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Joseph, Minnesota, was kidnapped and murdered; the case went unsolved for 27 years. Wetterling was abducted along with his brother and friend when the three were riding their bikes home. The other two boys were set free, but Jacob never was. This case is one of the reasons we hardly ever see modern kids riding their bikes all over town without parental supervision, unlike the characters do in 80s-set entertainments like Goonies or E. In the Dark won a Peabody award, and though the statute of limitations on the Wetterling case had expired, Heinrich was sentenced to 20 years on a child pornography charge.

An initial autopsy alleged that the boys had fallen asleep on the track after reportedly smoking 20 joints of marijuana.

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But other evidence —including, allegedly, stab wounds—indicated that the boys, much like Will Purcell in True Detective, were likely killed elsewhere and dragged to a second location, where their bodies were found. The case remains unsolved, and is considered one of the most unsettling cold cases in the nation. The Governor of Arkansas at the time was Bill Clinton —so, as you can imagine, his name has been tied up with this case in certain circles for years.

Room Number 3, and Other Detective Stories

Adding fuel to the conspiracy flame is the claim that back in the s , a number of people who either knew about the case or were slated to testify, died mysteriously. These theories may sound too outlandish to be believed, but we may soon know more. In , Ives filed a lawsuit against nearly a dozen state and federal agencies, claiming violations of the Freedom of Information Act.

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Attorneys to turn over unredacted documents that they believed were exempt from FOIA law for his review. The older age of the two victims in this particular instance make it fairly removed from the Purcell case in True Detective. But the Arkansas setting, the relocated body, and the long, long road to the truth is pretty on point. Pizzolatto loves broad conspiracies based on real-life horrors , and there is one direct-seeming reference to the Boys on the Tracks case itself in the Season 3 premiere of True Detective.

Midway through the first episode, we see the Arkansas cops out on a foggy field at night hunting for Julie, Will, and their abductor. As of the end of the episode, only one of this things has been found. Looking for more? Sign up for our daily Hollywood newsletter and never miss a story. Read More. By Sonia Saraiya. An unmissable, and still controversial, milestone of detective fiction. Peril at End House The impoverished owner of End House hosts a party where fireworks camouflage the shot that kills her cousin.

Which of the other guests is a murderer? Perfectly paced, with subtle and ingenious clueing, and an unexpected but totally logical solution. Of its type, perfection; this is how the classic detective story should be written.

The First Hundred Years of Detective Fiction.

Murder on the Orient Express The glamorous Orient Express stops during the night, blocked by snowdrifts. Next morning the mysterious Mr. Ratchett is found stabbed in his compartment and untrodden snow shows that the killer is still on board. This glamorous era of train travel provides Poirot with an international cast of suspects and one of his biggest challenges. Predicated on an inspired gimmick, this is one of the great surprise endings in the genre. But how many readers are as clever as Poirot? Although they all harbour a secret, they remain unsuspecting until they begin to die, one by one, until eventually … there are none.

Panic ensues when the diminishing group realises that one of their own number is the killer. Five Little Pigs Sixteen years ago, Caroline Crale died in prison while serving a life sentence for poisoning her husband.

The top 10 Agatha Christie mysteries

Her daughter asks Poirot to investigate a possible miscarriage of justice and he approaches the other five suspects. This sublime novel is a subtle and ingenious detective story, an elegiac love story and a masterful example of storytelling technique, with five separate accounts of one devastating event. Crooked House The Leonides family all live together in a not-so-little crooked house. But which of them poisoned the patriarch, Aristides? Murder in the extended family always provided fertile ground for Christie, and this was one of her own favourites.

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