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Romantic comedy, which portrays love stories with some or lots of comedy such as Las tontas no van al cielo "Fools Don't Go to Heaven " or Yo soy Betty, la fea. Pop band story portrays the lives of aspiring popstars such as in Alcanzar una estrella and its sequel Alcanzar una estrella II , as well as Rebelde , which spawned a multi-platinum pop group, RBD.

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Narcotraffic Recently narcotrafficer telenovelas have become presented. Besides these, another category of serial that has become popular in recent. Julieta Rosen Julieta Rosen is a Mexican actress. She is an alumna of the Centro Universitario Anglo Mexicano. One of her most popular roles was in Esmeralda, a telenovela , successful in Eastern European countries. In the 90s, Leticia starred in a number of telenovelas such as Yo compro esa mujer , Valeria y Maximiliano , Entre la vida y la muerte and made special appearances in Prisionera de amor and Lazos de amor.

In , she was a protagonist in Esmeralda alongside Fernando Colunga. During , she withdrew from telenovelas to dedicate more time to her children, one of whom suffers from Down syndrome. In , she made a special appearance in Amor Real as Hanna de la Corcuera. In , she had a special appearance in Heridas de amor as a younger version of the Nuria Bages character.

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In , she starred, she played the sister of Victoria Ruffo's character. Although Fernanda agrees with the plan, she changes her mind after her son is born. Fernanda flees to California where she starts a new life. Twenty years Fernanda is a respectable matron, the prosperous owner of a boutique. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ruiz Eugenio Cobo as Dr. Alma Latina. Retrieved January 15, Televisa telenovelas — Complete —59 —69 —79 —89 —99 —09 —present. Categories : Mexican telenovelas telenovelas Televisa telenovelas Spanish-language telenovelas Mexican television series debuts Mexican television series endings Mexican telenovelas stubs Mexican television stubs.

Hidden categories: CS1 Spanish-language sources es All stub articles. Restless Hearts. Related Images. YouTube Videos. Previous Logo of Televisa January 8, December 31, In , it was re-designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mexican television. The logo represents a human eye looking at the world through a television screen.

It retains the original logo's yellow and orange colors that contrast with a dark blue background while the center of the logo is a sphere that represents the known contemporary world with its focus on communications, specifically television. Her father is Mexican and her mother is Swedish. Christian Bach , winner for Best Actress. No temas al amor is a telenovela made by Mexican TV network Televisa. This telenovela was broadcast in This soap opera was televised on weekends only.

It is a form of funerary art buried with the emperor in — BCE with the purpose of protecting the emperor in his afterlife.

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Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Hall 1. Oslo is the capital and most populous city of Norway. It constitutes both a county and a municipality. Ojo por ojo, hermana por hermana Daniel lograria tener a Sophie exactamente donde queria que estuviera: con el en su isla privada y voluntariamente en su cama Pero cuando se dio cuenta de que el amor verdadero si que existia, no iba a ser solo su hermana quien iba a estar en apuros Is the information for this product incomplete, wrong or inappropriate?

Let us know about it. Does this product have an incorrect or missing image? Send us a new image. Is this product missing categories? Add more categories.

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Review This Product. Ignacia is a young engineer working in a large construction company, which Thomas owns, her boyfriend. Within days of their marriage they have a fight, making Ignacia decide to leave the city for a couple of days. It is there where she meets Pedro, an apparently wealthy man, who makes her forget all of her problems.

Ignacia will later discover that he is a construction worker at her job. Both will fight for their love despite the prejudice, differences and rejection. After living 10 years in the Middle East, Salvador Pereyra, a doctor in philosophy, returns to Mexico with a discovery that can change the history of the world: the Tomb of Marduk, the creator of the concept of God and human spirituality, whose teachings were catalysts for all religions, and the Tables of Knowledge.

When he attempts to publish his work and recover his family, whom he left behind when her embarked on his journey of discovery, he learns that his work has been plagiarized and manipulated by Adolfo Heredia, the owner of an old printing press, who now goes by the name of Askar Hyrum, and is the leader a sect called "The Sons of Indra". Seven couples will put their relationships to the test, in the context of a competition that will examine their mutual trust, when every relationship will be threatened by two temptations.

And while the past returns to haunt the woman or the man of the couple, the other one will inevitably be tempted by a stunning single. Both members of the couple will be exposed to temptation. If they fall for it, revenge will be in the offing, more than ever. A couple. Will the couple be able to resist the temptation of the past or the future? When Danna and he sister-in-law Cecilia went to pick them up, all of them started showing up except for Elisa. As the hours passed, her parent grew more and more desperate and it was then when they decided to call the police and file a missing report.

