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Web Link Cyropaedia. Web Link Daphnis and Chloe Longus. West Wilmington, Del. Web Link Databases demystified Andrew J. Web Link DB2 Felipe Bortoletto. Ravikumar Kalyanasundaram. SendChangeNotification appropriately. Observed procedure: Create Project, activate BIM properties Set one property to manual Add new rule to database Update project from database turn property back to automatic Both on updating the rule from the database and on setting the property back to automatic, an evaluation should be requested.

Setze Document. Only developer frames were affected, the nested user comps were not recognized as to-be-developed part and an additional visibility check culled the outline profiles. GapLeft and. When automatically filling in car wall panels, these properties leave an air gap on the left small X resp.

Property grid items to be added for TR Affected only escalator projects, the crash is caused by the code's inability to find a valid shaft. That was the cause of extra unwanted lines in LDBIM imports of escalator projects, not, as previously suspected, the importer's inability to deal with polygons with open holes in the middle. In the lift log, messages would attain more and more spaces in front of them, triggered in some cases during rule evaluation. See screenshot, property is editable in property grid for Opening if set to manual There seems to be no good reason.

In Version Roughly "Cannot open document created with version X, you have version X". I suppose this was because of floating point calculation differences between machines. The change needs to be made in the lowest AutoCAD version we support for export ? The alternative TablesAM. Searching for many translation messages and their translation languages could cause a sql query timeout in Liftdesigner Datamanager at the Export Translations dialog. Changes in Liftdesigner from version Early in This rule was also enforced on load.

Unfortunately, the default additional component list of shafts in certain configurations Rope, machine room below had by construction non-unique IX values, those were changed on load and changed the objects' treenames. Double unfortunately, the list of components the rope passes through uses treenames for reference and then failed to find the components. Version After adding an additional child to FLL. I have not verified whether it shows up in the drawing.

Please check that as well. Car guide rails as. The bracket dimension for car E2 is not coming in correctly like it is for Car E1. Actually the extended bracket dimensions refer bracket positions and the guide rail end positions. The user has to define, which of the 2 scenarios he wants to use. Hard to pin down the exact cause, but sometimes, the usual methods both of updating a global variable equation fail.

In that case, we delete and recreate that equation. If recreation fails, sadly, the document is broken and needs to be closed without saving it. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a dynamic dimension on some shaft door 2. Insert a floor level below that shaft door Result: There will be two dynamic dimensions, one on the old door that got moved, one on the new door that moved into the treename of the old one.

In some configurations, the gear's angle is automatically calculated always, but the UI still allows the user to select manual editing. That is confusing.


Spinoff from TR Or rahter, the absence of the flag; manual alpha selection was not possible in all situations where it should be. The change was introduced in cs , probably with the well meaning intention of avoiding invalid ALPHA values for the gear. But misguided. Revert the change and instead, in the PropertyGrid, when the user switches to away from manual back to automatic placement, also activate automatic alpha calculation.

We start SolidWorks with 'new SldWorks ;', just like the docs say. DWG exports with CAD files with an occurrence hierarchy had their geometry exported multiple times, presumably each line got exported for each occurrence it is a subpart of. If the back wall of the machine room in a vertical section aligns with the front wall of the shaft, it gets hatched. Was associated with shaft 0 before, so all global storage dimensions were only visible if shaft 0 was visible. Normally, it would be possible to disable the culling by visible shafts, but some special case logic prevents that for global storages.

So we just set the SX of the storages to This is applied on creation and on loading of old projects. Dangerous flag in ObjectModes. If you set it on an object and then perform a document. GetValue treename , the object self destructs. The flag seems to be intended for a particular internal use case, but does not seem to be set intentionally, ever. Duplicate of TR for revision list. When editing a rail bracket's geometry, the developer sheet would not show the correct instructional dwg block.

It's just the tiny control object and the functions with the exception of CalculateModelAndBuildSheet are practically not called, so this is unlikely to show up in memory profiles. It is present in LD and the other exports. It reappears in the DWG if and only if you remove the car itself from the drawing. An uninitialized variable is read from in this case. Fortunately, the practical worst case result in this case was performance loss.

If the uninitalized variable would turn out to have a valid ObjectId by chance, an object of that type would be created and deleted and the file would be looked for a second time. It's not used for anything, so there is no ill effect, but it is bad style and may cause trouble later. CreateDynDim method requires the two dimension points to be in the current selection, which is quite impossible to achive from outside of real user interaction.

