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Carter, Dorothy. Her specialty was historical romance, most set in the Victorian period, and her heroines tended to be highly moral though Cartland herself was famed for her bawdiness in interviews. Untraced and possibly male? Caryl, Valentine. Author of a dozen novels, now mostly very scarce. Reviews of the first two, At Last a God and Country Party , suggest romantic comedies—the first dealing with a young girl with her head full of romance novels, and her bumpy path to the real thing.

After a considerable absence, she returned in with one final novel, a mystery evocatively titled A Smell of Garbage Sister of M. Online sources suggest that she wrote only or primarily with her husband, but the British Library lists numerous additional titles credited only to her. The couple's neighbors in Surrey included Grant Allen and Arthur Conan Doyle, and they also wrote a series of books about their house and garden there. Castle, Frances. Untraced author of five girls' stories, four of them set in schools, often about girls discovering their true identities.

Author of three novels. In Two Minds details a young girl's nervous breakdown. And Growing Pains is a semi-autobiographical family tale. The Spectator review of the last describes Cecil as "a writer of immense charm. Chace, Isobel. Author of nearly a dozen works of fiction, at least some for children and all published by Christian-oriented publishers. Her non-fiction Jottings from a Farnborough Note Book was reprinted in with the subtitle "a story of an old world village". Challoner, HK. Author of 10 novels, one poetry collection, and one probably children's title.

The House Made with Hands is about a young woman who clings to her childhood home as a symbol of happiness. The Bookman describes The Longer Day as a "detailed and intimate study of the life of a strange woman who once ran away from a picnic at which Tennyson, Ruskin, Huxley, Darwin, Browning and other literary notables were guests, because she was not particularly interested in what was being said or done.

Author of novels about Burma, some exploring interracial relationships. She had a dramatic life, including a marriage to the nephew of the King of Burma, terms reportedly served in both English and Mexican prisons for theft and blackmail respectively , and involvement in a forgery case regarding a lost play by Oscar Wilde, with whom she seems to have been friends.

Author of three dozen works of fiction, including novels, mysteries and children's books. She is probably best known now for her girls' school stories, the most famous of which include Expelled from St. Several of these have been reprinted by Books to Treasure. The Surprising Holidays is a humorous tale about a family deprived of servants and incompetent in dealing with domestic issues. I wrote about Little G here , which, along with the first two mysteries, was reprinted by Greyladies.

Author of 10 girls' school stories noted by Sims and Clare for their relative realism.

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Though she married in , only the last of her books seems to have appeared under her married name. Editor for some time of the West Indian Review and author of four novels, at least two of which were set in Jamaica. The first two were published under her maiden name. Author of a dozen popular and acclaimed biographies, often of royalty, and nearly as many novels. Long Division , mentioned by Barbara Pym in her diaries, has a contemporary wartime setting and is about an unhappily married women who sets up a prep school, while Ever Thine is set over the course of 20 years at a boys' prep school, focusing on the headmaster's wife.

Prolific author of children's and perhaps adult? Several of her early children's books make use of her time in Rhodesia, including her debut, Rhodesian Adventure , as well as The House on the Kopje and its sequel, The Fortunes of Frick , reviewed by Barbara at Call Me Madam here. The Sugar and Spice is about young girls running a tea shop for the summer, while Cat With No Fiddle is a family adventure story. Other children's titles include St. Rochester , Dearest Neighbour , and Stepping Stones Charles, Anita. Novelist known for her focus on Jewish life in England, though she herself said that her main concern was "the region of everyday hurt.

Charles, Theresa. Chandos, Fay.

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One Man in His Time seems to be an adult historical novel. Dorothy, second married name Emms. Author of twelve novels, including two early works— Above and Below and After the Party —with first husband Richard Charques.

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She received particular acclaim for her portrayals of English rural life in the past, including in her trilogy— Time's Harvest , The Running Heart , and Between the Twilights —about a family in the s ruined by a murrain outbreak among their cattle. The Dark Stranger , is a "story of witchcraft and conspiracy during the English Civil War," while The Nunnery is set in and deals with a young heiress placed in a convent. Chase, Beatrice. The last, at least, sounds a bit overwrought: "Silvia's life tragedy lies in the friends and surroundings to which she sees [her son] doomed through the poverty of her married life.

Prolific author of more than fifty children's titles, most of them girls' school stories, in which genre she is one of the most important authors, according to Sims and Clare. Titles include The Right St. She also published boys' school stories, such as Carew of the Fourth and Miggs Minor , under her pseudonym.

