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Elle est pas belle la vie! This film is considered, by some, to be the best French film ever made. Frequently used in the press after the announcement of traffic deaths at the end of the summer vacation or any other violent events in July and August. In debates about unemployment, the old argument of , jobs that have not been filled is regularly brought out for airing but so far nobody knows where they are nor who was in charge of drawing up the related statistics.

Jeu de main, jeu de vilain! His sworn enemies are the Dalton brothers. Each story ends with Lucky Luke riding off into the sunset. To conform to anti-smoking legislation in France, the cigarette hanging from his lips has been replaced by a stalk of grass. The typical schoolboy reply to an agressor in the playground after receiving a punch. It is unlikely that the people who sing this song are aware of its origin. It was said that the forest of Versailles was like an open-air brothel with as many whores as there were trees.

Their activity was restricted by royal order but they simply took to exercising their trade in special houses. Braids of laurel were a common feature on the walls of such buildings in the grounds of Versailles. Louis XIV, who was alarmed at the spread of venereal disease, had these establishments closed, hence the words of the song! They are small-time swindlers and lazy good-for-nothings who are not very intelligent.

He knocks at the door but the client is absent. Finally, the plumber has a heart attack and collapses on the staircase. Two elderly ladies come down the stairs and see the dead body. This constituted a Watergate-type scandal, and is often referred to in the press. He is the absent minded professor. Sparadrap is an adhesive medical dressing, for small cuts and abrasions that is difficult to get rid of because it sticks to the fingers.

This is a reference to an episode in l'Affaire Tournesol in which Haddock becomes more and more short-tempered given the impossible task of getting rid of the sticky plaster. Today, it refers to any embarassing affair that will just not go away. Tontons Flingeurs. This film contains many of the most famous lines in French cinema history. In this film, two rival gangs do their best to eliminate each other. The title of a satirical film by the late Jean Yanne It is used ironically to describe political correctness and the hypocrisy of the media.

One of the greatest successes of Ray Ventura , song writer and band leader. When sb. In , the then minister of finance, Christine Lagarde, said that France would only be marginally affected by the subprime disaster. She has since been nicknamed Mme La Marquise de Bercy. See Chapter 10 La Coupole. It was built in and its name is intimately associated with such writers as Hemingway, Kessel, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre.

L'étranger - Camus: analyse critique, thèmes, commentaire citations

Hotel de Lassay. It is an eighteenth century house, located in the seventh arrondissement of Paris. Palais Bourbon.

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Le The lower house of the French Parliament i. See Chapter Palais Royal. Petit Luxembourg. The building is contiguous with the Palais du Luxembourg. Quai Conti. Located in the seventh arrondissement of Paris, this is the headquarters of the PS. It came back into the limelight on 21 September These ungrammatical and vulgar words were spoken by Edith Cresson, the first woman prime minister of the Republic socialist shortly after her appointment in May Legend has it that he died after his sexual exertions.

A priest was called for and Faure's mistress was shown out by the back door. Some historians suggest that this quote was aimed at people who were not rich enough to vote, others that his internal policy was designed to enrich the bourgoisie. Quoted out of context, these words give the impression that Guizot was a wheeler-dealer. Entre ici! In the wake of the Festina dope scandal involving cyclists of the Tour de France in , Richard Virenque, after denying taking drugs, admitted that he had been given drugs without his knowing about it.

Omar Raddad was the name of the gardener who worked for the rich widow, Ghislaine Marchal, who was found dead in the boiler room of her house in Mougins Alpes Maritimes 06 , in The police found the inscription, in Madame Marchal's own blood on one of the walls of the boiler room. In , Omar was granted a presidential pardon. He is now fighting for a retrial. The words of President Jacques Chirac during a television interview on 14 July , on being questioned about the illegal funding of his political party.

Que d'eau, que d'eau! These words were said by Mac-Mahon, President of the Republic on June 26 on visting the city of Toulouse that had been severely damaged by floods. Today, it is frequently used to express the fact that the English have beaten the French to it!

