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Fractures can also be described by the type of fracture line they form across or along the bone. The main types are as follows. The main symptom of a broken fractured bone caused by a single accident or injury is immediate pain. This can be severe and may prevent you from moving the injured area. For example, you might not be able to walk on a broken ankle or use your hand if you have a broken wrist. Urgent treatment centres are sometimes called minor injury units or walk-in centres. Your doctor will ask about your symptoms and examine you for signs of a fracture. These include swelling or tenderness, and if your arm or leg looks misshapen.

Sometimes, you might need another type of scan after your X-ray. This will also stop it from moving. The aim of treatment for fractures is first to move your bone back into its original position reduction , if possible and then prevent it from moving immobilisation until it heals. Treatment may be possible without surgery, but sometimes you may need to have an operation. If your bones, or pieces of bones are out of place, your doctor will need to move them back into position first.

This is called reduction. You may have a general anaesthetic for this, which means you will be asleep. Or, you may be given painkillers and sometimes sedation, which will make you sleepy. Your doctor will then use one of the following devices or techniques to hold your bone in place while it heals immobilisation. You may need to wear your cast for several weeks, or even months, until your fracture fully heals.

For more information, see our FAQ: How long will it take my broken bone to heal?

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Depending on the type of fracture you have and how severe it is, you might need an operation to move your bones back into position and keep them there. They will be fixed into place using metal plates, rods, screws or pins. You might see a physiotherapist as part of your treatment. A physiotherapist can give you advice on keeping mobile while you still have your broken bone in a cast or splint. They can also help you to reduce any stiffness and build up strength and mobility in your bones and muscles after your cast or splint has been removed. They might give you an exercise programme to follow, which will help you to get back to your full range of movement.

You can access a range of treatments on a pay as you go basis, including physiotherapy. Most fractures heal without any further problems. But fractures can sometimes cause complications. Problems that can happen straight away include the following. A sprain is an injury to your ligaments — the strong fibres that hold your joints together. These include:. Go to your nearest urgent treatment centre minor injury unit or walk-in centre. The purpose of your cast is to keep your bones still and in the right place so that the fracture can heal in the right position.

It can also help to ease your pain and reduce any swelling. If you damage your cast, it's less likely to give your fracture the support it needs. If your cast is damaged or uncomfortable, go back to the centre or clinic where it was fitted for advice. In adults, it can take anything from several weeks to months to heal fully. If a two-year-old breaks their shinbone, for example, it will only take around three weeks to heal. These are only general estimates and the exact time it takes for your bone to heal will be specific to you. Ask your doctor how long they expect it will take your fracture to heal.

At Bupa we produce a wealth of free health information for you and your family. We believe that trustworthy information is essential in helping you make better decisions about your health and care. Look out for the quality marks on our pages below. If you break a bone, you may just need to wear a splint, cast or brace to hold it in place while it heals.

And if there's a question you want to ask that hasn't been answered here, please submit it to us. This information was published by Bupa's Health Content Team and is based on reputable sources of medical evidence. It has been reviewed by appropriate medical or clinical professionals. Photos are only for illustrative purposes and do not reflect every presentation of a condition.

The information contained on this page and in any third party websites referred to on this page is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice nor is it intended to be for medical diagnosis or treatment. Third party websites are not owned or controlled by Bupa and any individual may be able to access and post messages on them. Bupa is not responsible for the content or availability of these third party websites. We do not accept advertising on this page. For more details on how we produce our content and its sources, visit the 'About our health information' section.

Back to top Menu. About bone fractures You have over bones in your body making up your skeleton. Causes of fractures The most common reasons for fracturing a bone are listed below. Having an accident or injury which puts severe force on your bone; for example, a motor vehicle accident or a sporting injury or a fall. Having a health condition such as osteoporosis weakens your bones.

Having repeated stress on a particular bone. This can gradually damage your bone, leading to what is called a stress fracture. Stress fractures are most common in people who do a lot of high-impact sports such as running, basketball or gymnastics. Types of fractures Fractures can be open or closed. A closed fracture is when your bone breaks or cracks, but your skin is unbroken. An open fracture also called compound fracture is when you have an open wound in your skin, exposing the broken bone.