The new CreateDynDimEx method accepts the specifications for the dimension points directly as arguments. See attached file ContagiousShaftDash. Only the shaft is set to 'dashed', but the floor level geometry also gets dashed. Note that this only happens if the shaft hole is set to be created; if it is deactivated, then the floor level stays opaque. The cause was a very stupid implementation of how the shaft is dashed, affecting random bodies. ApplyCreoUnits caused an infinite recursion, assuming referenceUnits made sense.

The property 'Car section clipping plane relative', if set to 'to the car center', was not saved and loaded correctly. To be more precise, it was saved correctly, but then overwritten on load. The reason for that was that the loading code incorrectly assumed that the frame was saved with a version of LiftDesigner where that particular setting was bugged. This was introduced while fixing TR Pulley beams and rope fixing are supposed to have fixed indices and names based on the configuration, but instead they were numbered in order of creation.

Steps to reproduce: Create new elevator Pick minimal payload and speed pick configuration shown in wizard screenshot with extra pulleys on top for car and counterweight. Were visible even if the holes themselves were not. This was introduced with TR The reason may have been wrong handling of file write times. Those were fixed. In addition, on reload the entries of the DWG file in the cache are now completely cleared so we no longer have to rely on file access times, the reload should always happen.

Originally unreported, but related: Embedded DWG frames had other problems. Reload on them would do nothing just reload the embedded copy, which was unchanged. Then reverting to non-embedded may have seen an old cached version displayed still. Now, it acts as expected: Reloading an embedded DWG reloads the original file if found and clears both the original and the embedded copy from the cache, so both are refetched when used.

Developer view frames used to not show any dimensions because they all were 3d views, even the orthogonal projected ones. When we added dimensions to those kinds of view frames, the developer view frames also gained dimensions, most of the time very unwanted. Extended dimensions also show up even though they are disabled via the dimension green buttons. Unfortunately, they exist in projects out there. So now, as best as we can, we interpret unknown flag combinations as Version did and log an error the first time this happens.

It interferes with unconventional checks in rules. Moved to ObjectStatus::obsInvisible. Version 17also affected from the introduction of car door fixing points up to In LD and earlier, counterweight inlets or other touching profiles were fused together in detail view frames. Restore that if the DocumentLegacyMode is set before Version up to Shaft dash overwrites only work since LD Old frames may still have the overwrites, though, and they should not have an effect if the frames are from an older version.

Version 17 also affected, up to User may add e. They sometimes appear without geometry even though hoops is looking in the right place. Sometimes see attached files , they are just loaded in a different 3d format we did not yet support. Other times, files that should be found really are not found. After putting a rail bracket to manual and disabling some options, editing gets disabled completely. There are manual opartions required to get the software properly installed on Windows 7.

It did already, mostly. Only when the DataTree window was hidden on startup and then revealed, the first view was wrong. So that profiles are no longer sorted Profile 0 Profile 1 Profile 10 Profile Profile 19 Profile 2 Profile In the occurrences window, you can now convert occurrences to simplified LD Profiles in the right click context menu.

The occurrences are converted to simple block profiles attached to the parent component of the UserComp holding the CAD file. LOD visibility options are transfered, too. Converted profiles are turned invisible on all LOD levels. The orientation of the block is chosen in a way that, If the profile is later switched to a different type, it still makes sense. We do not yet care for the actual fine geometry of the occurrences. Must be adapted for the new LOD Levels. Please consider the new additional flag for marking that the value contains new LOD values. Users must set this manually if they edit here.

Only applies to vertical views. In Revit the red elements are missing. When pressing the button to select from the data tree, the current selected variable should be selected. Die Einstellung 3. In case of Imperial projects the default values like 10, 20 or is much too big. Please see the image for proper default values. Dimension text toggle should also exist on view frame and sheet level While there, correct "Global" property grid text. Since version YN is supposed to be initialized from the DoorTypeTab, but at the point the code did that, the new table was not yet read.

This was introduced when fixing TR This is a duplicate entry for TR for the revision list of It then offers to save the changes when you close the document. Annotation arrow size was hardcoded to 3. If floor level is not synced to entry, floor level finish thickness should have no effect. Already possible. The machine room ceiling can't be added, but the whole machine room can be added with the green button.

To get rid of the walls, you can add a section hole to the frame specifically: Select SheetFrame. Then you need to set the coordinate system to "Room". X0, X1, Y0 and Y1 go do a sufficiently low negative value to cut out the walls should do. See HoleProperties. Even better: Set the coordinate system to "Room", then "Individual". Then do as above, but set X0, X1, Y0 and Y1 to zero as well and the X0 and Y0 interpretation to "From outer side of wall to hole edge".

