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It could be cooking, fashion, tutoring among others. Bloggers, designers, website owners and social media personalities are often looking for pictures to use.

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  4. Take good HD photos if you have a camera and then join photo selling websites like Shutterstock, stock photo, Photoshelter and the likes and start earning money when people buy your photos. Just create a blog and write about issues that you are passionate about, generate enough traffic and then start earning money through Google AdSense, creating eBooks and courses and offering consultancy services for a fee. Just visit the website if interested and get a sense of the items that you can post. If you are one of those people who has reached a limit of friend requests they can accept on Facebook or have thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter, start thinking of ways of turning that into an income.

    How to make money online in Kenya

    Through affiliate marketing, companies can market their products and services through you. All you have to do is approach these companies and convince them that you can help them reach so many people all at once through your social media. Mining is more complex as it involves setting up your computer to solve puzzles and you only get paid when you successfully solve them. Unlike cash, Bitcoin is harder to steal which explains the reason why its gaining immense value as the years go by.

    Someone said that the only limit to what you can be is yourself. What is your opinion on the article? Share in the comment section below. Got any questions on how to make money or start a business in Kenya? Send an email to lilian careerpointkenya. I taught physics and Math as a side hustle for a year after completing campus and it works.

    Do a good job and referrals will keep coming your way, bringing in more students. Private tutors are also currently in demand due to the recent ban on holiday tuition. You can also register as a tutor on websites such as Tutor. My first gig immediately after high school was that of an assistant artisan which I got from Craigslist. On a good day, you can make 3k for a few hours of work. Do a good job and increase your legibility for repeat tasks.

    Other sites that offer jobs in Kenya include Fivesok and Fiver. In conclusion, you can make even much more than 30k working on what we commonly refer to as side hustles. However, you have to put in the work, put yourself out there and have patience.

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    In addition, avoid sinking into the abyss of referral earnings as most often no one gets paid saying this from experience. Notice: Websites mentioned in the article are not an endorsement of the companies and their services by Kachwanya. We reward between Ksh.

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    8. It does not end there. We have subscriptions for Ksh.

      If for example a student buys annual subscription of Ksh. This process is fully automated and the earning potential is unlimited! You need to register as a tutor to answer questions. Working as a tutor - We link tutors to prospective students. All what you need to do is to create a tutor profile here on Kenyaplex and we will let students find you. Direct students tutoring enquiries are also sent to our registered tutors.

      There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn as a tutor. You can either do tutoring on part time or full time basis. This is how the tutor feature works: - You create your detailed tutor profile. Register as a tutor now! Posting past exam papers - We will pay you for each single past paper you post on Kenyaplex as long as it does not exist on our database.

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      We pay up-to Ksh. Please note that all past papers posted have to go through a review process and usually appear online within 48 hours. We will credit your account with earnings once the past papers are approved. Visit past papers section and start adding past papers.

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      Post Past Paper Posting educational articles in the resources section - If you can write high quality, descriptive, original, unique articles related to education in Kenya, this chance is for you. You will make money from each article you post on Kenyaplex. Once your articles are reviewed and accepted, your Kenyaplex account will credited with an amount ranging from Ksh.

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