Chaundler worked for some years on the editorial team of Little Folks. When school stories became less popular, Chaundler continued to publish other children's books, including for younger children, and themed collections of holiday stories, stories about saints, and other titles. Author of two girls' stories set at a domestic affairs college— Whittenbury College and Christal's Adventure She also published books for young children and several other girls' stories, including Rhondda's Holiday , Miss Netherby's Niece , and The Pansy Patch Chesterton, Denise.

Author of 13 novels, including Sleeping and Waking , which deals with women's lives in WWII, Future Imperfect an early sci-fi tale about a world run by women, The Bats of Hell , set in the countryside from the s until after WWII, and This Day , described as telling "of one day in the lives of some ordinary people living in London. Possibly a pseudonym, but she remains a mystery for now. As Jane Alan, she appears to have written at least one children's book, Lulupet and Toffee After her husband's retirement and relocation back to England, Chitty published a single novel, The Black Buddha She had earlier published several short stories in periodicals.

Cholmondeley, Alice. Author of ten novels and several story collections.

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She began her career with a parody of the detective novel called The Danvers Jewels , about a seemingly cursed set of Indian jewels, and its sequel, Sir Charles Danvers Her greatest success came with Red Pottage , reprinted by Virago , her bestseller satirizing provincial thinking, hypocrisy, and the difficulties of a woman writer.

Her story collection, The Lowest Rung and Other Stories , was unusual in its day in that its four stories all focus on strong, independent women. Author of nearly three dozen works of fiction, most of it for girls and often with Guide themes. Christian also wrote at least two adult novels— A Stranger Passed , set in pre-revolution France and containing a mystical element, and The Sword and the Flame , published in the U.

The bestselling novelist of all time, author of 66 mysteries, 6 additional novels under her pseudonym, two memoirs, several story collections, and more than a dozen plays. Among her novels, 33 feature her quirky Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, while 12 feature the deceptively kindly village spinster Miss Marple and 4 feature Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, a happily-married couple with a tendency to find trouble—including in the only Christie novel written during World War II that actually features the war, N or M?

Her full Autobiography appeared after her death. The six Mary Westmacott novels have sometimes been marketed as romances, but are really domestic dramas—sometimes interestingly making use of elements of her personal life, such as Unfinished Portrait , which hints at some of the tragedies and drama that may have led to her famous disappearance. Her plays most notably include The Mousetrap , the longest-running play in history, and Witness for the Prosecution , which was made into a particularly brilliant film.

Christie's self-deprecating humor is apparent in her creation of Ariadne Oliver, a ditsy bestselling mystery writer with a passion for apples, who shares some of Christie's quirks and assists Poirot in six of his cases. Oliver also appears solo in a single novel The Pale Horse See the official Christie website here. I've also written about her here. Author of six novels, including Smith , set in Cumberland and praised by Julian Symons, Harold in London , Morgan , Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye , apparently about an alcoholic, The Waiting Game , and Child's Play , described as a horror tale.

A memoir, Apparitions: An Autobiographical Study in Parapsychology , describes her experiences as a "sensitive," someone who can make contact with the dead.

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An interview from the early s suggests she and her husband lived for some time in Rome and in India, and concludes with the statement, "She still writes but does not publish her work. Author of more than 30 romantic novels—and many more published serially. She became an American citizen in Author of more than 70 novels, including romance, adventure, historical, and supernatural fiction.

Pretty Sinister reviewed Dreadful Hollow here , describing it as a "Gothic supernatural novel with detective novel elements. Victorian author of nearly 50 volumes of fiction, published steadly for nearly half a century. One final book, A Pair in Paradise , appeared just before her death. Clare, Helen. Author of more than 50 novels over the course of more than half a century, most informed by her Catholic faith.

She lived in Rome for 26 years, spent most of WWII in Jamaica, and seems to have spent time in Tunisia as well, and each location is reflected in some of her fiction. The Pekinese Princess is a fairy tale set in a kingdom ruled by dogs, The White Elephant is about two children caught up in a jewel heist, and The Boy with the Erpingham Hood is set in the leadup to the battle of Agincourt. Mollett, Marion Moffatt, and Emma Munro. A neighbor and friend of D. Her best-known works are Mrs. Lorimer's Family , a domestic comedy-drama reminiscent of Stevenson's work and perhaps based to some extent on Stevenson's family life in Moffat in Scotland and Clavering's relationships with them , and Near Neighbors , about an elderly spinster who finds a new interest in life after befriending the family next door.

The former was Clavering's only book to have an American edition and was selected for the People's Book Club, while the latter was reprinted by Greyladies in recent years. Her other novels published in book form are three very early and vanishingly rare titles, Georgina and the Stairs , The Leech of Life , and Wantonwalls , four from the s published under the pseudonym B.