This will cut out the walls no matter how thick they are. See HoleProperties2. Load attached file, recalc. First, the gear base construction is visible, then it vanishes. Or rather, it shrinks to its correct dimensions. Hole and wall segment visibility was not controllable by any category. Change: They now belong to all of the below groups: 1. The class of their parent component 3. The class of the room they hierarchically belong to This could be a breaking change for some projects. Those are data errors and did not match an object previously, so they should not match anything now.

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Log them, however. A wrong line is displayed in Plan view, when the anchor rails are off. How to solve that? See attached project and screenshot. Some offscreen elements Beams are fragmenting the floor finish geometry in ways that it can't cope with. In the attached file, the userComps attached to floor levels should be exported to BIM, but were not. The displayed geometry will jump. Move it again, the geometry will jump again. From then on, it will be stable.

While the observed behavior is by design, the cut car design view is now only ever activated if an actual car design is visible. That makes it less confusing and would have avoided the issue in the test case. The attached project has overwrites not ending in a dot. If you add it, the overwrites vanish. We can't do anything about the crash, but we can delay initialization as long as possible. If you change, not just extend, a dynamic dimension first object reference string, the old obsolete dynamic dimension still stays alive.

Only reloading the project sees it removed. Editing overwrite names now always works, dynamic dimension entpoint objects are editable in the property grid. Shafts classen in Revit Erstellen. If you click "Next" too fast or "Finish" multiple times, various problems occur. Crashes can happen or you can get multiple new shafts.

In the attached sample, the Shaft0. The Shaft0. Hole should not affect any panel itself. Panel1 should be dashdotted, but is not. The effect persists even after deleting the masking overwrites. Only after saving and reloading, the catch-all wildcard will work properly. Minor extensions for double wrap. Hall button holes should be visible accross all shafts, also when the hall button is moved from one into another shaft.

Versions However, files from the faulty versions then loaded incorrectly, affecting some users negatively. On loading files from known defective versions, modify the data so the defective behavior is reproduced. Cutoff version will be The first version actually released after the fix was Alternative cutoff version would be Files saved with released version This button is deactivated, if the project is not EN This is wrong: The button should be enabled always to show the docking window.

The EN 81 calculations should be activated only if EN 81, no change in that matter. In case users use System. Math functions in dynamic rules, the user can do this without exact namespace, e. He should fix that to System. Otherwise the dynamic rule dll will fail, because this namespace is not properly referred. This problem has been fixed. LiftDesigner required too frequent reactivations. The source was some Windows installation data entering the requestcode generation that was fixed on earlier versions of Windows, but now started changing on bigger updates.

After installing this update, you will need to reactivate LiftDesigner. Sorry for the inconvenience. The user can save time if they create a lot of new constant groups with excel file import, like in the screenshot Strings containing unicode characters were mangled on save to database. Single quotes ' were not properly escaped.

The geometry creation mode for traveling cables was defaulted to invisible. The reason was that back in Since it now it also affects regular drawings, that default is no longer right. It has been reverted to visible. Setting CarWall. Count over COM had no persistent effect in manual count mode; it would immediately alter the number of wall panels, but the next CalculateModel would change it back. CeilingPanels and FloorPanels had the same problem. This now happens automatically in the. Count setter. An overeager memory leak bugfix caused dynamic anchor rails on rail brackets to crash on update.

Users frequently copy just a piece of the computer verification code into the dialog box. If this is ok, automatically complete the input field and proceed as usual. The Fermator door configurator is now part of the Liftdesigner Free Edition and commercial Editions. Intermediate dots in CAD file names were taken over to the tree name prefix where they are illegal.

If the button is placed in the jamb, the hole was not deep enough See attached screenshot. External LdSheet. Door fixing point sets can have filters based on door height; however, they were only applied when the door was exchanged completely. If you copy a shaft via the clipboard or the shaft group editor, the lamp lists in the new shaft are broken. The lamp RIDs are 0 and the positions are reset. Please add this value to the list. No texture, no bumpmap: Changing the diffuse color does not yield automatic updates in the render view.

Yes, a small scene rebuild is possible after color changes and fixes updates to mirrors. We need to find a better satisfying solution. I have no chance to enter the distance of the beams. Probably we need additional fields in the property grid at the single beam please.

