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It turned out perfectly seasoned in my opinion. I was using cabbage and carrots that I cut up myself, so I felt the bath was useful in preserving the crunchiness of the vegetables. Does no one taste while adding ingredients like salt? I put in half of what a recipe calls for, taste, and either quit or add. For this recipe I use the celery salt at half the amount and no regular salt. Soooo delicious! Just an absolutely amazing flavour! Thank you Heidi.

Could that be a typo? This tastes nothing like traditional coleslaw but is SO much better! Im so very happy to have found this recipe and am going to share it with everyone. This is delicious! Mine was just perfect. Best coleslaw ever! I like the recipe overall but next time I may just leave out the Kosher salt and stick with just the celery salt and still no brine.

Gotta tell you… Everything you said about the coleslaw sounded pretty dang good, but it was the Isbell shirt that sold me. I had to fudge it a little bit no celery salt but it IS good! I tried this. Followed it to the T. Way too salty for me. Still way too salty. I tried to save the cabbage by rinsing it but I had to throw away.

This recipe sucks thumbs down for my taste buds…. This is absolutely the most amazing coleslaw ever!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I love all your recipes and you have always steered me in the right direction!!! Thanks again xoxoxo.

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Thank you for the recipe but WAY too sweet. I cut back on sugar to 2 tablespoons and it was just right. Jewish delis have the best rye bread. Crunchy outside and soft, bready inside. Good for grilling. This recipe is absolutely broken. I made the recipe as written, to a T; and I had to throw it away. It was inedibly salty. Seriously, 2 teaspoons of salt?!

I should have trusted my instincts. No, I did not fail to wash the slaw well enough after the first step. I tasted the slaw on its own and it was just fine. I also agree with the other comments that the salt treatment to the slaw mix actually resulted in a more limp result, even after the salad spinner and letting it thoroughly dry. What a waste of time and money. Sorry you had that experience, Mike.

I use kosher salt, did you use regular table salt? The regular salt has a distinctly more salty bite, maybe that was the problem? But even without that, it came out great! I love it! Perfect, simple, delicious. Wow really is wayyy too salty! Rinsed it well and followed the recipe but I still had to throw it all out. Absolutely a susaster. Followed the recipe to the T. A big thumbs down. Had to throw it all away, a disgrace to serve to neighbours. I have been making coleslaw for the last 20 years, but this has to be the best I have ever tasted. I have made this recipe at least a dozen times, and my friends and family think I finally perfected my own.

Perfect balance between sweet and tangy, and the salt brine adds incredible crunch to the cabbage. Thanks so much for sharing. Hello Heidi, Thanks for sharing an absolutely delish creamy coleslaw with a crunch. He loves the Georgia, vinegar based, slaws with little mayo and a tangy bite like his Grandmother made. I am hooked on yours, and you have made him a fan of the real coleslaw style!

I think some people who said they hated this recipe, too salty, may have not followed your clear directions. No one who follows the recipe could hate this dish, if you like coleslaw. I suspect that some may not realize the differences between Kosher and table salt, or failed to give the slaw a good rinse-if any. Thanks for my future and forever creamy coleslaw, still have to make the Georgia slaw for Hubby! Follow the recipe exactly as says. The salt and sugar brine did not work.

Cabbage was just extra soggy after the salad spinner. As for the rest of it, like other people said, super salty and non-edible. This is a great recipe! The brine step was interesting — turned out fine, not too salty at all. The slaw tastes fantastic. I was so excited to try this recipe. As a former restaurant owner, I know my way around a kitchen pretty well, but coleslaw has always eluded me. Unfortunately, this recipe was not the one. The cabbage became limp and soggy and the dressing was way too salty. Just tried this recipe for the first time with high hopes.

We did not do the brine first but followed the rest of the instructions exactly. Way too salty! Next time we will try using celery seed instead of celery salt, and I think it will turn out fine. I noticed that you did not reply to the question about the teaspoon of pepper. I threw the black dressing away and remade it with a bit of pepper. You have far too many ads on your page, and it took forever to open up.