Glasgow's Family , and Spring Adventure Her 24 People's Friend novels appeared under her other two pseudonyms between and I put together all the information I had found about Clavering and her books here , with the kind assistance of a cousin of the family. Posted by Furrowed Middlebrow at AM. Labels: British Women Writers List. Anonymous May 9, at AM. Furrowed Middlebrow August 27, at PM. Michelle Ann August 27, at AM. Michelle Ann August 28, at AM. I need someone to explain to me. The contest has stories that have been vetted by real readers.

For a long time, I still had stars in my eyes about being published by a traditional publisher. They publish what they know. What they know is fine and enjoyable, but there should be room for innovation somewhere in the picture. What happened to the eager editors ready to judge before the nominees were announced? Are they are waiting until after RWA is over?

I hope so. Traditional publishing needs some innovation and they are about to miss out on a lot of opportunities. It may be that the Dreamweavers will transform as many of the Lucky 13s did. Some of my fellow Luckies grew tired of publishers not seeing their vision. Some of them have been very successful over the past year—and I have enjoyed all of wonderful variety of their stories. When the Dreamweavers get tired, then they may go out and do the indie thing as the Luckies have.

If they become tired, as I did, something like this may be in their future:. Stay strong in what matters to you, stay honest. You are sharing the heart of you— the truest, most pure reflection of yourself in your fiction. Abbie Roads writes dangerously dark romances, but she always gives her damaged characters a happy ending. At night, she burns up the keyboard in one of her three home offices: her normal office, her treadmill office, and her aqua office.

Aqua office you might be wondering? Abbie likes to write while taking a bath by candlelight. She is represented by Michelle Grajkowski of 3 Seas Literary. Lathan Montgomery is an aberration, a real life freak of nature. He hates the screwed up sequence of genetic code that enlarges the olfactory regions of his brain. He hates that he smells everything. Memories that can overwhelm him and annihilate his reality. Avoiding people—their memories—is vital to his sanity. When he links a group of murders—by scent alone—and discovers an active serial killer, the mind-hunters reject his claim and refuse to open an investigation.

Until the nightmares start.

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Evidence he ties to The Strategist. But before he can connect a name to The Strategist, the killer takes Evanee. And he never keeps his victims alive for long…. In June, I started editing. A year later, I finally finished editing. I then read the manuscript with a critical eye and came to a devastating conclusion: It sucked. I always listen to audio books while I get ready for work in the mornings. Five minutes in, I had a ding-ding-ding-we-have-a-winner moment. Soaking wet, hair dripping shampoo, I had to see who was speaking the exact words I needed to hear.

It was Margie Lawson. As soon as I got the suds rinsed off I Googled Margie, purchased her lecture packets, and signed up for an Immersion with her in Colorado. Charis was lucky enough to work as an intern at the national office of RWA as a college senior. Rich American heiress Piety Grey has fled to England to escape her hateful mother and the oily suitors she forces upon her. The new home progresses beautifully until renovations and Piety herself spill over onto the property next door—home to the private, prickly, lonely Trevor Rheese, Earl Falcondale. They clash, the kiss, they halt construction by fighting and kissing , even while the opportunistic Americans arrive in town and aggressively pursue Piety.

Now the only thing to protect Piety from an abusive future is…the earl next door. But can he pretend to be her fiance if he failed so miserably to be her neighbor? Oh, yay!! What a great storyline! I love everything about it—and that you keep balancing your Romantic Suspense writing with Historical, because I want to read more!

Readers, grab some tea and scones or for you Romantic Suspense folks, some straight black coffee and settle in with us, while we learn a little more about what goes on behind the scenes with Charis! When the call came in, I was receiving rental furniture to our temporary apartment, and I celebrated with the delivery men. It was late in the day, because RWA had to figure out my cell phone number the tree took out our landline.

When she told me I was a finalist, I stopped breathing, then I started hyperventilating, then I started screaming. I had all but given up hope, so the joy of actually making the finals with it is overwhelming. Delivery men Moses and Horatio were very happy for me and assure me that they will read my book as soon as it comes out. You and me both, guys! And, um, sorry it happened to you!

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  5. Maybe you should send them flowers if you win…. Having been there twice, what would you say is the best thing about being a GH finalist? The validation is definitely powerful! So, are you going to Nationals again this year? It must be a pretty different experience from being on the other side of the RWA desk—especially being a Finalist! Fast forward ten years of stay-at-home motherhood with writing on the side. They were former Board members. This year, I have vowed to approach the whole thing differently. We correspond every day and trade pages, but I have never met her in person.

