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Citations, now or retract as utter bullshit, please. So are straw men. Everything you said can be said about anything that was not maintained. Apple is always pushing the limits of engineering and quite often the results in very unreliable electronics. The moral of the story is, find a mechanic that specializes in the brand you want to buy used and have them sign off on the car before buying. Now if you want to talk about expensive cars to fix To his point on 3, I would say that's regional. Around here, most BMW owners definitely have Asshole Owner Syndrome, per his definition and in the sense that they look town their noses at you.

Quote: This whole comment should be taken with a grain of salt.

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I own a '98 Mercedes E that I am definitely not gaga over. I'm no stranger to German car part prices, and my car is even a boring, high-volume model. I've had several friends go through the used BMW experience. I have many, many coworkers driving new BMWs. Quote: 1. And you accuse me of being a fanboy? Quote: 2. Oh please. None of this is at all controversial.

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BMW doesn't sell boring-but-reliable cars in the US. Quote: 3. This was not a straw man. I've seen it in every single "cheap used BMW" story I've ever personally witnessed or even second hand read about. The only stories I've ever come across of someone buying a cheap used BMW not counting a classic BMW and being happy with it all have Stockholm syndrome and consider it perfectly normal to spend thousands after thousands of dollars fixing the thing but "oh man was it fun to drive. Maybe they just came off a lease. Maybe their owners loved them. Maybe they just came off warranty and their owners are the kind of people that automatically sell and trade up when their warranty runs out.

But none of those are going to be cheap. There are expensive used BMWs that are shiny and unreliable. It's easy to find someone who wants to buy a BMW and will not look too deep. There are cheap used BMWs that horrendously expensive to maintain. There are no cheap used BMWs that are cheap to maintain and run, except defy-the-odds-buy-a-lottery-ticket unicorns.

Yeah, your idea of what constitutes a cheap and reliable car may be a little different than most people's. Edit: To be fair, certain models of cars in other brands suffer the same issues. I was going to post here but then I read that article and this sums up my sentiment pretty well: also, hilarious Quote: The main problem, as I see it, is that the Germans are just too obsessed with stuffing all sorts of newfangled gizmos into their cars. This is largely because no one questions the prowess of German engineering; they're still the best at that.

So they continue to show their engineering dominance by creating all sorts of crazy gadgets and sticking them in the cars; stuff that no one wants, such as cooled gloveboxes, and rear armrest refrigerators, and those little tray tables that fold down, presumably to allow people riding in the back of an Audi A8 to do some cocaine. One of my coworkers drove a ish BMW M5, which had the functionality to adjust the view of the power side rear-view mirrors downward every time you shifted into reverse , and then back up when you shifted out.

Is it a clever little design feature? Is it useful? Probably, sometimes. Does it make those little rear-view mirror adjusting motors work about x harder than any other car on the market, and more likely to fail no matter how well they're engineered? And when they do fail, are they likely to leave the mirror in a position that's useless and make the car less safe to drive?


You betcha. My father-in-law has a ish Mercedes AMG that has pneumatic power door locks for some godforsaken reason. And I think an IR keyless entry system. I assumed that everybody knew that Mercedes and BMWs are more unreliable than average, but they are willing to put up with the headaches because of the gizmos, performance, status symbol, etc. When I read some of the comments in this thread, I thought of all the damage the BMW leaking auto dimming mirrors have caused. I think it'd buy an even lesser BMW. I mostly have only needed to deal with gas, oil, and windshield wipers for the Toyotas I've owned.

That's it. To me, sexy is less important than having a car that runs and minimizes headaches to me. I recently traded in a BMW I was a great car, had k on it. The kicker was the BMW premium. If you can afford one, and know what you are getting into, they are wonderful. You just have to pay the price.

And any car getting to that age will start to need just about everything replaced. So yeah, if you are not comfortable with an older car needing justified repairs that cost as much as a new car, you probably should not buy any car that is 10 years old or older. Does sound like you hit the crap-lottery jackpot on that one though. They will sell boring cars. Looking at you, i.

The only problems I ever had with my '01 M3 had to do with it being an inappropriate car for the terrible road quality around here. I bought it with 30, miles on it, and put over 11, miles on the clock, just doing routine maintenance. Now that I am going to get married and move to the burbs, I will think about another M or Audi S or RS later on, after my STi is long in the tooth, and while I can still get a good resale on it. Quote: And any car getting to that age will start to need just about everything replaced.