I could have brined the cabbage waiting for it to open. But the recipe is a lovely and simple one. We tasted this at a friends place and it was very good, so i decided to try it myself. I have been cooking professionally for over 30 years and still want to learn. The recipe itself is not that different than what my mother made for years except for the brining and spin drying step. But that is important. For those of you that said they made the recipe but skipped this procedure you should try something as written before you skip steps. It takes very little extra time.

That being said my cole slaw was extremely salty and we love salt at our house. I shredded the cabbage and a few carrots myself using the fine slicing disc of the food processor. That was a mistake. It should be thicker, like the type that is sold preshredded in the bag. Because mine was thinner it absorbed more salt and even after rinsing it very well -it remained too seasoned. The dressing also has more salt which is not needed and especially celery salt- so after I mixed the whole thing it was horrid. Since we live in a very rural area and the stores are closed for the holiday AND I had company walking in the door, I dumped the whole mess into a strainer and rinsed the hell out of it.

Then I put it n the salad spinner again and spun it as dry as possible. Then squeezed the whole thing in a tea towel. I made another batch of the dressing, leaving out the salt and replaced the celery salt with celery seed and it was fine. We ate it with pulled pork and it was great. I will try it again using a thicker slicing blade and leave out the additional salt. Thanks for the recipe. Tried recipe today, store bought pre shredded bag, skipped brining , reduced salt , used 1 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt, no celery salt, but did use celery seeds…Results we awesome, probably best col slaw I have ever had, just wet enough without running, the parsley chopped really fine and the green onions sets it apart, will make again for sure, thank you for the great recipe….

The Salt and Sugar first step is totally unnecessary. I have never had a problem with my cole slaw having too much moisture. The salt and sugar bath just made it mushy. Save yourself a bunch of salt and sugar and skip. Just made this and it was wonderful! I did not do the brine bath and I since I did not have up to a pound of coleslaw, I added shredded carrots and radishes to make up the difference.

It was tangy, slightly sweet with a little kick to it. Plan to pair with sweet and spicy pulled chicken! Thanks Heidi! Wanted to try something different. I was not a fan of this recipie. I would skip the salt brine prep as I think the outcome was way to salty. Yes, I did rinse. I prefer my creamy coleslaw. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for your opinion Cathy, I use kosher salt for the brine, perhaps you used table salt and that made in more intense? Your coleslaw sounds crispy for a longer period of time. I am going to try making it sometime. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I just made these for my family and they were a HIT! We devoured every last one of them. Thank you! Individuals who are thinking about getting a propelled degree as well as backtracking to class ought to truly consider bringing down their current understudy credit adjusts however much as could be expected.

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I cant stop drooling over that coleslaw and the pulled pork sandwich looks to die for. I have just finished my mundane lunch so that makes it even worse In the event that you think you may overlook, set it so the installment is electronically exchanged every month. Discover these people and exploit the superb blessing your school has made accessible for you. Rounding out the FAFSA is an extraordinary stride towards finding an understudy credit without a cosigner.

I used this recipe for my barbecue last weeken and everyone liked it. It was delicious. This will be my coleslaw recipe from now on, absolutely wonderful. I omitted the brining, and shredded the carrots and cabbage fresh from my garden, did add 1 tabs of sour cream that was mixed with a bit of prepared horse radish and grain mustard.

I made for a potluck and my friends have been begging for more. I added some thin sliced cucumber which was tasty. It was a hit at the party and every lady there asked for the recipe! Omg, i have searches for a coleslaw dressing for ever before finding this one which is as of now officially the best I have ever tried!

Thanks so much for sharing this perfect recipe! Great recipe. Thanks very much. I replaced the mayonnaise with sour cream. Mayaonniase has chicken menstruation or eggs in it , and I find that quite disgusting. The parsley idea is a great addition. You can make incredible veggie burgers with beans with much less violence.

Thank you again. Thanks for the unnecessary comments and history of your meat eating Gaura. Based on your line of thinking, you are nothing more than a byproduct of human menstruation. Typical of what has been coming from the liberal left, which is complete intolerance of any other way of thinking except their own.