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The bone may have punctured through your skin, or you may have injured your skin at the same time as the fracture. Open fractures are more serious because you might develop an infection in the bone and wound. A fracture can also be displaced or not displaced. In a displaced fracture, the fragments of bone have moved out of line. This can make the area for example, your arm or leg look misshapen. A transverse fracture — the fracture is straight across your bone. An oblique fracture — the break is at an angle across the bone. Other Editions Friend Reviews.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Fractured , please sign up. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [What was the cause of her death? Michele Saqui its clear that whatever she had she didn't take care properly, and it ended up killing her Plse advise, thanks. Angelique It is.

See all 3 questions about Fractured…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Shelves: with-a-touch-of-paranormal , contemporary , unexpectedly-good. Rachel, a not so reliable narrator, opens up the story with a flashback of the last night together she and her closest friends had before going off 3. Rachel, a not so reliable narrator, opens up the story with a flashback of the last night together she and her closest friends had before going off to University but a tragedy that drastically changed all of their lives struck the night and Rachel has never become the same until five years later, a bizarre twist engulfs her life when suddenly the last five years of her life seemed only a concocted fantasy ten times worse or better you couldn't really tell than her reality.

The mysterious air throughout the story made the book unputdownable and I just had to find the answer to this huge mystery. The most awaited conclusion will either shock you or make you feel betrayed and to be honest, I was both but I spent a whole night processing the ending and came morning, I finally decided that it made perfect sense. Happy Birthday, Dear Carol! May happiness and love surround you on your special day. View all 41 comments. If you want to read a beautiful Cont.

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Romance that is different than anything you have read before, a story of second chances, a story that will make you laugh and cry, with a little sprinkling of magic, then this is the book for you. I loved this book and could not put it down. I can honestly say that I was not prepared for the emotions this book would bring. I loved it that much. Rachel Wiltshire is 18 years old and is about to leave for college.

She has two best friends, Sarah and Jimmy whom she has known most of her life. But on the fateful evening of their last night together as a group, everything changes. She is finally forced to face the demons of her past. But another accident changes everything yet again. When Rachel wakes up in the hospital, she finds she is engaged to Matt, and who is standing there but Jimmy, alive and well. What is going on? There are no blanks in my memory. None at all. I can detail the last five years for you moment by moment.

It is a story of getting a second chance at life, a chance to do it right this time. It has just enough mystery of trying to figure out what happened along with watching Rachel fall in love all over again and having a second chance at happiness. And the ending…I was not prepared for that at all.

I am officially proclaiming myself a fan of Dani Atkins. Thank you so much and also to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for allowing me the opportunity to read this book. I so hope that you will too! View all 53 comments. Apr 15, Becci rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary. I straight up do not understand the relatively high star ratings this book has got both on here and on Amazon where I bought it for like 99p. I have no problem with chick-lit-y fluff as long it as at least somewhat entertaining or compelling.

This book is neither. The concept was really interesting and could have been carried out so much better if it wasn't for a the distractingly shitty over-dramatic flowery prose that read like a 15 year old's crummy fanfiction I was actually convinced tha I straight up do not understand the relatively high star ratings this book has got both on here and on Amazon where I bought it for like 99p. The concept was really interesting and could have been carried out so much better if it wasn't for a the distractingly shitty over-dramatic flowery prose that read like a 15 year old's crummy fanfiction I was actually convinced that it must have been a first novel written by a very young author and maybe that was why it had gotten published, because it was like impressive that a teenager had written a novel, but no, the author is like something , b the main character's complete lack of likability - why would you want to write about someone who spends the entire book with every other character in a state of concern about her and her weird problem?

