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Others will tear it to pieces and grab whatever they can get for themselves. After a few years, the two of them will make a pact, and the daughter of the king of the south will marry the king of the north to cement the peace agreement.

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But her influence will weaken and her child will not survive. She and her servants, her child, and her husband will be betrayed.

Lesson 1 – Prophetic Symbols Revealed

He will take command of his army and invade the defenses of the king of the north and win a resounding victory. He will load up their tin gods and all the gold and silver trinkets that go with them and cart them off to Egypt. Eventually, the king of the north will recover and invade the country of the king of the south, but unsuccessfully. He will have to retreat. As the corpses are cleared from the field, the king, inflamed with bloodlust, will go on a bloodletting rampage, massacring tens of thousands. Hotheads from your own people, drunk on dreams, will join them.

The armies of the south will fall to pieces before him.

Not even their famous commando shock troops will slow down the attacker. But the plot will fizzle. The bully will be bullied!

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Even the Prince of the Covenant will be crushed. The king of the south in response will get his army—an even greater army—in place, ready to fight. His army will be smashed, the battlefield filled with corpses. Nothing will come of the treaty, which is nothing but a tissue of lies anyway. When the Roman ships arrive, he will turn tail and go back home. But as he passes through the country, he will be filled with anger at the holy covenant. He will take up with all those who betray the holy covenant, favoring them.

The bodyguards surrounding him will march in and desecrate the Sanctuary and citadel. The king of the north will play up to those who betray the holy covenant, corrupting them even further with his seductive talk, but those who stay courageously loyal to their God will take a strong stand. Many of the helpers will be halfhearted at best. The testing will refine, cleanse, and purify those who keep their heads on straight and stay true, for there is still more to come.

He will even dare to brag and boast in defiance of the God of gods.

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He will have no respect for the gods of his ancestors, not even that popular favorite among women, Adonis. Contemptuous of every god and goddess, the king of the north will puff himself up greater than all of them. Marching under the banner of a strange god, he will attack the key fortresses.

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He will promote everyone who falls into line behind this god, putting them in positions of power and paying them off with grants of land. But the king of the north will come at him like a tornado. As he enters the beautiful land, people will fall before him like dominoes. Only Edom, Moab, and a few Ammonites will escape. As he reaches out, grabbing country after country, not even Egypt will be exempt.

He will confiscate the treasuries of Egyptian gold and silver and other valuables. The Libyans and Ethiopians will fall in with him.

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Denomination: Assembly Of God. God has his hand firmly on history. Prophecy calls us to choose what we trust in.

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Do we trust the God of money, such as retirement, investment. Do we trust the God of comfort etc. We are called by the still small voice of God to trust and obey Him. Intro: Bob Deffinbaugh tells a funny memory about chapter He opened up an old Bible he had from Bible college and was reading notes in chapter 10 and finally got to 11 and one of his daughters had scribbled all over the pages of chapter He wondered when the Lord returned if all of the Denomination: Baptist.

We need to be ready to have great energy for God, Serve God in mighty ways and pay the price for doing so. Doing Great Exploits Taking a Stand means going to the foot of the cross.

(28-1) Introduction

Doing Great Exploits Antiochus Epihpanes looks like a man who fits the prototype of the endtime man of sin. These are facts that came to pass already in the days between Greece and Rome. But much of his action looks modern too. Some say he had actually placed the crown on the head of Euergetes in the last campaign and is coming this time ostensibly to correct that matter by crowning the Filter Results.

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