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What's that sound? - Minutiae: OpalCat Minute by Minute

The researchers also tested whether the fish were farting from fear, perhaps to sound an alarm. But when they exposed fish to a shark scent, there was again no change in the number of FRTs.

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Night waves Finally, three observations persuaded the researchers that the FRT is most likely produced for communication. Firstly, when more herring are in a tank, the researchers record more FRTs per fish. Secondly, the herring are only noisy after dark, indicating that the sounds might allow the fish to locate one another when they cannot be seen.

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Thirdly, the biologists know that herrings can hear sounds of this frequency, while most fish cannot. This would allow them to communicate by FRT without alerting predators to their presence.

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Wilson emphasises that at present this idea is just a theory. But the discovery is still useful, he says.

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    Books by Jack Yaghubian. Trivia About Grunt's Minutia b Napoleon and Bismarck reside in gray palaces, while more mundane malefactors lurk about in suitably modest bungalows. The common denominator is the incessant dull rain that cuts right through the roofs of their homes, their hats and their clothes. They are eternally uncomfortable, on edge and never able to accomplish the simplest of tasks.

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    The young soldiers that pass through Jacks hypnotic scenarios are in a similar hell of uncertainty and discomfort. My horror and fascination only deepened chapter by chapter. The violence is short lived, brutal, confusing and infrequent. The violence that stays with the reader is the spirit crushing boredom and kafkaesque daily exercises that these painfully young soldiers experience at a time in their lives when they should be making out with other teenagers, studying music, history, auto repair….