The owner of shaft materials is overwritten illegally from the serialization of a frame's section list. Workaround: Press recalc button after sheet frame paste operation. For most components, this is not a big deal because the next CalculateModel resets the index anyway. For some components LDXProfile, for example this autocorrection does not happen and the tree name of the target component is wrong.

We could probably check which app is regisrtered for PDF viewing? Siehe Screenshots. Maximiert man das Fenster, indem man die Titelleiste nach oben zieht, verschwinden die Navigationselemente. Es ist unklar was "Global" ist. Every frame has its body list. That list is kept until the frame is rebuilt, even though it is rarely needed again, only to build the 3D view. Body lists of non-current sheets should be deleted and only rebuilt on demand. Default is the last used option initial default should be "relative" One flag is enough and means all files.

Would be unwise to support. CAD files can be quite non-convex.

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But picking a shaft CSG mode should have no ill effects. Siehe angehangenes Bild. It should be possible to export the ldm12 only Today also the sql file is created and remains in the export folder Please add an option "Create SQL file": If checked the sql file should be in the export folder, otherwise it should not be there. I have slightly rearranged the options for "create export txt file" as well. Man kann mit Ctrl-F suchen und dort auch replacen. Considered implementing the option, but it would be impossible to make sense of "this object only" option on parent component if this were supported.

After restarting LD appears on the first screen in full screen mode, should be the second screen. Even if no change happened, CAD files are embedded into the memory files for undo. That's wasteful. Hypothesis: Crash requires ambient occlusion on and transparency algorithm ZSortNicest. Six crashes were observed with both on, while giving the same or more time to test either of the indicators off. Crash observed with ambient occlusion and depth peeling. Reduced hypothesis: It's just the ambient occlusion. Held for 10 minutes average crash would take 30 seconds.

Not reproduced in WPF sandbox. Wenn ich Car und Counterweight erste beiden Optiionen benutze wird der Buffer compressed dargestellt. To activate the equations, set the ucmUseEquationsAndAngle mode flag, or pick the new "Manually by Equations" position mode in the properties. Parameters for the equations are taken from the parent component. Sometimes this message appears when you start LD. That is OK. LinkedIn bleibt bitte wie es ist, nicht invertieren. Irgend einen laufenden Text etc machen wir nicht. That crash is fixed, but maybe we should not let the user pick read only mapping files in the first place, and also not accept it if the CAD file is read only.

Problematic: Adding the mapping edits the XLS file which dirties the document. The next update then refuses to run. The user should be able to choose between: This is the default sequence 1. Don't open the CAD program on your own, if no running instance is found, the test passes. Floor panels probably have wrong orientation Since this is a case where the component knows the best mirroring plane, car design floor and ceiling now override the default orientation from the individual profiles.

We can at least try a little harder. The architecture of MemCopyTo and our serialization does not allow a guarantee. In case you edit an expression, you usually need to select several values from the same base object. Wish: The data tree should remember which element I have selected last time. We do NOT want this behavior from the rule editor, etc. In case a DWG view frame is active the 3D export will not have any content.

Paper space is fine, though. An extra square appears in all DWG exports in model space, largest in metric models with imperial display dimensions. Einfach da hardcoden wo die UserGroup aus dem Ini ausgelesen wird und 8 liefern. User Group Settings ausgrauen.

Some sub-files had their Dirty flag set right after loading them. Loading them into Inventor before doing the update as standalone, visible documents prevented that from happening. Anyway, we now only complain about dirty files if they were NOT implicitly loaded with the main CAD file so they must have already been open before. MoveFrames need two modes: Sync guide shoes or don't sync. If they are synced, they should be marked as clones, otherwise not. The parameter "Topic" was overwritten with the value from "Message" and the value of "Message" was not stored where it was supposed to go.

Add Chapter, "unused", Topic, SetMsg rlMessage0, Message For code that only needs to work on X, the simpler lines. Add Chapter, Topic, Message, For code that needs to work with Add Chapter, Topic, Topic, SetMsg rlMessage0, Message. Existing RefModel code that worked around the issue needs to be adapted, see description. Ausserdem sind die Linien alle zu fett. Fehler besteht schon in Nothing much we can do except - Wait for future releases to implement the feature - Recommend to use shrink wrapping.

This change request has actually nothing to do with techsoft. Btw,since the CAD Import strongly influences the internal profile management, this request should be handled here. ProfileMode is already completely used. Can we do a combination of 2 bits e. Extening the ProfileMode to longlong is more work, but might be that better solution on long term. Ich denke der Fehler kommt auch bei allen anderen Versionen bei Erstellen des ersten Datenpools. Restrictions now only apply to everything included in the starter edition; users of anything more have edit rights anyway.