Made this slaw today as a dry-run for an upcoming picnic. I skipped the 1st step: chopped cabbage with carrots from big box store, 2 lbs, chopped coarse looked very dry already. I exchanged the celery salt for celery seed and the parsley for cilantro; added 1 tbs. Immediately after, a friend tasted this, gave it a 9 best. I thanked her but I am not going to do that, but may switch to parsley next week for the party picnic.

Thanks for sharing this article. You can learn many things from this. Imagination is really good. This coleslaw is to die for. Really love it. Now I just need to get your BBQ recipe. Thanks so much for these recipes. Truly some damn fine coleslaw here! Crunchy and yummy and oh my happy mouth! The brine works wonders. May become habit forming. Product maintains same level of softness, even when fully cooled off. Please, bake at own risk and risk to those around you.

I had a late night sweet tooth hit me all of the sudden and saw your recipe on Pintrest. I loved it! The first time, the dough was really sticky, and difficult to work with I followed the directions perfectly. Honestly, you could even go up half a cup. Thanks for the recipe!! These are soooo good! I am a college student just learning how to cook, and I am so excited to take these to a potluck! Super yummy. I followed your recipe and they came up just as you said.

Everyone I shared them with raved about how delicious and moist and chewy they were. Thanks for the great recipe! Where do I get the recipe? Absolutely loved this recipe! I found your recipe last week and have made them 3 times, with more coming over the holidays! Let me start by saying these are the best snickerdoodles ever! So today will now probably be the 10th and always consistent time we are at it again. I have learned over the years with cookies turning out flat that my baking soda is usually expired I think people think that it should last forever as well as cream of tartar so if you make sure they are you will always have great cookies.

Great recipe! My 9-year-old and 4-year-old sons basically made these all by themselves and they turned out perfectly! So delicious! Thank you so much! I have an electric hand mixer. Thank you for this! These cookies are so yummy! You were right, 10 minutes exactly for just the right amount of doneness.

Thanks so much for the awesome recipe!! Made these this evening with my kids. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Just made them and they are amazing! Is there any way I can save some of the dough for tonight to back fresh for my husband? It would only need to be for about 6 hrs. These were okay. I like mine more tart I think they need a tad more flour too.

These turned out awesome!!! This recipe is a keeper for sure? These cookies turned out soft and puffy. Perfect recipe and we are going to use this from now on. Thank you so much. My mom loves these cookies. Excellent recipe. Just perfect. Thank you for sharing…. These cookies are perfect. I only had to adjust the baking time because of my wierd oven. They taste amazing. Thank you so much for the recipe. Good recipe but awful cooking time recomendation. I ruined half of my cookies bc of the min suggestion.

Please think of others when posting the wrong cooking time that could make someone sick. Thank you and happy holidays! These are amazing. They turned out perfect. I was afraid they were underdone with how they looked at 10 minutes, but nope, let them set and wow!! Soft, chewy, just right. I will definitely make these again. I just made these and I was nervous because I hate when I make cookies and they end up crunchy. These came out perfectly soft. Made these for the Ladies at church and they were a hit!

They were stashing them to take home, it was truly funny. I was asked to make more and even got an order for some to take to a holiday party. And taste is on point!! Could be your oven temperature is a little off? When this has happened to me before I have picked up a cheap oven thermometer and checked the heat of the oven.

Could be an easy place to start. These cookies are so delicious! Turned out perfect, so easy! The recipe is so simple to follow. He said it is the best snickerdoodle he has ever had. Thank you for this wonderful recipe! The 2 Tbsp drops of dough were too large and they all fused together not a large enough pan but who cares!? They were awesome! Thanks for sharing your recipe. This recipe has officially replaced my usual recipe! Just had to try one oh yum.

Thanks for sharing a great recipe! I love them,and so has everybody else. We are fixing to make these but want to see if they will be good for company coming for Christmas. Can you tell me how long they last in an airtight container? I added these to my list of Christmas cookies this year. I followed the recipe exactly and baked them at for 10 minutes. Even after cooling the cookies were still VERY round, barely spread. Any idea why?