According to the police report, Elisa Dominguez, daughter of Raimundo Dominguez and Francisca Correa de Dominguez, disappeared on the night of her father's birthday. At am of the next day her mother arrived with her sister-in-law Consuelo to pick up the teenagers, who all except Elisa started showing up one by one. All of Elisa's relatives will be under investigation. Miami was not born of its tourism, its beaches or its climate. It was born in a turbulent era that marked the destiny of an entire nation and made the Magic City the drug capital.

In this world of crime, violence and dangerous alliances, a betrayed woman rises as its ruthless queen. Anastasia Cardona will make of paradise a territory of her devise, her whims and her orders. Mariana and Nicolas are about to celebrate their anniversary.

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Mariana, overwhelmed with the worry that she may develop a hereditary mental illness, decides to leave her husband and son to avoid them the pain of seeing her suffer. But soon after, she will be captivated by a new passion, and behind this romance will hide the madness of a psychopath. At a young age, Chema commits his first crimes by transporting marijuana between Mexico and the United States. Later, he becomes a hired assassin and gradually makes his way to the top, becoming one of the most feared and wanted drug lords in the United States and Mexico.

This is the story of his way to organized crime, the story of his first loves and of how he began a war to gain control of the cartel led by his worst enemy, Aurelio Casillas, The Lord of the Skies.

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Considered one of the most ambitious Spanish language series to ever be produced in Latin America. The story begins the morning of February 4, a group of militants headed by lieutenant colonel Hugo Chavez, at the age of 37, attempts to seize power with the use of arms. Starring Colombian actor Andres Parra, acclaimed for his interpretation of the controversial narco Pablo Escobar, with the support of a cast comprised of more than actors, Hugo Chavez, El Comandante is the story of a man and a country, of a leader who surged from nothing and rose to the greatest heights with enough power to obtain anything he pleased, a revolutionary who had the ability to transform a nation.

Imagine having everything. Imagine finding love. Imagine loosing it all.

Prisionera - Capitulo 33 (completo)

Imagine being able to get it back. What were to happen if his destiny has already been written and his time is up? There are men that will not resign themselves to loosing? Diego Mercader, an 8 year-old boy, was bullied by his classmates. He is urged by unknown persons to shoot 7 of his colleagues and goes to prison. He will find himself in a maze of intrigues and betrayal, sustained by Antonia's decision to find the truth about the murders and by Ezequiel's family.

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To do so, he must overcome all sorts of obstacles, in a whirlwind of action, emotions, unbridled passions, luxuries, intrigue, and betrayal. After the appearance of his picture in the press, Casillas, whose fleet of 27 aircraft has earned him the nickname "The Lord of the Skies", decides to undergo a risky plastic surgery to change his face and disappear without a trace, putting the lives of his beloved Ximena and their children at risk. The struggle between these two capos will surpass the barriers of business to become a personal matter and the supremacy of the Lord of the Skies will be put to the test in the new season of the series, full of action, intrigue, romance and suspense, even more than its characters endured in the first.

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While many consider him finished, the Lord of the Skies does not surrender. In a country plagued by suspicions and atrocities, a game of betrayal begins, and Aurelio, motivated by revenge and wanting to regain lost power defies all limits. Aurelio Casillas is where he longed to be: on top and in power.

So far nothing, and no one, has been able to control this criminal. Meanwhile, both sides have taken advantage of the weakness of Casillas to regroup and fight for control of the drug business. But Aurelio will rise from the ashes like a phoenix, to show that no one, not even death, will stop The Lord of the Skies. Although authorities believe he is dead, Aurelio, who has retreated for some time from his business, knows that he must soon resurge to finish a war with his nephew, Victor.

Victor, frustrated with the disappearance of his wife Monica, and angered with organizations under his command, brings the country into chaos. Ironically, Aurelio and his new allies will be the only ones who can save the country from its destruction. For three years, Salgado organized two attempts to kill the leader of the Medellin cartel, but failed. When Pablo Escobar dies, Salgado presents his resignation to Ramirez.

Salgado will have to keep working as the head security chief, witnessing all the devastating destructions ordered by his boss. But to leave the hell from which he has found himself, Ricardo Salgado will have to bring down the devil himself. Adriana Aguilar and Monica Serrano will meet under strange circumstances. Adriana, who is running from a predator, will find Monica in her path. When Monica offers her a ride, the two will bond in a mysterious way by the power of a special talisman. To do so, she becomes a cab driver just like her father.

But fate will have a different plan for her when she meets Alvaro, an attractive and affluent man who is emotionally destroyed after he discovers his wife has been unfaithful to him. With time, feelings they never expected begin to flourish and their former lives become more and more difficult to conform to. Jung-suh and Song-joo are childhood friends and have a special bond that blossoms into love. They both share the pain of losing a loved one: Song-joo's lost her father and Jung-suh's his mother.