We want to be able to publish updates to that without starter edition users having to upgrade to a new LD version. In LD war es noch eine andere Profilgruppe ? Does not completely work. After selecting an element in the 3D View, it is not "selected" in the view frame Btw, deleting the element by the "delete object" button in the toolbar, does not create the overwrite and therefore does not delete the element from the view frame.

If possible, lines only. Or shaded correctly. Remove old highlight on selection change. Remember to highlight lines, or selection of holes in design mode is invisible. Auch wenn man den setting im Ini ausmacht, soll dieser Screen immer angezeigt werden. Man muss quasi immer mit dem Startscreen arbeiten.

Algi hydro sample project 3d view design mode floor finish flickers between white and grey. Seems to have solved itself. Though holes seem to get semi-random colors now. Saw black ones or white ones. Keep an eye out. For parallel projection, it should be possible to move the view precisely with the mouse on pan. Now, the 3d view is automatically activated and refreshed before the contents are grabbed. Occlusion and Outlines already stored in document, but Antialiasing should become stored in the configuration. Fehlermeldung sagt "LD Visualize nicht lizensiert" Diese Meldung einfach wegmachen.

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  5. Braucht nicht im doc gespeichert werden, bitte im DCC speichern Wo wird eigentlich das "Smoother" gespeichert? Run RegLD. Start Poolmanager Start LD Problem by Liftdesigner and Liftdesigner Letztere Wir machen nur einen block pro floorlevel, der dann halt irgendwie dem Maschinenraum ausweicht.

    Als double, default 1. Sammle die erstmal, es wird wohl nicht die letzte Spalte sein. Inventor erzeugt die GuideRails nicht, es wird nur der Sketch erstellt. Wall2 has 3 Panels. NET 4. In case a component selection Colum sample: A2 is defined in dynamic rules, a tooltip is shown up. We need a special implementation, in case a VisualMaterial is assigned. Das sollte so beibehalten werden. Added new Tension weight mode supporting different Governor and Tension weight pulley diameters.

    The car shall be positioned at an calculated Z-Location in a specific view frame only. Even when the car position mode was on 'Other', the car position numeric value was not editable. Shaft door jambs were rendered with default material instead of the material of the door. There are 2 cases to be considered: a Lamplist in "Autpmatically" Mode. In case one DZ is selectd in the drawing, this DZ should be transferred into the "Distance between lamp" property, so that this value will be used for all lamps of this list b Lamplist in "Manually" Mode: In case the DZ of one Lamp is changed it should be used only for this one lamp.

    Does not work at all at the moment. In DigiPara. ShowDialog iscalled,the UI is properly blocked.

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    This article should be shown since it is "General News"? Downloads start page DigiPara website. You do not yet know the DigiPara Liftdesigner? Would you like to test the software for free? Login Rendered in: Changes Downloads Search:. LD Prerelease Version, 1st of July Anchor rails not reported as clones. Entry floor finish missing in 3d view if floor level is shorter than fl width.

    Value can be omitted, though. MRLess: do not show machine room hole, is redundant. Rail Bracket instance parameters affected as well. Remove conflicting variables from InvisibleMetricShaft. Payload Speed ShaftCount. Schindler crash dumps: Do unhandled exceptions in event handlers cause them? No, but they were not logged. STEP export should have full shaft geometry. LD Prerelease Version, 18th of June BIM Property sample assertion failure.

    Enable export for typical important LDX components by default. Enable Revit BIM property standard by default. LD Sheet frame section hatch broken. Hole0 with new pattern matching. The system was growing and shrinking the list every CalculateModel pass. LD Prerelease Version, 29th of May Even an annotation is added, it does not become visible in view. It only happens if the window is exactly the same.

    BFileIo::ReadTime always determined null times. Crash when selecting anything in 3d view. Different results after loading xml again. LD - : different result after loading ld3 again after generation over xml. Landing door fixing point anchor rail not displayed. LD Prerelease version, 24th of May Annotation for Door Axis. Annotations for invisible AnchorRails not snown on V4 compatible frame. Assertion failure when adding a CAD file from disk. CAR 2D-Line not visible in a view frame.