I just made these instead of our family recipe, I just wanted to try new ones this year. The best recipe ever!!! Followed your instructions and they came out perfect!! My only question….. I put in fridge for 10 minutes and kept going!! Thanks so much!!! Thank you so uch for sharing your recipe. I never had snickerdoodles before I baked my own using your recipe. Theses cookies are just delicious. For now on, they will definitely be part of my Christmas baking. Hi, I tried your recipe today and it was a hit! I did follow the advice of others and refrigerate the dough prior to baking.

With all the Christmas cooking going on…my kitchen was rather warm.

These cookies were a hit! I made one batch and decided to freeze the 2nd batch balls of dough, not baked yet. I would like to bake the next batch this weekend. What temperature should I set my oven and how long should I bake them? Thanks for your help! Made these tonight. Did not spread very much at all. They were kinda gross. My son choked and gagged. Not sure what went wrong. This is a wonderful recipe! They turned out perfectly though I did have to adjust the baking time to 11 mins. Thank you for sharing! I typically do not comment but I am also one that reads all the comments to see how to tweak a recipe so I decided this recipe was worthy of a comment.

This one will definitely be going in the book! I used an air bake pan and the only thing I adjusted was the cooking time to 13 min. She wanted them crunchy so I thought once they cooled they would get crunchier but they were perfect — a slightly crunchy outside and soft chewy center.

They were so yummy and my mouth is watering just thinking about them!! Hi, I know that this is an old post but, I just made these cookies and they turned out absolutely fantastic. This recipe is definitely a keeper. So thick, soft and fluffy. I made these my kids this afternoon. They turned out amazingly delicious. The best Snickerdoodles I have ever tasted. Next time we will definitely double the recipe. Thank you for creating this recipe and thank you for sharing it.

Can these be frozen? Traveling down south and want to freeze beforehand so I can bake when I arrive. With all due respect — I made these cookies I can bake a mean cookie myself and yes they were fluffy and chewy but they were not a snickerdoodle. Snickerdoodles should be light and fluffy in the center with a slightly crisper edge.

These were too heavy and cake like. Maybe the brown sugar did it. Also, I had to increase the bake time to 15 minutes as the first batch was very under cooked. I live in Florida and had to make a slight adjustment because of the extreme heat. I chilled them for an hour before cooking and increased the cook time to 12 minutes, with an oven of I also put the dough in the refrigerator between batches. I also hesitated about the the tablespoon of vanilla, but it works. Thanks for the great receipe. Will all due respect, Diane is a freaking nut job.

I went about 14 minutes in my oven but I watched them like a hawk once they hit Will be making them again today! My husband has been having problems with his ED. Would give on star but cannot rate. VERY disappointed.

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I followed your directions exactly, however they did not flatten out like the cookies in your pictures above. They stayed pretty much the exact shape of the balls i made when i put them in the oven. I even let them cook for a few extra mints, but to no avail. Any idea what i may have done wrong? I had the same problem, Carina. Bummer because I was making them for a prison charity and they needed to be a certain size diameter. More sugar, particularly relative to less flour, would definitely add to the spread.

I smash mine a teeny bit before I bake them. It seems to help them spread evenly, rather than spreading around the edges and leaving a large lump of doughiness in the middle. New to this site. Just made the snickerdoodles cookies, per instructions… felt they had too much flour but followed recipe exactly. Decided to cook the full 12 minutes.

First batch came out barely baked, raw in the middle. Next batch I decided to raise temp to and bake for 12 minutes. Somewhat baked through but this is not a recipe I would try again. Yes, all ingredients were fresh, as I bake times a week and have for many years — cookies are my thing. Not at all. They look like rock cakes, or something like that. I followed your recipe to the T, which is probably why they taste amazing, but I was wondering if you know what I could have done wrong?

Have you ever tried adding toffee bits to these? It was like heaven in my kitchen this morning! You have seriously saved my pocketbook a lot of pain! They were a HUGE hit! Everybody that tried them loved them. One guy tried one and said they were the best cookies he had ever eaten and he bought what was left! I did not make any changes to the recipe other than making smaller cookies. Made these last night and they are delicious! I ended up with 25 cookies, guess I made them a little smaller.