Also, just a personal pet hatred of mine, if as an author you want me to believe that the protagonist should be with someone else instead of the person they're currently in a relationship with, please come up with something other than "oh no, he conveniently is cheating on her and now she has a legitimate reason to dump him for the other, clearly way nicer guy! Like don't be so cowardly, let your protag be kind of selfish or whatever, let them do something that doesn't necessarily make them all that sympathetic and just dump someone because they want to be with someone else.

If you've built a strong enough character I won't dislike them just because they broke up with someone for their own reasons. You dork. This isn't really a review so much as it is me ranting about this shitty book and that shitty trope. Don't worry about it. View all 7 comments. Jun 23, Shell The Belle rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone who believes there is more to life than we know. It seems to change constantly and by geographical location. My second life began some ten hours later, when I woke up to the blinding brilliance of the hospital lighting, with a large head wound and a life about which I had absolutely no recollection.

Five years ago, whilst at a farewell dinner in her hometown with all her college friends before they all go off on their separate ways to university, there is a dreadful accident that results in the death of one of those friends, and leaves Rachel horribly scarred both facially and mentally. Devastated and unable to come to terms with the death of her friend, her life is overturned. She breaks off her relationship with her then boyfriend Matt, who is also one of the group of friends and lives a life of solitude, working in a job she would never have chosen.

She never does go to Uni or get the degree she wanted. Five years later, she returns to her hometown for the wedding of two of her friends from that group, and faces for the first time memories of that awful night. Things happen over the next 24 hours and we end up at the scene from the very beginning; it is a different world, Rachel is not scarred, her friend is not dead, her father is not ill, and she is engaged to be married to former boyfriend Matt. Nothing makes sense to Rachel, and despite this world being much better than the one she has somehow left, she scrambles to get back to it and to hold onto her sanity at the same time.

Some have said why would she try so hard to get back to her other life if it was so bad? The very last part anyway. It was gut wrenching.


Thank you Krystle and Deborah!! She was stuck, unable to move on. Jimmy was also unable to move on; he never got the chance to tell Rachel how he felt, and also he could see what his death and the knowledge of their feelings for each other was doing to the woman he so dearly loved. And so, Jimmy and Rachel helped each other move on, together. At the end, Rachel looks at her father in the church and smiles, knowing she will be seeing him again soon too. And as Jimmy and Rachel walk out of the church into the bright sunlight, towards the light they are walking into paradise, together, as they should be.

All in all an excellent story very well written — I would recommend to anyone who believes there is much more between Heaven and Earth than any of us can possibly imagine. View all 8 comments. The Story 5 years ago, Rachel's life was forever changed when a freak accident left her world turned upside down. Now she is returning home where grief and regret still live and remind her of things she would rather forget. But when she suddenly wakes up in a hospital bed, Rachel finds a second chance at happiness in this heart wrenching story about love, loss, friendship, grief, second cha 3. But when she suddenly wakes up in a hospital bed, Rachel finds a second chance at happiness in this heart wrenching story about love, loss, friendship, grief, second chances and forgiving yourself.

What I liked This book surprised me in a good way. In the beginning, the writing felt a little iffy to me and I was a slightly worried that it was not going to turn out well. Honestly, there is nothing amazingly groundbreaking about this story. The relationships were really well written and developed The friendships were decently developed to where I found myself caring at least a little bit for the secondary characters.

Also, the romance was beautiful and organic! What I did not like The ending felt pretty abrupt. I did not feel overly satisfied that all of my questions and concerns had been answered. But as the hours since reading ticked by, I starting feeling better about the ending and what it symbolized and suggested. Another thing - and this is just a tiny little nagging detail - I felt like some emotional issues were not fully allowed to be worked through and resolved in a completely natural and healthy way since the solution pretty much presented itself in a Disney movie sort of fashion not sure if that makes any sense My point is, there were lessons learned but the grief management message was lost and I felt like that was a missed opportunity.

In Conclusion All in all a decent quick emotional read. Again, not an earth shattering epic read, but solid and enjoyable. View all 11 comments. I am not a big reader of women's fiction or the so called chick lit. Very hard for me to give four stars to this kind of novel. So why than did this book have me sniffling at the end? The big hook though is that once you are invest I am not a big reader of women's fiction or the so called chick lit. The big hook though is that once you are invested in the characters, there is another layer or big hook, shall we say.