    See attached sample, front car line is visible in , but not in Default by Sheet - Extension-Line. LD Prerelease version, 17th of May The legacy loading code first renames one to the other and produces conflicts. LD Prerelease version, 14th of May DelayedActivator did not check form's IsDisposed in all paths. Seems to be another side effect of TR LD Prerelease version, 6th of May LD Prerelease version, 26th of April Clear out class BIM settings where export is explicitly disabled.

    Item "NAME" is supposed to work. Consider flattening the BIM property value data tree. Exclude non-export BIM property values from data tree. Fill BIM property values when they are expanded in the data tree. Floor levels created with metric values on new imperial project. IFC correctness test, try different loaders. Mitigate TR on load. Occurrence: Characteristic Points. Sub tasks:. Show coordinate system on select, to visualize the base point of the occ.

    Performance problem in GBodyList::Sub1. LD Prerelease version, 23th of April Wenn "Document" nicht als export markiert, soll auch kein z. Can we get the line color from the LD line color, independently from the surface.

    DigiPara Liftdesigner

    Show holes only for non-disabled parent components in 3D DWG export. Adapt ESC compile path. Add a check for https calls for licensing and other service calls. Add LDXObject. ClassFilters to data tree. Add navigation to document BIM properties do object properties. Add New Tables. Add shared instance parameters to CAD parameter list so they can be created. Andreas Mails vom 6. Annotations visible for components on the invisible wall in vertical sections. Aufrufe von DigiPara. Better mode edit possibilities in datamanager.

    Default value 0. BIM Export Dialog. BIM Export view: Selecting a hole shows hole symbol. BIM Export, classic import: individual holes missing. BIM Export: Accept new class filters. BIM Export: Do not export zero size holes. BIM Export: Don't hardcode exclude holes. BIM Export: Export length parameters as feet. Temporarily, until we figure units out. BIM Export: Export possible ldx filter list. BIM Export: support advanced ldxtype filter list with parents. BIM Exports Ribbon. Replace Buttons and Images. BIM optimization: Have components that are rotated only around Z as clones.

    Such as guide shoes. BIM Project Settings. BIM Properties in anmelden. BIM property data corrections. BIM Property Values. Investigate: DigiPara standard does not appear in object properties unless docum. Cleanup document bim properties, respect bpsmPruneResistant. Handle the case where a BIM property is enabled, but the matching rule says 'do. Investigate: IFC Export description gone? Apparently on purpose. Make sure you can delete corpse BPVs from the datatree. Take more care to make sure a property value with both property and rule owner h.

    BIM Rules: Evaluate with type specific callback. BIMProperties should really vanish if disabled. Build Process does not create correct build number in CAD Update Mapped part on bottom. CAD Update skipped files due to unchanged parameters should be logged. CAD Update: If we know we just opened a file, never refuse to run the update.

    Car Area Annotation Broken. See attached project; Annotation looks fine in , lookups fail in Car Drive Developer Ansicht. Wird nicht angezeigt. CDpRuleString should handle simple cases itself. Change: CAD file occurrences that are profile point sources visible. Change: Door Machine visibility no longer tied to door visibility. Yakima County Court House 2. Cobie:Component as default. Check out IFC libraries. Clean up redundant class BIM properties. COM improvements. Why is side-by-side still working even after I cleared the registry, killed the.

    Create a new Build Staging for V Create data tables. Create new Branch for V Create new Build Server for V CREO When failing to connect to a clearly running creo instance,. Delete BPS when export mode goes to 0. RFA is obsolete in and main. Different cleanups. EscalatorCommunicatorService to the escalator demo f. Disabled document standards should not be synced to objects. Disabling BIM Standard must delete items from objects. Should apply the delete operation after you have clicked "OK".

    Disregard modes on DigiPara. Document properties: show Value in data tree if no-eval. Empty rules are not an error, evaluate as empty string. Customized BIM properties are not returned back to group defaults. Error on Exit RevitViewer. Export BIM Files. Export to IFC. Generated Model: Never export Shaft. They get in the way of using the standard library. GetVisibleClasses: Include - for classes that could be visible, but are not. Fixed along with TR Has LowerBound and UpperBound.

    IFC Config todo. Unit names should be "mm or inch" so the user knows what he gets. IFC Durchbrueche. IFC Escalator: Holes without a shaft. IFC Export: Car missing if shaft is enabled. Not actually missing, but cut away by the main shaft hole. Revit tends to ignore it on imort unless it is faulty, for some reason. IFC make relations configurable. IFC: "Name" property, when is it the full tree name? Done, for now using the old exporter. IFC: Geometry not well defined. Geometry is attached to the floor levels directly, created by the shaft doors.