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Live authentically and with purpose. May we all find the courage to speak the words in our hearts. May we see the value in staying true to ourselves and in the honest conversations we can have with others. You can find another one here. If you liked this post, don't forget to subscribe to my email newsletter for the latest posts and updates!

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Words From The Heart

I write from the heart; for me, self-expression comes easier through written words. I was and I am always vocal when critical issues arise, when leadership calls and when voice of a sufferer echoes on my ear! I am ready to take this journey where mountains needs to be climbed, numerous rivers to cross; hopefully, together we can grow a garden in a desert and share our fruits of labor ;-. I love you for being vocal that is what a concern woman need to get it right and speak for others. I am on the process to develop it so that I can be much bold than I am. You have written a nice letter to your mentor.

Thank you Vivian! I am impressed by your work ;- — I hope to learn more about Nigeria since I have many friends here from Nigeria, simply humble and energetic people. I always spoke out against injustice even in minor form, from a very young age. I realized curbing injustice is the root to prosperity and peace of mind.

Hearts broken by words unspoken.

I do hope this journey will multiply, amplify our voices beyond us. I also looked up your mentor's webpage. Can't wait to read her book. You have sent her such a lovely message. I'm sure you really brightened her day! Thank you dear Jana! I am so happy to have both you!

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They are very happy ;- now, my sister wants a mentor for herself! I placed Maura's book on reserve at the library and learned today that it is in! I'll pick it up this afternoon. It is so easy to look at their catalog on line and place books on reserve. I read and read and read so the library id one of my best friends. I'm just finishing Half the Sky. Have you read it? It is very sobering. Makes me realize how important a global dialog like VOF is for all of us.

You were interested in the youth to youth connection I worked on.

I'll send you some samples of the students' writing. I posted an article on my heroes in my journal. I'm interested to hear your reaction. Can you suggest some women Saudi authors I should be reading? When readers begin to read this book, I want to encourage them to put their trust in the Lord, and He will make a way for them in every part of their lives. In this book, I want you to see that we dont have to go through life alone. I pray that you allow these words God has given me to be a blessing to you. I love spending time with my wife, Lori, and our children, LaDarius and Alicia.

I am employed at a local furniture warehouse, where I am a janitor and warehouse worker. I enjoy writing poetry, and I love attending church.