The second batch I cooked for minutes, and they came out just like the picture. Soft and scrumptious! I made these to give away to a few people and they were a HIT! I did chill them this time and feel like they needed it, but they were delicious. Good thing we gave almost all of them away or we would have eaten them all in one sitting! Thanks for the recipe. I left them uncovered overnight by accident and the next day they still melt in your mouth. Will definitely try again. I made them today I followed recipe my cookies spread and are very large.

They smell and look good though. I followed the recipe exactly, but the cookies were more like biscuits than cookies and had a dry and mealy texture as I noticed happened for some other people as well. How can I make them have a more melty and cookie-like texture? Mine dident not spread very well and I ended up adding Moreno flour because the dough would not hold a shape.

I just made these cookies using your recipe. The dough was like bubble gum and difficult to work with. I refrigerated it for a while and that helped. Cookies tasted doughy so I baked longer. They were better, but still very disappointed. Butter was room temperature, measurements exact, not a hot kitchen, experienced baker, so. I have never heard of this happening…sorry you had this experience. I make these cookies all the time and have never run into an issue! These baked to be perfection at F for 14 minutes in my new convection oven. These are our favorite snickeredoodles and ive made them several times!

Tried this recipe today!

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  8. Although it took me around an hour. Everyone I have shared it with so far has loved it! Tried this recipe and it was a hit! Have you ever made these with a filling? Just wondering. Wonderful recipe! I made these today with my year-old daughter. We tried several recipes previously but none of them were quite right. This was perfect. Thanks for the yummy suggestion! OMG these are soooooo good!! Just made these tonight and they are the BEST!!

    Thank you for an amazing recipe! My family Loves them! I just made 85 cookies for a charity event tomorrow. This was tripling the recipe. This recipe is not overly sweet. This recipe is a keeper! I made them for the first time ever and nothing seemed to turn out right. I pulled the butter out a few hours early and waited until it was nice and soft.

    How to Make Sushi at Home | Minimalist Baker Recipes

    Whipped it with the sugars until fluffy…. I followed the recipe to a T…. After they cooked for 10 minutes, I let a batch cool and the centers were still raw and tasted of flour. The last batch I did, I cooked for 16 minutes. They are done and almost too dry tasting, but still, they taste like flour. I gave them to my friend for her Birthday and explained to her that they are not good,…but it was the best try I could have given them. I used King Arthur All purpose flour…. Is this the wrong kind to use?

    What could I have done wrong? First, why would they taste like flour and secondly, why were they not done in the 10 — 12 minute time span. I used some kind of thick aluminum pan thing…used for baking. It seems to have a top and bottom with a hollow center. There can certainly be a variance with baking times from oven to oven… and also the baking sheet you use can absolutely alter the recipe.

    I always use a thin, aluminum baking sheet, with parchment paper. I have never had an issue with King Arthur flour, but I have actually had a strange batch of flour from the supermarket, which caused everything I made to have a very strong flour taste. Is the flour old or new.. Sounds like you magic number in your oven would be around 14 minutes. They might seem slightly underdone, but as they sit, they will continue to cook a bit. Hope your next try will turn out better! I suppose my flour is several months old… I may give them another try tomorrow morning on a thin baking sheet with the parchment paper as you suggested.

    Thank you for the prompt reply! Just to let you know, I bought brand new flour and used the thinnest baking sheet I have and the cookies turned out perfect and awesome!

    How to Make Sushi Without a Mat

    The first batch I did for 10 minutes and the next batch I did for 11 minutes. The 10 minute batch my friend still loved, but they were still slightly wet in the middle! Love the update! So glad they worked out. When I make these I need to bake them for 22 miinutes. Are you at higher altitude? I didnt change the recipe at all though it is recommended for higher altitudes.

    I just bake the longer. They turn out perfect everytime now. I have done quite a few batches over time. They are a favorite in my house. Soft and chew and cinnamony. I use King Arthur flour for all my baking. Maybe your flour was old at the store. My daughter and I just made these and they are delicious and just what we were hoping they would be! They are just the right of fluffy and chewy! You mentioned using baking powder in place of CoT and baking soda. Would it be an exact swap 1 tsp BP in place of 1tsp of CoT or would it be 1tsp for both.