One keeps reading because it is imperative that one knows what is going on, an element of suspense injected that keeps the reader guessing, emotionally invested in the outcome. So I was, invested and kept reading, going over theories in my mind, all of which proved false. See, we all like the occasional happy ending, but was this a happy ending? If so why was I teary eyed at the end?

Well, you will just have to read this yourself to find out the answer. From me, a big well done to Dani Atkins. ARC from Net Galley. ARC from View all 4 comments. Oct 12, Megan Readinginthesunshine rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourites. The night of the accident was a night that changed everything. Rachel would give anything to turn back the clock and for things to be different. Now, the night of the accident was a lucky escape. I loved that the plot line of Fractured is so unique. I felt for what she was going through and her frustrations as she tried to make sense of it all, and I really got behind her, cheering her on and rooting for her right until the very end.

I never knew which way the story would go and there were many surprises in store for me. Fractured is by far one of my favourite books that I have had the pleasure of reading this year! This book just shines with brilliance! It is delicately written, emotional, heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time. Fractured is full of hope, love and second chances, and will draw you in straight away.

About bone fractures

If you are going to buy and read any book this year then make it this one! View 1 comment. Feb 08, Jules rated it it was amazing Shelves: bookclub. I loved this book, and thought it was very cleverly written. I spent the whole book mind boggled by the mystery of Rachel's memories, struggling to try and work out what the logical answer might be. I finished it a couple of hours ago, and I'm still feeling shell shocked by the ending.

I never saw that coming! I actually gasped and cried real tears near the very end, as the mystery started to unravel and the truth of the situation became apparent. Gosh, quite emotionally draining, but not all in I loved this book, and thought it was very cleverly written. Gosh, quite emotionally draining, but not all in a negative way. I've definitely been left with mixed emotions, and I'm currently undecided about whether the ending was happy or sad. View all 5 comments. Jan 07, Nicki rated it it was ok Shelves: contemporary , british , romance. This was a nice, easy read, if a little over-written at times.

Rachel is 23 years old and when she was 18, her life was changed by a catastrophic accident. Or was it? At the start of the book, Rachel is a sad, lonely girl, scarred and ill five years on from the accident. Then she collapses and wakes up to a different life, one where she's a successful journalist engaged to her high school boyfriend. And best of all, the friend killed in the accident five years ago is miraculously alive and her d This was a nice, easy read, if a little over-written at times.

And best of all, the friend killed in the accident five years ago is miraculously alive and her dad is no longer dying of cancer. Despite finding herself with an immeasurably better life, Rachel is desperate to get back to her old life. That seems a little odd to me. I understand her being flummoxed by the situation, but why so desperate to prove her old life is real when it was such an unhappy one? The confusion over Rachel's lives is the only thing that lifts this book from your standard chick-lit fare.

The plot line owes a lot to Life On Mars , but it trots along well enough. And the explanation does sort of explain some of the things that jarred with me, like why all the characters are so intent on marrying and how Jimmy reached the rank of inspector all by the tender age of This could have done with better editing and less flowery prose in places, but it's a quick, untaxing read. View all 3 comments. Jul 08, Joan rated it did not like it Shelves: english-setting , chick-lit , character-death , m-f , contemporary , cheesey , cheating-the-reader , amnesia.

I paid for this book.

Fractured Lands | Post-Apocalyptic Last Man Standing Shooter!

Fair enough. Most people will have done. I am okay with books that have the last few pages devoted to Author bio, or other novels etc. It's like buying a cd of guitar music and finding that four of the twenty tracks are violin tracks. Not what I paid for. And this I paid for this book. And this is not the first book that's done this.

I refuse to read any more by this author. It's a shame, because the story itself was good, but I just don't like being cheated. Apr 21, Emma-Louise rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone. This is honestly the most powerful book I have ever read. Everything about this book was perfect; from the grammar and spelling which is rare to find on e-book editions, for some reason to the intricate and extremely detailed storyline. This book was clearly deeply thought out from beginning to end and each part flowed nicely on to the next, only giving you the information you need at that time - along with the main character, Rachel.

