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A Voucher-Based System for Medicare Is Not a Solution for Health Care | HuffPost

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The political battle heats up over Medicare’s future

Share with facebook. Share with twitter. Share with linkedin. Share using email. The Ryan plan Ryan's plan — passed by the Republican-controlled House as part of its budget proposals but rejected in the Senate — aims to terminate government-run Medicare for everyone who becomes eligible for the program after , replacing it with a voucher plan known as "premium support. Medicare and the larger health care system More sweepingly, Rivlin and other analysts believe Medicare should be viewed as part of a flawed health care system that needs to run more efficiently as a whole.

The political tug-of-war continues In the end, Medicare's future inevitably comes down to politics rather than policy. Ever since Medicare became law in , Democrats and Republicans have fought ideologically over its design. Please leave your comment below. AARP Membership.

Medicare Reform Ryan’s Least Terrible Idea

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Thank You Close. Your email address is now confirmed. Explore all that AARP has to offer. But the ACA did not cut hospital and medical benefits, the guts of Medicare coverage.

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Beneficiaries did not comprehend that. Instead, they worried that they would not get medical care. The specter of rationing and death panels appeared once again, resurrected by health providers anxious about their incomes. To us, the figure sounded absurdly high, but the notion lived on. Nuanced and lengthy pronouncements from the fact-checkers may also have muddied the waters, because their own evaluations of the claims were muddy. In other words, did their coverage educate? Politicians themselves share some of the blame. They have not done a good job explaining what Medicare is, and is not.

Democrats never made the case that sometimes the government can do things better than the private market, says Nancy Altman, co-director of the advocacy group Social Security Works. Republicans never were pushed to make a case that the reverse is true when it comes for insurance for the elderly. When voters were asked whom they trusted more in matters related to health insurance, 44 percent chose the private market; 35 percent said the government.

But when they asked voters if they wanted to continue with the current government-provided Medicare system or move to a voucher plan, 69 percent preferred Medicare, with only 25 percent choosing the voucher system. Voters under 30 expressed similar preferences. Republicans muscled a budget through the House of Representatives in April that they said would take an important step toward reducing the federal deficit.

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Introduced by U. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the plan kept Medicare intact for people 55 or older, but dramatically changed the program for everyone else by privatizing it and providing government subsidies. Democrats pounced. PolitiFact debunked the Medicare charge in nine separate fact-checks rated False or Pants on Fire, most often in attacks leveled against Republican House members.

The Democratic attack about "ending Medicare" was a pervasive line in that preyed on seniors' worries about whether they could afford health care. But the plan was distorted and attacked again and again. At times, Democrats and liberal groups were careful to characterize the Republican plan more accurately. Another claim in the ad from the Agenda Project said the plan would "privatize" Medicare , which received a Mostly True rating from PolitiFact. The DCCC video that aired four days after the vote featured an elderly man who had to take a job as a stripper to pay his medical bills.

Obama: Romney Will Turn Medicare Into a Voucher - Presidential Debate

So I knew that this would be a political weapon that the other side would use against us. But PolitiFact was not alone. Other independent fact-checkers also said the claim was false. It would not end," noted FactCheck.

Lie of the Year 2011: 'Republicans voted to end Medicare'

Polls showed voters were skeptical of the Ryan plan and want Medicare to remain largely the way it is now. That may be why the plan has virtually no prospects of passing the Senate, which voted to shelve the plan. President Obama has indicated he would veto any changes to Medicare that would privatize the program and substantially shift costs to beneficiaries. How the Ryan plan would work Under the current Medicare system, the government pays the health care bills for Americans over age Under the Ryan plan, future beneficiaries would be given a credit and invited to shop for an approved plan on a Medicare health insurance exchange.

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