Jung-suh's father marries actress Mira, who brings her children Yuri and Tae-hwa into the household. Yuri is jealous of Jung-suh. All the while, Jung-suh tries to be nice to Tae-hwa, but he mistakes her friendship for something more, and falls in love with her. The strikingly beautiful Eva Soler has attained great success in life. Together with her husband she has managed to build the Mon-sol trucking empire, as well as a beautiful family.

All was well until an unforgivable betrayal landed Eva behind bars. Now in her cell, Eva draws a new path for herself. In this new way, Eva meets love once again, in a just and loving man, who teaches her that not all is lost, forcing her to decide between the paths of happiness and revenge. Who would believe that a girl, dirty and ragged from sleeping so many days on the streets, would become one of the most desired women of the region?

However, instinct did not fail Zhara, the boss of the most frequented Cabaret House The 4Ps, who saw the possibility of making the girl the economic guarantee of her future. Because of this she took Amanda in and transformed her into the woman who would soon be known as Flor Salvaje. At the head of this network is the popular Ranchera music singer "El Chepo" Zabala and the corrupt businessman Amado Matamoros. In his journey, Mateo falls in love with the aspiring singer Manara, Amado's half-sister, who has sought his guidance as producer.

This, however, will not prevent Mateo from unleashing a war against his powerful enemies upon discovering the truth. It will be a battle to the death At the head of this network is the popular music singer Rafa Zabala and the corrupt businessman Amado Matamoros. The brothers, together with their faithful and lifelong employee Modesto, are ready to read the will left by their just deceased father when Paula del Monte shows up.

She is the only biological offspring and has come to get her part of the inheritance. For a man who considers arranged marriages a wonderful idea, because of its lack of emotional involvement, the attraction he feels for this mysterious woman, who leads a spontaneous, passionate and sometimes-strange life, is confusing. In the house next door, nothing is what it seems. In it live people that hide many secrets.

This is the Conde family, a traditional family. But their apparent perfection hides a very different reality. Renato created his empire by conducted illegal operations to get rid of business partners and possible competitors. Laura, a beautiful young woman with a strong personality, returns to the farm where her family works. Laura finds herself revisiting much of her past now that she is back, including past romances, and even discover secrets that marked her life.

With all of this, Laura will have to look out for herself and find her happiness. These rich depraves known as the Porquis violated her innocence while being protected by the impunity that their high social position gives them. Since then, Altagracia becomes a ruthless and ambitious woman, an unfeeling mother who abandoned her daughter at a young age and uses her charms to amass an empire that allows her to impose law and take justice into her own hands.

Despite her considerable success, Altagracia is missing something: love. And, she discovers it for the first time when she meets Saul, an attorney who defends the victims of gender violence and young women fighting for a way out of unemployment, poverty and overpopulation. But Saul has already captivated Monica, a lovely young woman of humble beginnings, with a compassionate and optimistic attitude toward life. Altagracia will now be confronted by the two feelings she had previously avoided: love for her daughter and love for a man.

The story follows the history of Fabres family, consisting of Renato, a millionaire businessman, his wife Eva and their three children: Ignacia, Carola and Benjamin; and secondly, the story of Javier Ruiz-Tagle and Pilar Echenique, who also have children and a perfect life. Both families are neighbors and never had problems until the arrival of Gonzalo Ibanez will change their lives forever. La Fan is the story of Valentina Perez, a fun, kind-hearted woman of humble means, who proudly presides as president of the Lucas Duarte Fan Club.

An unexpected twist of fate places her idol, the famous telenovela star Lucas Duarte, directly in her path. Blanca is the humble and beautiful young woman from Acapulco who will kiss Eduardo that very night in that special place. But Raquel will deceive and betray to hide her secret. The plan will only become more complicated when Eduardo falls in love with Victoria, unable to forget Blanca Hwa-young returns to Korea after 10 years living abroad, she got married and moved to the US with her husband, but he commits suicide. She decides to go back to Korea and with the help of Ji-soo, her best friend, Hwa-young starts a new life.

Emotions will turn to anger and hatred and a story of passion and revenge will unfold. The life of Gabriela Suarez, the only woman in the San Pedro del Oro mine, takes a turn after she falls for Alejandro Beltran, the eldest son of Antonia Guerra, the most powerful and feared woman of the town.

Gabriela is unjustly locked in a mental asylum where she is tortured and humiliated. Once she manages to escape, she is presumed dead. Carmen Marin is a captivating young girl with an angelic look and a bizarre nature.