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BrainShare also highlights new Novell partner offerings. With more than 50 sponsoring partners, including 15 new to the show, BrainShare signals strong industry endorsement of Novell's open platform approach. Novell, Inc. Nasdaq: NOVL is a leading provider of infrastructure software and services to over 50, customers in 43 countries. With more than 20 years of experience in data center, workgroup and desktop solutions, Novell's 6, employees, 5, partners and support centers around the world are meeting customer requirements for identity-driven computing and Linux solutions.

By providing enterprise-class software and support for commercial and open source software, Novell delivers increased operating flexibility and choice at a lower total cost of ownership. Financial Times Online. Google News Englisch. Google News Deutsch. Autlook 1. Elektor Elektronikzeitschrift.

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SSD Myths and Legends "write endurance". RedBoot RedBoot is a complete bootstrap environment for embedded systems. Boot Info Script Its primary use is for troubleshooting booting problems. NetBoot booten von Rechnern ohne Festplatte - veraltet, scheinbar keine Weiterentwicklung. Linux Terminal Server Project adds thin client support to Linux servers. Webalizer web server log file analysis. Novell recently announced the availability later this year of Novell Nterprise Linux Services, which extends many of the network services in NetWare 6. Al Gillen, research director, System Software at IDC, said, "This release of NetWare is an integrated product that incorporates Web and application server technologies that are increasingly becoming a required element aboard modern operating systems, along with the traditional file and print NetWare services that customers have long relied upon.

We see NetWare 6. Pricing and Availability NetWare 6. Upgrade pricing for NetWare 6. Part of Novell Nterprise - a set of services that improve communication, simplify and automate network management, and allow workers to be productive regardless of location, device or platform - NetWare integrates with existing networks of all types as one Net, empowering new services and maximizing current technology investments. For more information and to register for the Aug.