    When you say 1 egg plus 1 yolk do you mean 1 whole egg plus the yolk of another egg? Or are you just saying 1 whole egg? My coworker just made these snickerdoodles and brought them to work to share. I know. But she said to try one anyway. I want to eat the whole plate of these! They are chewy and tender and perfectly cinnamon-y. The texture is more blondie than cookie in my opinion…which makes them perfect!

    I would kike to try and make this sniker doodles but it was not clear enough wether or not to use salted or unsalted butter. Please let me know before I try,Thank you? Hello, I just made these and they turned out perfect! I wanted to say thanks so much for a wonderful recipe and Happy Holidays! My cookies were good. Especially when the recipe calls for rolling them in a BALL!! Fake pictures. There is nothing fake about them, but sorry you seemed to have a bad experience. My cookies look exactly like this but actually even better.

    Absolutely perfect. I roll them in a ball and they bake to perfection. Kinda rude what you said. Maybe you are baking them incorrectly or reusing a warm pan. If you follow her recipe they are perfection. My first time baking cookies not from a tube and they turned out great. These were great and came out perfect! Looking through the comments, I never knew people could be so hateful over a cookie recipe. Mine literally look like the picture and i am no baker! Nope, replace the baking soda and the cream of tartar called for in the recipe with baking powder.

    Hi Shelly, thank you for this recipe it is delicious and my kids and I had fun making them together. Question, do you push your dough down after putting them on the cookie sheet? I took them out of the oven and they were still kind of in a ball like shape haha. I pushed them down a bit after I took them out and they are more a cookie shape now. Not that it is a big deal because they still look great and taste great. It does depend on your baking sheet. I have found that same recipe, different baking sheet can lead to a wider or taller cookie!

    I used a thin pan that is fairly light in color. Made these and they came out just like the picture and are delicious. So annoying. Hi, was wondering if this is salted or unsalted butter and if chilling overnight make them even better? IMO I think the ratio of cinnamon to sugar to too much.

    Loved these cookies!! So easy to make I used dark brown sugar it was all I had but they still turned out delicious. If you follow this recipe they are truly the perfect snickerdoodle! So my second pan of them I pushed down a bit before cooking. Did anyone else actually make these copies successfully? Because I have never made snickerdoodles in my life before, followed the recipe more or less closely, and they came out perfect! Puffy soft clouds of heavenly, buttery goodness. Thanks for the recipe, Shelly! I made them and continue to bake them often. THIS is my go to snickerdoodle recipe now.

    They come out perfect. Absolutely magazine worthy. Evertmytime I bake them I stare at how beautiful they look and when I way one I am amazed how perfect they are. I am so happy I found her perfect recipe. I thought I had done everything right and they spread out and flattened like a frisbee, so annoying!

    Anyway, dreaming of snickerdoodles, I got up early this morning and started the journey again, and low and behold — perfection!!! Delicious and they held their shape, so proud of my little snickerdoodles. Thanks so much for your awesome recipe! Ok, so I was an idiot, but the second trial was amazing! These cookies are perfect! I have no complaints about the recipe!

    Exactly as pictured, and delicious! Thanks for Sharing your recipe! LOVE hearing that!! Post a picture on Instagram, or in my facebook group! Snickerdoodles were the cookie made when I only had basic ingredients in the cabinet and sadly no chocolate chips. Wow, these cookies are melt-in-your-mouth delicious! I made them twice the first week I tried the recipe. They were perfect as the size you recommended and mini cookies.

    I took them to my church small group, and someone whose favorite cookie was snickerdoodle claimed they were the best snickerdoodle he had ever eaten. I will be trying many more of your recipes! I did refrigerate for about an hour. They were perfect!! Loved them!! I just made this recipe and mine came out perfect! I will be making these again very soon!!

    Props to you. These were in fact perfect. Best snickerdoodles ever. Any idea on why my dough is super sticky? I have made these in the past, and the recipe has worked perfectly! Stumbled on this recipe after a character in a book I was reading made snickerdoodles and I developed a craving lol. My family said they are their new favorite that I make. I am definitely going to make a bigger batch next time to share around. The texture is to die for—little crunch on the outside, chewy and perfect inside. This recipe was perfect. I followed it exactly except I had to bake my cookies for 17 minutes.

