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It hard to say but perhaps personal fulfillment has become more important than family unit. Apr 08, Viet Hung Nguyen rated it it was amazing.

Top 10 Relationships Books On Thriving Together

A must read for any couples. What you will learn from the book would help to set a solid understanding about the differences between men and women. Men and women are different literally. And we have to be aware of that in order to better communicate to each other, to better understand each other and to build a long lasting relationship between husband and wife, between bf and gf.

At the very least, it can be applied to communication between men and women, doesn't need to be in love relationshi A must read for any couples. At the very least, it can be applied to communication between men and women, doesn't need to be in love relationship. Feb 08, Kyami rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: People in relationships. Shelves: relationships. Yes this book does rely heavily on stereotypes of male and female behavior.

If you find you don't fit the stereotypes and of course not everyone does!

Top 5 Best Marriage Counseling Books For Couple's To Read Together

But for many most? As I read, I was constantly amazed by how much I could relate myself and boyfriend. It gave me a better understanding of how the male mind works and how the female mind might misinterpet. I really gained a lot from t Yes this book does rely heavily on stereotypes of male and female behavior. I really gained a lot from this book. Jan 15, Dionna Mestas rated it really liked it.

24 Relationship Books Every Couple Should Read Together

I read this book a hundred years ago so based from my memory, while I did learn about the opposite sex, I was surprised to have a better understanding about myself as a woman, in the process. I'll have to read it again for a refresher, but I do remember liking the book well enough. I have not read any of the other men are from mars I was gonna take one star out because of the redundant info in the book, but when I came to think of it; it really deserved the 5 stars.

The book is very helpful and educational. It opens ones eyes to differences in men and women that we are not aware of. John Gray wants us to tolerate these differences in order to have successful relationships, and when one accepts the difference, one will be understanding and forgiving. I believe everyone should read this book. Aug 27, Jacki rated it liked it Shelves: guides.

I like to read lots of random things. Part of those random things include guides, such as this one. The description of how a man needs to shift from "work mode" to "home mode" made a lot of sense, especially with some of the things my husband has told me in the past. It made a lot of sense. I'm not saying this book helped improve my relationship, but it was helpful in explaining some things I found frustrating.

Aug 06, Debbie rated it liked it. This was really a repeat of the other Mars and Venus books by John Gray, and it wasn't as well written as the others. Good ideas and a new way at looking at relationships, but there are much better books on the subject. Oct 12, Kerri rated it really liked it. Communication skills are the main dish of this book, and understanding one's mate's perspective while fighting is covered thoroughly. I recommend it. Mar 11, Ryan rated it it was amazing. Oft-repetitive, but drives home key points necessary for the success of relationships by virtue of different gender communication styles and suggested remedies.

Highly recommended. Cheesy title, but I recommend this book to ALL couples, whether or not you're having problems. It's a really practical guide to understanding how men and women think differently. May 13, hossein Sh rated it it was amazing.

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This book is similar to the book "why women cry and men lie". Oct 11, Eric Beaty rated it really liked it. Great book with lots of insight you'd never notice on your own. John Gray is a God-send to all couples out there struggling. Apr 26, Gemma rated it liked it Shelves: z , partially-skimmed. Oct 30, Dewi Wardani rated it liked it. Jun 29, Kristin rated it it was ok Shelves: non-fiction , marriage.

Could have been words shorter. Basically, men need space and women want you to listen. Good advice but so basic, and he repeats it over and over. He also generalizes too much. Sep 19, Nor Haniza rated it really liked it Shelves: self-development , parenting. Still taking my time to finish it up. So far so good.

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Nov 06, Ghadoo K. Yet there's an epidemic of women out there who waste precious years of their lives hoping for a marriage proposal. If you're in any kind of hurry, you should be clear with him and with yourself about how long you'll tolerate the lack of inertia. Beware of Free-Falling into a Living Arrangement. The story typically sounds like this: "We never really discussed moving in.

It just sort of happened one day when my lease was up. Before moving in, at the bare minimum, consider the following: Will you split the rent down the middle? What happens if one person makes significantly more money than the other? How long is the lease? What if you break up? Who would move out and how would you pay for it?

Also make sure that you've talked through the issues that regulate your quality of life, like whether it'll be more frat house or Buddhist monastery and who will clean what. Move In Together, Fight-Free. Assess Your Probable Future. Keep in mind that marriage is an inexact science, but that there are some ways to assess how good a future you might have together. Can you laugh together? What is your intuition telling you? Do you feel like you're "forcing" things to work? The concepts are easy to grasp, and the reasoning behind them is clear. Readers have also found the step-by-step instructions to be helpful.

Sometimes in love, you need to work smarter , not harder. This book will show you how to work smarter in your relationship. Addressing major issues in a lot of marriages, such as communication, coping with problems, and resolving conflicts, this book offers healthy ways to deal with these issues. Each chapter teaches the reader an essential skill that supports strong relationships and deeper intimacy.