Words of Nicolas Sarkozy when asked, some years ago, whether he ever thought about becoming President of the Republic. It is the legendary name associated with the postwar intellectuals and artists in general, and of Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre in particular. Closerie des Lilas. Since it has been the haunt of artists and intellectuals.

Today, it is a trendy venue for the rich and famous. Conseil d'Etat. It is always consulted for its opinion on bills before they are submitted to the Council of Ministers. The second role is judicial. Just as the Cour de Cassation is the highest jurisdiction in the land, the supreme court of appeal so the Conseil d'Etat is the highest administrative jurisdiction in the land i. The origins of the Conseil d'Etat go back to the thirteenth century. In its present form, le Conseil d'Etat dates from the Consulat There are approximately members of the Conseil d'Etat most of whom have been recruited from l'ENA.

The metonymical name for the Conseil d'Etat is the Palais Royal in which it has been headquartered since in the first arrondissement of Paris. It is chaired by the President of the Republic and vice chaired by the minister of justice Le Garde des Sceaux. It is asked for its opinion whenever senior appointments in the legal system are made but its opinion may or may not be followed.


The separation of powers is impossible to achieve in this situation. Cour des Comptes. Today its role is to monitor the receipts and expenditures of government entities and to ensure that these have been carried out in conformity with public accounting rules. The CDC is the entity which supervises the management of public funds; this includes the accounts of the State, the department of social security, publicly owned companies, or even private companies enjoying state support.

There are 22 metropolitan regional chambers of the court which verify the accounts of local authorities. The CDC publishes an annual report and can express reservations about the 'fairness and truth' of the accounts of the state. The implementation of its recommendations, however, is not mandatory. The metonymical name for the Cour des Comptes is rue Cambon , the name of the street in which it is located in the first arrondissement of Paris.

They frequently take their name from the names of rivers e.

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Thus, Ain 01 , Finisterre 29 , Nord The last two digits on a number plate e. This is changing at the moment as the new numbering plan is being introduced. It was created in with a view to democratising acces to the higher echelons of the French civil service. Each 'year' or promotion bears a name chosen by the students themselves. It has also produced an alarming number of people who have been sentenced by the courts of the republic for various forms of corruption, or who have been involved in corporate disasters.

The cream of the cream i. Grandes Ecoles. The major refers to the best student leaving the school in a given year or promotion. Grands Corps de l'Etat. There is no legal definition of the corps but its members are to be found at the very top echelons of the French civil service and private industry. Members are recruited essentially from l'ENA and more specifically from those students who were dans la botte i.

The best students invariably choose the Inspection des Finances or the Conseil d'Etat. The role of the inspecteurs who are under the authority of the ministry of finance is to guarantee good stewardship as far as the use of state funds is concerned.

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Some inspectors leave their corps to work on secondment in publicly owned companies or pantouflent in private industry. Some of the biggest scandals and corporate failures of the past few years have implicated inspecteurs des finances e. It is in fact a mansion situated in beautiful grounds with a high-quality restaurant. It is the ideal venue for seminars. Maison de la Chimie. It is an eighteenth century mansion located in the seventh arrondissement of Paris at a stone's throw from the National Assembly.

Today it is an international congress centre. Political meetings often take place here. It is also known as a good address to eat at. It is the HQ of the French mutualist movement and is better known as the venue for shows, conferences, pop concerts and mass meetings of political parties, generally left wing. He was kidnapped on 29 October in front of the brasserie Lipp, in the bld. Saint Germain in Paris, by two French police officers. He was found dead in the lake of Rambouillet in A post mortem carried out at the request of the Boulin family, 3 years after the death, revealed that Robert Boulin had sustained several fractures to the face, totally inconsistent with the 'suicide' theory.

All attempts by the family to get the case reopened have so far ended in failure. It is interesting to note that at the time of his death, Robert Boulin was the victim of a smear campaign intended to discredit him politically. In his attempt to fight back, he hinted that he was in possession of some files concerning illegal funding of political parties. He left home on the night of his death with a dossier. The dossier has never been found. When the Right returned to power in , the new minister of cooperation unveiled a report made by the public accounting office Cour des Comptes which pinpointed the misappropriation of funds that had taken place under Nucci and even more so by Yves Chalier his head of office equally a free mason.

