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Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Plon, Softcover. Plon Softcover. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Armand le vampire : Nouveaux contes des vampires Rice, Anne. Published by Press Pocket Used Quantity Available: 1. Seller Rating:. Published by Press Pocket. Used Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Armand le vampire - vol6 Pocket terreur Anne Rice. Published by Pocket Used Hardcover Quantity Available: 3. Armand le vampire : Nouveaux contes des vampires Anne Rice. Used Couverture souple Quantity Available: 1.

Used Softcover Quantity Available: 1. She spoke of seeking refuge in the halls of the Great Sevraine. I was seated on the side of the bed looking at her as she hastily put me in a long fur-lined coat to hide my bloodstained garments and then we went out into the night. I took my first victim. A poor beggar all but dead from the cold.

I died the death, as she put it, the vile fluids streaming out of me, and then it was home again in haste to my rooms, where I bathed and dressed in fresh garments, and then she took me into the closed-off east wing of the house, and found a hiding place for me and told me not to stir from that spot until it was safe. She had explained to me about the paralysis that would come over me when the first light shone in the sky.

And I slept that strange unearthly sleep we know in which I dreamed of her, and of embracing her, and of a passion that had no real meaning for her, wanting her desperately and vowing to take her away from Arjun. I could hear him easily when I finally opened my eyes. It seemed he was destroying the entire house. She met me, and led me back into her bedroom.

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There was no time, she said, to provide for me as she had wanted to do. But I must listen to what she said. She undid the strings from one of her pillowcases and into this she poured all the jewels that were on her dressing table, emeralds and pearls and rubies and bracelets of gold. And to this she added all the coin she had in her rooms. And then she gave me the name of the bank through which she would provide an income for me, and told me what code words I was to use to claim it.

He terrified me. Arjun was a big man, dark of skin, with remarkable black eyes that made me think of opals. His face was hideous, deformed by rage and hatred. But if I ever lay eyes on you again, Mitka, I will burn you alive. Now go, get out of here. Yes, I did love her, and I did covet her, but I swear to you that I did nothing to invite his enmity.

He was offended at my very existence and simply maddened to learn that she had given me the Blood. He is a thorn in the side of Marius. I will go to the council and tell them this story and then I will ask for him to come in and tell us if he has any objections to your coming to Court.

Armand le Vampire by Anne Rice (French language book)

And if he does insist that you cannot come, that he will destroy you if he sees you, well, I will demand to know why. And it was for disputes like this that my authority, whatever its source, was made. I will insist that he agree to forgive whatever injured him in the past. I could see that he was anxious and filled with misgiving. In a low voice he began to say that perhaps this was too much to ask of me.

You let me do what I must do. He shuddered all over as if he were about to cry and then he rose to his feet, came towards me, and lifted my right hand and kissed it. I stood and we walked out of the parlor together. I cannot make the crossing of the sea as you do. I was ashamed of this. I demanded of myself. Why could we not simply be blood drinkers together? And there came over me again the realization of how new it was to me to love others of the tribe and accept them as beings that had a right to be alive as I was alive.

I looked at him, at his shining eyes, and his congenial smile, and he took my hand and said he wanted to show the house to me. I was delighted. For me, this was a lovely time. Of course the Revolution in France had had a mighty impact, yet life in Russia had remained stable and it had been unthinkable that revolution would occur there. Why trouble me?

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I never hunt in New Orleans. Why destroy those mortals who were attached to my house?

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I wished the little beasts could have been brought back to life so that I might kill them all over again. I told him so. This silenced me, but it was not the first time a blood drinker had volunteered this complete acceptance of the Court and my position as the sovereign.

I knew that the council was considering this very thing. Yet all of us agreed that the right to make another blood drinker, to transform another human with our own blood, was such an intensely personal and intimate and emotional act that we did not know how to go about imposing a law on it. I tried to say something to that effect. We continued down a long garden path and made a round of a large pond filled with monstrous goldfish, flashing under the light of many Japanese lanterns along the shore.

They destroyed her. There was nothing left of her when they had done their work. I cannot, I will not, dwell on it, wondering what were her last moments. I wanted to ask if the girl had known what he had planned, but why cause him more misery? Since time immemorial, immortals had tormented other immortals by destroying human beings under their protection.

He came to me with one purpose. He was too old, too powerful. The old rule of hospitality prevails: all blood drinkers are welcome. All immortals are welcome. My existence has been lonely almost beyond endurance. But this Baudwin troubled me. There was something childish and foolish about him.

He claimed descent from a legend. But it was time, finally, to return to New Orleans. Cyril and Thorne suddenly appeared at a polite remove, and I knew of course by the lightening sky and the song of the morning birds. When we reached the flat in New Orleans, there was a voice message for me on my landline phone. It was from Eleni in New York. Armand has already gone ahead. Seems Arjun has been destroyed by Marius. Excerpted by permission of Alfred A. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

Advertisers: Contact Us. Excerpt Blood Communion. The following is an exclusive excerpt from Blood Communion , by internationally bestselling horror author Anne Rice, who cemented the place of the supernatural in modern literature. In the following passage, a vampire returns to New Orleans after a long time abroad, and remembers how he first became a vampire.

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