don't think she knew about me, either. They kept my birth a secret, after all.

But after I became a Grey Warden I did some checking and In Denerim. Alistair : With the Blight coming and everything, I don't know if I'll ever get another chance to see her. Maybe I can help her, warn her about the danger, I don't know. This assumes that Alistair has been hardened and the Warden executed Loghain.

A few choices do not appear if Alistair is king by himself. After defeating Loghain, Alistair tells everyone to prepare to meet the Blight. Then there is a new scene where Alistair comes barging into the room, saying, "You made me king. After all this is over with, they're actually going to put me on the throne. I'm still I'm going to be the King.

Note that Alistair starts off this entire sequence with -6 , so all choices below show changes from that base. If you reach approval with Alistair, he will initiate a dialogue with you when you next enter camp. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Dog dialogue. Note: Unfortunately the first dialogue approval changes do not happen on pc , ps3 , or xbox version 1. Also confirmed on PC version 1. Contents [ show ]. This article may need to be cleaned up to reach a higher standard of quality. Note: Alistair will want the Warden to tell him first. I'll toss one back to you.

It's a novel, or rather two of what was intended to be five novellas, about France under the Nazi occupation. Stunning writing and a very good translation. The fact that they exist at all is amazing. I recently read an article about Suite Francaise and thought it looked interesting.

You'll have to let me know how it goes. Oy, I'll need a life time just to read about France let alone discover it for myself. Irish, I just finished 7 Ages due to your recommendation. A most interesting read. I was rather impressed with the manner in which the history of a city was told in an engaging way. I'll try LBF next. I was just given a copy of " Paris in the Fifties". I don't remember the author.

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Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Normally I'm glad not to be left at camp, but the last few days I've been practically begging for it. When my chance finally came I nearly insisted she take me with her anyway. Zevran approached her yesterday morning as we were breaking up camp, requesting to accompany her into the city. Zevran and Angel have a very similar skill set, meaning it doesn't make much sense to bring him along very often a fact I am eternally grateful for.

He said he'd picked up on the signs of someone following our trail and knew who it was- the Antivan Crows, or rather one in particular, out to hunt him down. My first impulse was to say let them, though I doubt Angel would have agreed. He was positive yesterday would be the day and he wanted to be present when they struck.

Perfect opportunity. And yet, she'd be going off with Zevran. Without me. I probably could have gotten myself on that party, if I had pushed hard enough she would have left Morrigan behind and taken myself and Wynne instead, but I didn't. I highly doubted I'd get another chance to sneak away for as long as I needed so I didn't press the issue. Though I did have to grit my teeth against the smug smirk Zevran sent my way as they were leaving camp.

I gave them a half hour head start before attempting to head for Denerim myself. I say attempting because I was stopped before I even left by Leliana. Where are you going? She furrowed her brow in confusion. You know she hates it when you do that. I may have been caught once or twice trying to follow Angel to her bath only to find she was headed to the privy instead. Leliana's right- she really didn't like that.

I'm sure Angel will be taking you back into Denerim then," she said, still sounding confused. And a bit worried. Like I'd bumped my head and she needed to use small words to make me understand. I'm kind of Let me grab my bow and we'll be off," she said, turning towards her tent. Maker's breath, as if today isn't nerve wracking enough. For all you know, Loghain has an ambush set between here and Denerim just waiting for you to walk into it. Besides, don't you want a woman's opinion on what to get Angel?

The grin was back with a vengeance. Now, let me grab my bow and we'll go at once. I'll wait outside the shop for you. That way you won't be vulnerable to attack and I'll be nearby if you end up needing a woman's touch after all. Though that might have been preferable to the romanticized looks and sighs Leliana kept sending my way. I'm pretty sure she has the ballad of my proposal already written. I had no idea what Angel was up to today so I steered clear of the shops she usually frequents.

Leliana suggested an out of the way store that her Orlesian Lady used to swear by and vowed to wait by the door for me. I pulled my life savings out of my armor, a pouch with 75 gold pieces in it, but hesitated before entering the shop.

I bit my lip. I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. I can take on the Darkspawn without flinching but shopping for a ring terrifies me. Oh the irony. I supposed I could have waited until after the landsmeet, picked her out something from the royal jewels, but it seems so I wanted her to know I braved the horrors of shopping for her, that I picked out something, just for her and no one else.

I emerged triumphant an hour later and 74 gold poorer. I spent nearly everything I owned on a ring for Angel, and now, laying next to her in bed, I wish I had more to give. I slip out of bed as quietly as I can and pad over to where my pack lays. I fish around in the pocket until I find what I'm looking for, a pouch that once held gold pieces but now holds a gold ring.

The light from the candle refracts through the diamond and paints rainbows on the walls. I turn the ring this way and that, watching them move. I take a deep breath and steel my nerves. The fact of the matter is that I'd rather have her say no to Alistair tonight than yes to the king tomorrow. I slide back into bed, concealing the ring in my hand, and press a kiss to Angel's neck. She begins to stir so I repeat the action until she's fully awake and reaching for me.

I pull back before that tongue of hers makes me forget that I have another purpose tonight.

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She looks up at me with lazy eyes, still trying to get her body and brain in sync. My entire future will be decided, whether I'm king, a Grey Warden, or a banished pauper drinking himself to death. It's like a turning point, a defining moment. Like everything leading up to it will become the before and everything that happens past tomorrow will be the after. I guess what I'm trying to say is that tonight feels like we're balanced on the edge of a blade and I don't know which direction we're going to fall. What I do know is that whichever way that is, I want to fall with you.

What I do care about is spending the rest of my life with you. You've made my before worthwhile and I want to begin my after with you by my side. Angel Cousland, will you marry me? I kiss her passionately and she pulls back with a laugh. I smile. Prince or pauper, it doesn't matter to me. As long as I have Angel I'll be fine. No sooner do I declare I'm not writing another Dragon Age anytime soon than the idea for this pops into my head! I hope you like it, I always love me some Alistair! Add a Comment:. Load All Images.

Naive, yes, but that can be fixed. I personally think he's like a human mabari. Compare his behavior to Puppy's and they're fairly similar. Both are also warriors lol. I would have thought innocent would have been good too. But, like naive, it can be fixed He's an idealist and that's a good thing. I'm glad you like it. Excuse me I have something in my eye. So beautiful I love this almost as much as I love Alistair. I know I love Alistair enough to leave my husband for him , so you must love the story a bunch.

I liked this chapter. Very cute, and a nice touching ending as well.

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Prev Next. I just delivered the Reverend Mother's message to the mage in the way most likely to entertain myself. It seems someone else shares my sense of humor. I turn around to share the joke with whoever it is and immediately lose all ability to speak. Or think. Or, for a moment there, breathe. Maker's breath, she's stunning! She has long brown hair, grey-blue eyes, and curves to die for since I left the Chantry I've discovered I like curves quite a bit.

She's not very tall, she only comes up to my chin, and her skin is just a touch darker than mine. I'm in heaven. Until I realize I've been standing here all this time not saying anything. Say something!

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Now you'll be lucky to get her name. But to my surprise she laughs. I look at the time piece on Sky's desk and sigh. She's still not back. She's been away from Skyhold for nearly three weeks this time, what feels like an eternity, but she sent word to Leliana that she's be home this afternoon. Five hours ago, in fact. And I have missed her desperately. So desperately, actually, that I've left my office on the ramparts and spent the last six hours waiting in the first place she always goes- her rooms.

True I brought some work along with me, but at least I'm here. Though now it seems my surprise has been for naught.