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Do you want to translate into other languages? Have a look at our Spanish-English dictionary. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. EN scum dregs offal dirt vermin.

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Those whom Mr Sarkozy rightly describes as scum , however, can count on subsidies and red-carpet treatment. Abschaum also: Bodensatz , Satz. Synonyms Synonyms German for "Abschaum":. Context sentences Context sentences for "Abschaum" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. German Er ignorierte sie, als sei sie reiner Abschaum. German Sie ist der Abschaum der Menschheit!

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Teile dieser Seite funktionieren nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript. New entry bee fly zool. Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia Bee Fly Bee Fly, common name for any member of a family of flies, many species of which resemble bees in general appearance an example of protective mimicry. In general, bee flies have large abdomens with thickset hairs that may be yellow, orange, white, black, or any combination of these colors.

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The wings are transparent or may have spots of black in patterns peculiar to each species. Adult bee flies live on nectar and pollen and are sometimes important pollinators of plants.

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The larvae are parasitic on other insects. The bomber fly, for example, parasitizes the alkali bee, an important pollinator of seed alfalfa.

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Scientific classification: Bee flies make up the family Bombyliidae , in the suborder Brachycera. The bomber fly is classified as Heterostylum robustum. Many resemble bees, and most have long proboscises feeding organs that are used to obtain nectar from flowers. Their metallic brown, black, or yellow colour is attributable to a covering of dense hair; in many species the body and sometimes the wings bear patches of delicate and easily abraded scales.

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Some bee flies are quite small, and their immature stages are unknown. Many species, including the largest and most showy, are tropical; but some species with a length of more than 1 cm 0.

They are usually found on flowers around sunny, grassy places. The larvae of Bombylius major, the large bee fly of the Northern Hemisphere and one of the earliest to appear in spring, are parasitic on solitary bees. Larvae of several species of Villa destroy grasshopper eggs; others are parasitic on caterpillars. Anthrax anale is a parasite of tiger beetle larvae, and the European A.

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Several African species of Villa and Thyridanthrax are parasitic on the covering of the pupa of tsetse flies. Villa Hemipenthes morio is parasitic on the beneficial ichneumonid, Banchus femoralis. Some bee mimics in the family Syrphidae are also known as bee flies.