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When he approached her and asked her to come back with him, she straightaway refused. She hated Nathan and wanted to stay away from him. Hence, the only option left was to kidnap her and bring her back against her will. Although they were separated, but Nathan still had a soft corner for Evelyn and wanted to save her at any cost. Afetr Nathan managed to bring her back, he expected that the relationship between them will gradually grow.

However, Evelyn struggled to forget her past and wanted Nathan to divorce her. He did everything possible to impress Evelyn and slowly the relationship between them grew. However, they also had other problems to worry about. Some people were after the life of Evelyn.

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It is the responsibility of Nathan to protect her from all kinds of dangers and win back her love. It is a very emotional story of forgiveness and pain. The way both Nathan and Evelyn managed to forget their dark past and then worked hard to keep their relationship growing, is very touching. You will fall in love with both the characters.

Julia has managed to make all her readers connect with both the characters. You will be desparate to see them happy. Other than romance, there is also a tone of suspense throughout the book.

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There are some brilliantly written love scenes which are very moving. This book will make you go through a lot of emotions.

The Christmas Secret

You may even shed a tear or two while reading it. Jack, who is the central character of the book is the Earl of Lambourne. However, the Prince of Wales has accused him of treason. He decided to run away to his hometown, Scotland. When he arrived at Scotland, a local laird took him hostage and offered him two choices.

The first option was that, he will hand over Jack to the bounty hunters and after that they will hang him. Thankfully for Jack, the second option was a lot easier. The second option was that he will have to marry his niece, Lizzle Beal. Jack obviously chose the second option and found himself married to Lizzle.

However, Lizzle Beal was not exactly happy with this situation.

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She used to live with her sister. But her uncle kidnapped her and brought her to his place. She was extremely mad at her uncle because of this. She was also angry with Jack, because he agreed with her uncle. In short, she is angry with everyone responsible for her being in such kind of a situation.

She just wants to write a letter to her boyfriend, so that he comes and rescues her from this mess. So he thought, that we will strike a deal with Lizzle, so that both of them can get out of this mess. However, after spending some time, both of them started to slowly fall for each other. This is a very emotional book.

Julia London has made the characters extremely interesting. Jack is a very brave and courageous guy. He was willing to go to any extent to save his love. All the readers will instantly fall in love with Jack.

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Lizzle on the other hand, is a slightly feisty character. However, she also had a romantic side. Julia has brilliantly portrayed the transition from hating each other to gradually falling in love. The brilliant writing makes this book really addictive. Nice easy reading. One person found this helpful. I read this book in an afternoon not overly impressed it had a happy ending which was good but it was so predictable you almost quest the end after reading the first few chapters I would tell my friends about it but not recommend it as a good read.

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See all 4 reviews. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I love reading sequels so that I can find out what happened to some of the prior characters. At times in "The Christmas Secret", they seemed in love This book was a novella, so the love story happened pretty fast. Overall, it was a good short read. I wished it could've been longer so that it could've been a little more realistic Eireanne is suppose to marry an english nobleman i. Henry is from America.

Of course, there's a scandal secret love letters that involves Keira's sisters I think the new book The Revenge of Lord Eberlin will be even better!

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This was my first story by Julia. I'm still reading Christmas stories--but better late than never, especially with regards to this particular story. It was a very sweet story, but with enough romance to satisfy the romantics and I am one of them. The setting is Scotland, a favorite land of mine, and appears to be very realistic as to family antics and values. I am definitely going to be reading more from Julia London! A step back in time when standards for behavior of women was to be very proper.

God bless these Irish.

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  • Women who broke traditional behavior of the time. Prank playing sisters and a modest Miss make a very romantic read. I enjoy Julia London's books but this one was just to short. However it won't stop me from reading her wonderful stories. Thank you and keep them coming. I have yet to read a bad historical by Julia and this short story was very sweet. Good little story to fit with the series.

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