The book puts you in her shoes, unable to comprehend what is This is honestly the most powerful book I have ever read. The book puts you in her shoes, unable to comprehend what is going on with her memories and you join her in her quest to find out the truth. This story is in no way predictable and the ending was so much of a shock, I was blown away.

What is a fracture?

I don't want to say anymore because it will give away the storyline but if you like a story that keeps you hanging off the edge of your seat, this is definitely for you. With a touch of romance too, what's not to like? I have recommended this book to everyone I follow on Goodreads, I think everyone needs to read this for themselves. I really look forward to hearing more from this author. Emma x Shelves: adult , contemporary-romance , review , bermuda-triangle-of-lurrrve , netgalley , sounds-like-a-movie , head-trip. I think I stopped reading the blurb after that and just requested this automatically.

So one can imagine my surprise with how Then and Always seemed to be a sleepy Adult Contemporary Romance one chapter then playing with sci-fi, paranormal possibilities in the next all the while wallowing too long with the usual suspects of cliched tropes and triggers. It was a very conflicting reading experience for me until the final chapter which made sense in one level, a little manipulative in another.

But then I was hardly emotionally invested with these characters so I guess… no harm done? That was until a tragic, freak accident changes everything, when Jimmy, the childhood friend who may have been secretly in love with her, sacrificed his life in order to save her. Fast forwards five years later, Rachel is a lowly secretary outside London. She is single, physically scarred and living in a shabby flat atop a laundromat. Her father has cancer and is burdened with insurmountable grief and guilt.

But at the same time, she can remember details from that other miserable life too vividly for it to be a dream or the symptoms of a nervous breakdown. If not for how this ended, this was an easy 2-star read for me. It started at a creeping pace followed by a mildly interesting middle plagued with the usual pitfalls I loathe in Contemporary Romance. The narrative was told solely from Rachel's POV and I did like how this kept me guessing right to the end what exactly was going on. The red herrings were pretty clever, at one point I even guessed view spoiler [Matt turns out to be a quantum physicist and he sent Rachel to an alternate universe where their relationship can get another chance.

But considering the alternative where the cliched lines, the love triangle, the big misunderstanding, the macho posturing and the cheating is intended gratuitously… well we need to count our blessings, fellow reader. There is a point to all this I suppose but it got to levels of ridiculous and cloying before getting there. His voice was still soft and low. Right at the very end, I felt like I hardly knew her. Why does Matt even insist on going after her? Or Jimmy, for that matter?

She sounds like this meek chick who just likes to go emo from time to time while two men fight over her. There was no easing into these characters and instead, this throws you right into the moshpit with them. Which is, you know, a little disorienting. It gave very little opportunity for me to get to know these strangers and to actually care about where this story is going to take them. Even worse, this failed to communicate the gravity of her friendship with Jimmy, taking away that bittersweet element of love that was lost and found again. Which is quite ironic seeing as this was a book about second chances.

This had the right tools to carve you from inside out… but lacked the sharp precision in executing that final, killing blow. Also on BookLikes. I have to admire the author of this book to a certain extent for managing to take such an interesting concept and turn it into an unbelievably dull story. I don't often review books and I don't like to be too negative, but this book was really not good at all - I'm very surprised to see so many good reviews.

The premise was good and I was looking forward to it having read the blurb, but it just didn't work. To summarise some of the main problems I had with this book: - it wasn't very well written I have to admire the author of this book to a certain extent for managing to take such an interesting concept and turn it into an unbelievably dull story. To summarise some of the main problems I had with this book: - it wasn't very well written - the writing style felt like a schoolchild's and was really unengaging, so I was honestly bored most of the time that I was reading it.