Le génie de la construction narrative d’une tragédie en deux actes

The latter fled the country with the help of Charles Pasqua the minister of the interior. The basic idea was to create difficulties for the socialists. This must be set in the context of the right-left war during the first 'cohabitation' i. After six months on the run, Chalier returned to France and was given a jail sentence of 5 years without remission.

The socialist minister Nucci was granted a pardon and Charles Pasqua could not be prosecuted since he was protected by parliamentary immunity. The demonstrators were savagely dispersed and nine of them were killed in the resulting panic, near the underground train station 'Charonne' in the eleventh arrondissement.

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The Prefet of Police at the time was Maurice Papon. It consisted of taking prisoners into the woods and killing them and burying them in common graves; this was an alternative to throwing their corpses into the sea from helicopters. A hazardous policy of growth at any price plus the 'law of silence' on the part of the Inspection des Finances drove the bank into bankruptcy. A fortnight later, the banking archives stored in a warehouse in Le Havre went up in smoke.

The crash of one of the biggest French banks cost the French taxpayer 50 billion euros in total.

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Jean-Yves Haberer was given a 2 year suspended prison sentence. He was tried for having presented accounts that were not true and fair and for the dissemination of false financial information. He was acquitted and became Governor of the European Central Bank. See below. He was assassinated on 24 December Although three people were convicted as either killer or accessory, no one has ever found the real motive for his assassination. The police were at the crime scene before the crime took place and rumours had been circulating for weeks about the assassination.

Shortly before his death, de Broglie had announced his intention of leaving the Giscard camp for that of Chirac. In and France was severely criticised by the European Court of Human Rights for the handling of this affair. The minister of the interior, in flagrant violation of the presumption of innocence, declared that the case was closed and the guilty parties had been apprehended. He was the special advisor in parallel diplomacy for Tunisia, the Lebanon, Morocco and Syria. He was also in charge of the security surrounding the secrecy of the existence of F.

He was disgusted by the drift that presidential power was taking and gave frequent interviews to the press. Rumour had it that he was depressed but in fact there are very serious reasons to believe that he was assassinated. The weapon used was a high calibre.

Nobody heard the shot. His body bore signs of physical aggression i. He had spoken to his family about his fears of being eliminated. His children who started their own investigations received death threats. No serious investigation was ever made into his death. But during the investigation of this affair, another huge affair, was uncovered. The then minister of foreign affairs was accused of having accepted expensive presents from a top class whore employed by Elf to seduce the minister and to persuade him to lift his veto on the sale of 6 Lafayette class frigates to Taiwan.

He was later forced to resign from the presidency of the Conseil d'Etat. The truth concerning politicians who received kickbacks will thus never be known. The offence of 'misappropriation of public funds' took place between and period during which Jacques Chirac was president of the political party RPR and mayor of Paris. According to a police report, the amount of money involved was 30 million francs. While President of France, J Chirac was protected by his presidential immunity. The affair is ongoing. The ultimate cost for the French taxpayer will be huge and known only in The scandal bears on 3 billion francs of under the table commissions paid at the time of operation 'Bravo' i.

Several people involved in the case have died in curious circumstances. Thierry Imbot, member of the DGSE in Peking, was on the point of meeting the French press when he fell from his Paris apartment on the fifth floor in the year He fell 'accidentally' while closing the shutters.

Jacques Morisson, former French navy specialist who had joined Thomson CSF, threw himself out of his apartment window in Neuilly in It is military slang for torture by electrical generator that was practised in Algeria by French troops to obtain information from suspected members of the FLN. They were in fact mobile territorial units.

Under the terms of the Evian agreement, putting an end to the war, the harkis were disarmed by the French army and left defenceless. Condition: NEW. Seller Inventory Book Description Pocket , Condition: New. Brand new book, sourced directly from publisher. Dispatch time is working days from our warehouse. Book will be sent in robust, secure packaging to ensure it reaches you securely. Book Description Pocket, France, Language: French. Brand new Book. Camille et ses amis se connaissent depuis la maternelle.

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