This new edition adds a chapter on using acceptance skills. These new approaches work to help you accept both your feelings and the feelings of your partner without judgment. Using these techniques will help you figure out what you value in your relationship, and allow you to live your life with those values in mind. One way to have success in life is to learn how to make your networking and relationships work for you. This way, everyone wins.

In Never Eat Alone , Ferrazzi explains how he was able to connect with the thousands of colleagues, friends, and associates that he is in touch with, and how he has helped these people, and how they have done so in return. Ferrazzi's form of connecting with other people around him is based on generosity and making friends connect with other friends. The author clearly distinguishes genuine relationship-building from " networking. Throughout this book, Ferrazzi refers to strategies that are used by very connected people in the world. He also gives specific advice on dealing with rejection, bypassing gatekeepers, and more.

This book details the experiences of the author's 40 years of work in counseling and pastoral ministry to help improve other people's communication and relationships. Peterson offers a talker-listener card process, as well as listening techniques that can be used right away to help couples cooperate with each other. Readers have found that this book is an eye-opener. This insightful book is enjoyable to read as a sensible guide to improving communication.

This love and relationship book was originally published in , and has helped millions of couples transform their relationships into deeply satisfying ones. Getting the Love you Want includes extensive revisions to the original book, including a new chapter, new exercises, and new information that Dr. Hendrihas learned over the years. With their 30 years of experience as educators and therapists, they are able to reach out and relate to many types of people in all different kinds of relationships.

Readers have found that the situations described in this book are very recognizable and relatable. Even if you are not currently having trouble with your relationship, reading this book can help you realize that you are not alone in your struggle to get the most out of your marriage. This book talks about taking control of your communication without allowing anyone else to do so. Nick Morgan, a communication expert, discusses how humans are programmed to nonverbal cues such as gestures, signals, and sounds that all bring about an emotion.

He then gives the reader a clear framework for seven power cues that are vital for being successful in business and other contexts. This relationship book teaches critical skills, from gauging people's confidence to analyzing people's vocal tones and figuring out what your gut is telling you to do. The goal of this book is to help readers communicate better and command more power within their businesses.

This book is not about relationships such as dating and romance. Instead it is about interpersonal relationships. It teaches people how to communicate with others and effectively motivate people around you. The first thing it teaches is why traditional methods of motivation are ineffective. If you want someone to truly be committed to excellence, you have to know how to give people a profound sense of fulfillment.

Applying her recent research, Fowler lays out a tested process for allowing people to motivate themselves so they will increase their productivity and have a sense of purpose.

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The techniques that are typically offered to motivate people make them focus on the reward or the punishment instead of their jobs. The process laid out in this book shows leaders how to steer clear of the expectation for external rewards and help employees see how their jobs can give them a sense of satisfaction that is better than external rewards.

This is a great book for people who are trying to learn how to motivate people better. This book is both eloquent and accessible. Author Dr. Aaron T. Beck analyzes the dialogue of real-life troubled couples to show the reader some of the most common problems that occur in marriage. He addresses the power of negative thinking, disappointment, strict rules and expectations, and miscommunication.

Readers have found Love is Never Enough to be overflowing with advice and exercises that can all work together to help save a failing marriage or improve any relationship. This relationship book is a good example of something that can help improve psychological suffering by addressing the source of many relationship problems.

This wise and down-to-earth book has the ability to help many marriages. This is a great book for people who tend to fall in love easily, but fear the intimacy that comes next. Once in a relationship, people often become sick of being reminded of their flaws, or disrespected by their partners in some way. This may make someone feel like they are too sensitive to be in a long-term relationship. Half of what determines divorce is actually a person's temperament.

Without understanding, the fact that you are sensitive is probably having a huge impact on your relationship. Readers have found that this book offers a lot of practical advice on making the most of personality combinations. Many readers appreciate the eye-opening self-tests and the results of a survey that was performed on sex and temperament. This is a great book whether your relationship is new or one that has gone on for years.

It gives a lot of great information for anyone who wants to find new ways to keep the fire burning in their relationship. This is a refreshing book about how to boost your marriage or long term relaitonship with simple acts of kindness. Petkovic speaks from personal experience when he details how he almost lost his own marriage before deciding to make a deliberate effort to make things work. This great little relationship book is the perfect reminder that even with our busy daily lives, it is easy to put our relationships aside.

It is best to not lose sight of the most precious things in life. It doesn't take much effort or time to make someone in your life know that you care about them. This dating advice book for women gives the reader a blueprint to understanding the male mind in order to help improve communication. The author is very energized and enthusiastic about the topic of teaching women how to keep their relationships strong with men they cannot seem to communicate with. The author recognizes that everyone has a different story, but that many situations are actually the same. People have found this book to be an informative and easy-to-read guide.

It is quick to get to the point and help women understand the way men think and act. Many have found this book to be eye-opening.