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I am officially and unequivocally NOT a winter girl. We missed the sun, sand and water the most. We missed being barefoot and seeing friendly faces wherever we went. I missed jerk chicken, rum runners, and swimming in the ocean. Once we came back for a visit, we knew Cayman was where we were meant to be. Well, then it's not a secret!

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But yes, we love sitting in the adirondack chairs on the water at Morgan's, with a nice bottle of wine. The breeze there, looking over the bay, it's all very screensaver-esk. In the mornings it's nice to go get a coffee at the Marriott and sit in the swings around the courtyard. It's awesome to feel like you're on vacation, even if you live 10 minutes down the road. Every three months or so, we take an island drive and stop at dive bars along the way. The South Coast Bar has my favourite conch fritters and jerk burger! The beer is cold, the bartender is friendly and a few dollars on the jukebox gets you a solid mix of Country, 80's music and Reggae.

Just Northwest of The Kimpton is a nice quiet area of beach for Dude to roam and play in the water. Dude enjoys a good spa day and plays with other pups. We are constantly making sure he doesn't dive off the dock into the water to tackle a 30 pound tarpon. The hardest is getting used to "island time".

Phuket Travel Diary

It's very endearing in lots of ways, and us Westerners could learn a lesson or two about this time keeping. However, when it comes to waiting for the AC repair man, or in line at the bank, you do miss the luxuries of quick service back home. The easiest is there is always friends to help you out and make sure your transition is just as good as theirs was. After you drop your bags, you have a drink in your hand, unlimited hugs from friends and meeting new people. Do your research. I used to recruit for a living and no matter how many times I explained the cost of living here, people were usually pretty broke for the first couple of months.

Save, and ensure that you do your research about setting up costs. You have to be able to adapt and adjust to the lifestyle too. If you're the type of person who has a hard time adjusting their routine and appreciating a slower lifestyle, than this may not be for you for the term. Plan Your Trip. District Guides. George Town. Bodden Town. East End. West Bay.

Sometimes there is an associated fee with your Visa on Arrival but in Thailand we did not pay an extra fee. If you lose it like my sister did you can easily refill one out. Currency: Flights to Thailand might have you rolling your eyes at how could you ever afford to live once you get there after a flight that expensive. The good thing about Thailand is that you can afford to live in absolute luxury while spending next to nothing.

Tourists: Something interesting to note is who is traveling to Thailand. The primary countries tourists were traveling from was Germany, Australia, England and China.

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The language spoken in Thailand is Thai but almost everyone speaks English. Even our taxi drivers were very knowledgeable and could hold a conversation.

We also found interesting the tourists where English was not a first language would speak to the locals in broken English so they were both communicating in a language that was not their first language. See the full post here. Our days were warm and we spent most the time in shorts and dry fitted t-shirts to combat the heat. My sunhat was crucial to the hot sun. I wore it so much more than I thought I would because I was so scared of my skin getting burned.

You can shop it here. We stayed in four hotels the 10 days we were there. We are big Marriott reward members and with the recent merge of Marriott and SPG, there have never been more options for beautiful hotels. My only complaint when searching for the best place to stay through Marriott , is that there are limited details on what the room actually looks like. The first place we stayed was by far my favorite and was a beautiful and well maintained property. The Westin Siray Bay Resort and Spa in Phuket had breathtaking views and villas with infinity pools in addition to three community pools.

We stayed in the 2 bedroom renewal pool villa and spent so much time in our plunge pool on our balcony.


There were two bedrooms inter connected with a living room, half kitchen and dining room. The second place we stayed was part of the Marriott Luxury Collection. This is a series of hotels that Marriott has bought that were previously owned independently or by different hotel chains. They are supposed to be a luxury experience and are usually a little more expensive than the typical Marriott properties.

What was advertised as a two bedroom villa was actually one large bedroom. The bathrooms were also disconnected from the primary hotel room and were not air conditioned which came a huge surprise for us because that was not listed on the website. We ended up only staying at this resort for 24 hours and decided to move hotels. Take this as a lesson when traveling internationally that not everything is what is seems from a hotel website. Our third hotel was the Marriott Beach Club which we loved. Our room was a 2 bedroom with a plunge pool and you can find more about this property on their website.

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Our room had a balcony with a hot tub that overlooked the beach. The pools at the JW were just beautiful and we spent one entire day by the quiet pool which was quite heated because of the hot sun. They also serve you banana ice cream and watermelon poolside which I will never complain about. All in all, you have a lot of options when staying in Phuket.

We chose to move around a lot because we wanted to see different sides of the island.

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Both were completely different experiences and we enjoyed all our hotels immensely. If you have followed me for awhile, you know that Thai food is one of my favorites and the food in Thailand did not disappoint. One of the things you should probably know is that you will have Thai food breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast: Our breakfast everyday usually consisted of pho soup and rice porridge also known as congee. This was a very different take from my usual eggs and toast but I loved every minute of it.

The rice congee I was originally very wary of but it was so good and refreshing and you could top it with all sorts of things like green onions, soy sauce, ginger and bean sprouts. One day I did find pancakes and had to try them and they were not good… at all. Lunch: Our lunch was usually eaten out during excursions and was provided to us. Every excursion we went on provided a hot lunch which was surprising even when we traveled by boat to a beach spot we were still served a hot lunch! The lunches usually consisted of a pad thai or lo mein type of noodle dish and rice and usually chicken.

Dinner: We ate dinner mostly at the hotels we were staying at. It was always a sit down dinner with lots of thai options. Some of our favorites were lobster pad thai, Tom Ka soup and green chicken curry. The restaurant it primarily outside and we enjoyed watching the sunset over the beach. I ordered the tuna tartare for an appetizer and tuna on a salt brick for my main.

Lots of tuna what can I say it is my favorite. Beef: Beef is not good in Thailand.

All the beef on the island is imported from Australia or the United States and is very chewy and nothing like you would be used to.