    Checked them at 10 and 12 and they were raw. I am at a higher elevation so that could have been the issue. My oven is pretty accurate normally. These cookies weresoft inside and crispy outside. Perfect buttery taste with hinylts of cinnamon and sugar. This will be the recipe I pass down to whomever gets my books.

    They alll seriously look bakery shop worthy. North Eastern Group Realty. My 2yr old daughter and I made these together. I brought the rest to work and they too raves about them!! Found your site from Pinterest!! Will check out your other recipes. Thanks so much for sharing! Truth, this is absolutely the best recipe. I lost my own recipe of over 20 years from a friend — so tried these! Highly recommend! I was in the mood for snickerdoodle cookies to have with my snickerdoodle coffee this holiday weekend. These are melt in your mouth yummy!

    A few may or may not have made it to the cooling rack. Mine needed the full 12 minutes. Absolutely delicious! Thanks for such a great easy to follow recipe. Also, for people like me: it sounds like a lot of flour, but they turn out perfect! These were fantastic!

    Deb’s Kale Salad with Apple, Cranberries and Pecans

    Mine came out exactly like your pictures! This will be a permanent recipe for me! Thank you SO much for sharing! They were so soft and fluffy with the perfect amount of crispiness around the edges, my friends were impressed! Great cookies I did add 1 cup of crush pecans to the recipe which added a nice nutty texture overall so great will be making again for sure! While I thought the flavour was fantastic, I followed this recipe to the T and the cookies came out flat, flat, flat. I hate to add more flour as the cheat, but I am not sure what else to do.

    If anything these cookies are thick! What kind of baking sheet did you use? I did substitute Earth Balance instead of butter. However the cookies came out tasting undercooked. I put them back in for 4 minutes, same. I did notice waking up this morning that the cookies were baked at It seems they had great potential.

    They taste yummy but the consistency is all off. I was so disappointed in this recipe. I was making them for a special birthday, and they are just too.. Also, there is too much cinnamon and not enough sugar in the cinnamon sugar recipe- I Do NOT recommend this recipe. I made them with a gluten free flour mix and OMG, are these amazing. I also used almost twice the amount of cinnamon. Like a homemade cinnamon roll, but way easier!

    This is a keeper, thank you! These are phenomenal!! Thank you so much!!! Thank you, thank you for posting such an incredible recipe. I head up our annual community tree lighting and have never made snickerdoodles for it. These are for sure going to be a HIT!!! Hello, as a young person years ago my sister in law taught me how to make these…either too soft or too crunchy. She asked Google what to do, she said used baking powder instead of cream of tartar.

    I made about 3 dozen and it was the easiest thing I have ever made. Thought I better try one as I am taking them to work today, they are amazing and perfect just like you said!! Thank you and even with the couple of last minute alterations they turned out awesome! We added some sprinkles to the cinnamon sugar mixture for an extra holiday touch. This is the same as the BHG recipe with some of the granulated sugar subbed out for brown sugar. Not sure if that really makes it YOUR recipe.

    Not sure you have actually read my recipe, but there are many differences in the two recipes: The egg s , the baking temperature, the cinnamon amounts, the vanilla, the salt amount, the flour amount. Super soft and buttery, … — WordPress installed using Zesle Installer. I made these yesterday. All new ingredients and followed to a T. Mine also turned out like others, delicious but didnt spread. They were harder on the outside but still wet on the inside. I cooked a few minutes longer and some of them were done but tossed others. Could this be because they are too big?

    Definitely going to try this again, just not sure what to do differently. Can the dough be made ahead of time and frozen? I followed your recipe exactly and they came out perfectly, just like in your photos! Snickerdoodles are my favorite. I had issues with this recipe… need some help.

    I used butter that had been sitting on the counter all day- so I thought it was room temp but maybe too soft? Anyway my cookies almost taste raw… they are super soft to the touch, even when cooled. I bit into one to test it out and it tasted raw. I made a batch for my son to bring to work this week, and everyone was asking for the recipe. I did have to bake them for about 14 minutes. And, I noticed that the dough has to be firm for them to rise well — I added a bit more flour to one batch. So, I rate these the best snickerdoodles ever! Thank you for the recipe.