This is what people who bought high-maintenance cars like to tell themselves so that they don't feel as bad about all those repairs. It used to be true, long ago. Now, not so much.

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Any car can be a lemon of course, but in general most cars are more reliable than they've ever been. In my Dad's day it was unwise to hold on to a car much past k, but today that's silly. Quote: I bought it with 30, miles on it, and put over 11, miles on the clock, just doing routine maintenance. You say that like it should be surprising rather than expected; maybe I'm just misreading you. I would fully expect even the cheapest car to have no repairs over only 11, miles, when it hasn't even hit 50k yet.

In maintenance, an oil change and an air filter, maybe some brake pads if they happen to wear out during that period. I bought my Toyota Echo with 29, miles on it. I changed the oil at 30k with Mobil 1 and have been doing so every 15k since. It gets the stuff that wears out - oil, filters, brake pads, battery, etc. It was in an accident in about perhaps 40k miles which caused a radiator replacement along with much of the non-mechanical front end like hood, bumper, headlight, but of course that wasn't the car's fault.

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It has been chugging along with oil every 15k, air filters every 30k, battery, tires and brake pads when needed. The AC compressor failed at about k, and that has been the only major repair. Mine is a simple car and no doubt that has contributed to its longevity. Parts can't fail which don't exist - no window or lock motors, no cruise control or power mirrors, etc.

But it has really been the best car I've ever owned. It's worn now, certainly; it's kind of rattly and loose, and makes a few more noises than it could. It uses oil now, which didn't start until past k, but it still doesn't leak. I took it in to have them look at a noise I thought might be wheel bearings a couple months back; they told me it was fine and to bring it back if the noise gets worse.

It's got a sluggishness off the line in the mornings recently; I might have to get the fuel injectors refurbished. If I feel like it. Seriously, best car ever. Cut your throat as I thrust Mutilate your cold snatch My face glazed with your blood I use it for lube too Penetrate your tight ass You're a bitch and a slut Used for sex and much more Left for dead on a rural road Left there for the bugs to eat you'll Decompose Rotting till there's nothing left You fucking bitch Used, abused and left for dead 8.

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My laughter starts to take control, my cock stops taking toll Looking at her rectal asshole, blood seeps right out of it Now this chic can see, I'm deeply crazy, I hope her feelings are not hurt, I just want to get my hands up your skirt, She lays on my floor I really adore the way she squirms around in my sperm Please stay awhile with me, we'll jam some LIVIDITY.

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I want a part three, I want to blow a fatty right into your pussy Now I am through, I cannot drop no more goo, she won't even spew So bitch get the fuck out, Let's wrap up the night, I don't want to fight Unless you want to be knocked in the teeth, skank I don't want no beef. If you want to play it, either get it modded… or git gud.

What a fucking shit argument. You can get good in WoT. You can get good in Prison Architect which also serves you your doom suddenly and drastically if you do things wrong, you can get good in Civilization titles and the likes, but in this fucked up shit? But not RimWorld. Either a single event is strong enough to kill you, or the subsequent dice rolls will get you — Like then mentioned ancient aliens on day 2 with machine guns and rocket launches when all you have is a pistol, a hunting rifle and some clubs, or things like sickness, heatwave, pirate-drop.

This has nothing to do with skills. You can maybe flee with what, maybe two people? Take the bugs for example. And it will stay that way. Games where skill actually matters. Jesus Fucking H. Christ, stop being this fucking butthurt! Enough is enough, this is a blog for tanks, battleships and the two games centered around them, so please, fucking stop!!! Like Liked by 1 person. More like a frustrated player who made the mistake of playing on a holiday weekend.

Then, may I ask you, who of the following seems more like an egotistical twat in pubs, A bad player that tells people to fuck off whenever someone says hes doing something wrong, or a good player that dies and fists himself for his mistakes, mmm? This is lemmingrush and I have watched his channel. Not a cocky Unicom by far. Most of his videos are teaching people to be better players. The regulars expect a certain meta play that the guys who dont play much dont adhere to.. Like Liked by 2 people. Second clip : went way too far ahead of the team tho.

You rush alone you pay, your mistake there. Not true. I am pretty sure he lost most of his HP or died anyway, shame the clip is cut short. And this is WoT. He should try out the houdini teams on EU here, where 8 tanks on the flank on the other side of the map simply disappear when i take my eyes from the minimap for maybe 30 seconds to deal with one of the reds coming for me. Kinda like me XD.