It also at times felt like the author had just come out of a creative writing class and so was making sure to put in lots of adjectives etc. I'm not sure if this was intentional dramatic irony, the idea being that the reader knows what's happened or can see what's coming before Rachel does if so, the irony didn't work in this case as it really felt like I was constantly waiting for Rachel to catch up , or if Atkins just grossly underestimated her readership's intelligence and thought that we wouldn't cotton on to the obvious either. I thought we might get a good twist and some kind of pay-off for persevering at the end but no such luck.

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  • The ending was rushed and really laughably bad I guess the fact that it made me laugh is kind of a positive? For example, off the top of my head, the whole plot hinges on an accident that occurs when someone gets 'trapped' between a table, a pillar and a chair. I struggle to see how any normal adult wouldn't be able to escape that situation by, I don't know, climbing over the chair, for example? Walking around the other side of the pillar? Crawling under the table? I know this is chick-lit so I wasn't expecting high literature, but it just wasn't worth the effort.

    It's not very long so I made myself finish it but it took a lot longer than it should have because I had no motivation to keep reading, especially since it was clear how things were going to pan out from a couple a chapters in. All in all, it was probably one of the worst books I've read - the blurb was really the best bit. It's hard to write a review for this without spoilers!

    The book's premise is this: What if you woke up in the hospital after an accident, and discovered that you had one set of memories about the past five years, while everyone else around you had completely different memories? That's what happens to Rachel, and the mystery of how it happened kept me flipping the pages as fast as I could. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The premise was fascinating, and the suspense and pacing were excellent. I really believed in Rachel's weird dilemma, and I was as eager to solve the mystery as she was. What's shaved some stars off my rating is a number of weaknesses that were just a little too much by the end of the story.

    Rachel's voice is very chatty, and while it suited her character, it was a little prolix for me. The romance was sweet, but a bit predictable, and the potential love triangle was solved too conveniently and obviously. Also, I'm not sure how I feel about the ending! Since I sound a little lukewarm here, let me share the two reviews that made me read this book. They'll convince you that you have to get hold if it immediately! In one world, twenty-three year old Rachel is alone, miserable, and fighting the inevitable progression of an illness that she can't - or won't - find a cure for. In the other, Rachel is a happy, successful young woman affianced to her high school sweetheart and about to discover that he may not, in fact, be h.

    In the other, Rachel is a happy, successful young woman affianced to her high school sweetheart and about to discover that he may not, in fact, be her true love. Both stories diverge on an event that took place five years prior: the death - or near escape - of Rachel's best friend, Jimmy. It's a fascinating premise. And it's made nearly irresistible by the cover art, which features the work of Ami Smithson cabinlondon. In front of a rising moon is a woman walking alone under an umbrella. She is reflected as a carefree couple in the water below.

    There's something truly clever there - beyond the obvious. The full moon is an age-old symbol for endings and beginnings. The umbrella relates to the hardships and bad luck in one Rachel's life. The schism in her world is represented in the negative space between the man and woman reflected beneath her. It's rare to see a book jacket with such a perfect balance of visual appeal and symbolic meaning. How I wish I could judge this book by its cover. I really wanted to like this book. Unfortunately, in all the excitement, Fractured gets lost in the haze of mirrors reflecting mirrors reflecting mirrors.

    This story is heavily cliched, but that's not the problem. It's more like a copy of a copy of a copy of a story you heard somewhere once hint: the film Sliding Doors might be a good starting place. Like an over-xeroxed page that gradually fades into the gloom of diminishing returns, this book has an eerie lack of detail, yet it moves at a snail's pace through the motions of mundane and predictable events.

    The characters spend the first several pages in a tedious description of how they approach and enter a restaurant that is never given a name or history. It also appears to lack food. Once inside, the friends talk. Everything is a blank. The only salient feature is the glass window where the author makes the wince-inducing choice to have the narrator examine her own reflection.

    In penance, she should at least use those contact lenses she wears to give us a crystal clear description of what everyone else looks like. But her halfhearted attempts reduce one female friend to a pair of "perfectly put together" boobs and turns virtually every male except the Love Interest into a pair of eyes that constantly stare at them.