    Made these tonight and they are perfect!! Quick and easy to make and so delicious. I cooked them for exactly 10 minutes turning half way through like you suggested and they look just like your photo. Saving this one for the future. These cookies turned out perfect the very first time I made them! Fantastic recipe!!!! I followed it exactly and it was super easy. Thank you for making the video as well! It was very helpful. You can double it, sure! I bake all the time and did not make any of the mistakes listed above. Like many others, the cookies spread and came out very thin.

    Snickerdoodles are supposed to be light and fluffy, not thin and crispy. Perhaps refrigerating the dough before baking would have worked; however, the recipe should state this. I just wasted time and ingredients making these cookies for a Christmas party and have to start over with a new recipe. Just by accident, I put the dough in the fridge when I needed to take a break from baking and the next batch came out nice and plump!

    I will definitely be chilling from the beginning next time. About how much baking power would you use instead of CoT and soda? Should I use 2 instead? I LOVE these cookies!! I know it says no chilling required, but I noticed when I chilled the dough when I took a short break between batches they came out plumper!

    Fat or thin, I loved them all but I preferred the plumper ones! Pingback : Perfect Snickerdoodles — ijosound. This was my first attempt at snickerdoodles. I made them for a friend who has tried every kind out there. Better than Mrs. Just made a batch of cookies and followed your recipe to a t, including the 11 minutes, and they turned out just perfect… thank you for sharing. TRULY perfect snickerdoodles! As I often do with online recipes, I peeked at the comments before diving into the recipe—mostly because comments sections are usually full of excellent advice.

    That said, I was quite disappointed in a lot of the ugly comments I found. I made these cookies today, and they look exactly like the pictures.

    How To Cook Meals Kids Will Love

    I am an experienced baker, so that helps. One thing I will say is make sure you cream your butter and sugars for the recommended time. If you rush through that step, it WILL change the consistency and outcome of the cookies. Any time you cream butter and sugar s , three minutes should be the minimum amount of time you spend doing that. So I wonder if some of the failures were a result of skipping that process?? Who knows. All that matters is these cookies are amazing and almost gone already!

    Thanks for sharing with us!! Pingback : Are you ready for some Football? Rose Restored. I made them three times in the span of two weeks! Pingback : Links of the Week. Thank you soooo much for this recipe!! And they are perfect! So thank you so much! This will definetly be a go to! These cookies are terrific — thick and moist in the center with a wonderful cinnamon flavor. Thanks for this recipe, Shelly. Did they turn out ok, if you did?

    This was my first time making snickerdoodles, and this recipe was really great. Very easy and the cookies came out perfectly. These cookies are buttery, loa I just used this recipe and substituted baking powder for the CoT and baking soda. Pingback : Perfect Snickerdoodles — Swapify Blog. I just made these cookies a few days ago, they turned out perfect! So much so they only lasted few hours be for my family ate them all.

    Great recipe thank you SO much! Hope our ingredients are the same and our oven temps, anyway will post back later. I love this site and have only just found it in the couple of days. These were incredible! So many compliments. I did not have cream of tartar, so I substituted 2. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive.

    Pin 23K. Share 3K. Line a baking sheet with a parchment paper and set aside. In the bowl of your stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment mix the butter, granulated sugar, and light brown sugar together on medium speed until light and fluffy, minutes. Turn mixer to low and add in flour, mixing until just combined. In a separate small bowl make your Cinnamon Sugar by mixing together cinnamon and sugar, stirring until evenly combined.

    Using a medium 2- tablespoon cookie scoop portion out the dough and roll into a ball. Then roll each cookie dough ball into the cinnamon sugar mixture until coated. Place on prepared baking sheet about 2- inches apart. Bake for minutes, turning cookie sheet halfway through baking.

    Allow the cookies to cool on the baking sheet for minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely. Notes I bake my Snickerdoodles for exactly 11 minutes every time I make this recipe with perfect results, but I know ovens vary, so bake only until the edges are slightly golden. Store airtight for up to 3 days.

    Snickerdoodles These Snickerdoodles are the classic I grew up with!