    I am so looking forward to giving her a hug in San Antonio. And I want to make new friends and contacts. Most writers I know are introverts, and need a little coaxing to navigate the Nationals social whirl. I thought I was ready…but I was not. Of course, this can also back-fire.

    Is the book an appropriate length I have beginner efforts that are nearly pages long! Are your goals, motivation, and conflict intact?

    Blader door alle series

    Have you created heros and heroines that fit the archetype for romance? Prostitute heroines can be a hard sell. So are heros who are something like…florists. Hallelujah for straight-shooting critique partners!! Speaking of being a multi-genre writer—and in such very different genres!

    TV shows? Pop culture stuff? Do you have a favorite author…or several? Where movies are concerned, I like anything hopeful. Love it. These movies almost always come out in the Sahara-movie-month of February, and we always see them opening weekend with the handful of other dance-off enthusiasts in the world. My favorite movie of all time is probably…. Go figure. Must get on that. What aspects of your personality would you say are most valuable to you as a writer?

    What aspects if any make the writing life more difficult? My minor in college was Theatre, and I find writing dialogue to be a lot like improvisational acting. Ooh, ooh! Which is so great for historicals especially hint, hint. Okay, also good for Romantic Suspense tough guy sass, but still.

    I want more historicals!! And the micromanaging character behavior—sigh, I do that, too. One last thing: What question would you like to ask our readers to get the conversation going today? While reading in the New Mexico sunshine on the banks of the Jemez River, she began to dream up love stories she would like to write herself someday. Years later, when she survived invasive breast cancer, she decided it was now or never and bought her first laptop so she could start writing down her stories. Now, Shelly spends her days writing steamy romances while tending to an overweight English bulldog named Lola.

    Her stories feature strong, independent heroines and heroes, and her plots are filled with real-life issues, unexpected twists, and subtle doses of humor. Ella Dennings has a scandalous secret. Cooper Wells has a scandalous legal problem.

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    When they both end up at the same Red River retreat, an altercation that involves wrestling an overweight English Bulldog, a baseball bat named Old Faithful, and a hefty dose of pepper spray rekindles an old grudge that started long ago. The last thing they expect is for their passionate dislike of each other to erupt into a romantic entanglement that neither can walk away from. Take it away, Shelly! The benefit of being part of the RWA organization is the incredible field of talented writers that are always available to talk things out with a fellow writer.

    I showed up to my first RWA conference a few years ago in Anaheim. Not one! Yet, everyone accepted me with open arms. Needless to say, it was a little intimidating. But they were all so friendly and welcoming. There are so many more things I could include, but simply put, being a Golden Heart finalist has been incredible.

    When her eyes grow weary of staring at the computer, she watches the fox squirrels, grey squirrels, deer, wild pigs, quail and other birds clamor around the two feeders. Sometimes a Florida panther, or bobcat, or fox saunters through the yard looking for a meal. She reads books on any subject, but romance and suspense are her favorites.

    He hires a female PI to help him investigate, but as their passion for one another builds, so do the dangers. Can they expose the drug traffickers before their journey together turns fatal?

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    Thank you, Ruby Slippers, for hosting me today. Quickly repeat these words ten times. They marry for things like steady sex, family, and companionship, but when their wives become writers, those things fly out the window for long periods of time. When writing, authors tend to block out every interruption. We tape skull and crossbones, or enter at your own risk notices on our doors, or hang do not disturb signs on the handles. We stare at the wall, the ceiling, and the blinking cursor on a blank page as minutes tick by.

    Time does not exist. Nor does sleep, nourishment, or fashion. We cease being ourselves and become missing in action, and our husbands become widowers. I thank God every day for my husband. All rights reserved. Site designed and maintained by. Good luck to all who entered and thank you to all for coming to celebrate with us. Also, please give us your book title and the name you want listed if writing under a pseudonym. Please join us here tomorrow for our annual Welcome party!!! Well, conference IS next week.

    Take it away, Ellen! Take it away, Jillian!! Rubies, love your sisterhood and this blog. Take it away, Sarah! Is there a lyric you love that uses imagery or symbolism? Please share the band, song and songwriter only a line or two tops, please! Not only is she a Dreamweaver, she was a Lucky 13 as well see her previous guest post with us here , which means she pulled off the impressive feat of finaling in Golden Heart two years in a row, with two different books. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and son. Take it away, Piper! And he never keeps his victims alive for long… Wow!

    Take it away, Abbie! The short answer: A painful test of endurance. And editing. And editing—talk about a shitty first draft. Until… I always listen to audio books while I get ready for work in the mornings. Oh, my goodness, I love pop culture…. You may be sorry you asked. My favorite television show of all time is Veronica Mars. What new or lesser-known author has blown you away recently?