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27 Carry-on Must-haves T+L Editors Always Bring With Them. Every Time. No Matter Where.

This minimalist bag from Ted Baker would look just as good with sleek stilettos as with a polished brogue. And though fashion-forward often implies less-than-functional, this weekender brings utility and style in equal measure. The bright pink canvas and cheeky statement of this Ban. To buy: amazon. To buy: hookandalbert. This one is roomy enough for a weekend getaway, but not too huge to be impractical for everyday use — stash your work essentials plus a spare set of exercise clothes in the separate bottom compartment so you can take an impromptu spin class without lugging a gym bag around.

The relaxed-chic look in a range of shades is just the icing on the cake. To buy: loandsons. This lightweight, quilted bag from Oliver Thomas — a new travel bag brand that's named after founder Sue Fuller's dog — pulls out all the stops. To buy: theoliverthomas.


As one of our editors' picks in this year's Ultimate Travel Essentials , this smooth Italian leather stunner is the perfect selection for when you want a weekender that will last forever. The style is minimalist with a roomy inside compartment. To buy: orchardmile. This bag from Bottega Veneta is admittedly a splurge. By Lila Battis May 09, Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team.

5 Cool Travel Bags You’ll Ever Want - Must Watch

If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Pin FB ellipsis More. Image zoom. Courtesy of Retailers. Courtesy of Dagne Dover. Courtesy of Nordstrom. Courtesy of Everlane. I love photography so I always bring a bigger camera with an interchangeable lens system. The most lightweight option is obviously to use a compact camera or a smartphone. But I diverge from the maximum minimalism here uhh, is that a thing? If you want to read me gushing uncontrollably about this camera, check out my full review of the Panasonic GX8. The Micro Four Thirds format used by Panasonic and Olympus is amazing for travel photography, as the lenses are just so ridiculously lightweight.

All this combined weighs only 1. By the way, the cool thing about using a sling camera bag is that, well… you can sling that sucka around and always instantly access your camera! There are a few other smaller items I want to tell you about. I stay in hostels and budget guesthouses often, which means having to lock your bags in a locker.

Finally, I bring this piece of multifunctional headwear by Buff, made of a special seamless stretchy material.

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You can easily use these to create a bandana, sweatband, scarf great for motorbiking , sleeping mask, or sun guard. I guess the implication is that I can go full Bear Grylls style and be a total scuzzy dirtbag with only one t-shirt to wear not true! I think packing light gives you a lot of benefits, but not everyone will want to travel in the same way.

If you feel a larger bag and more options are better, you should go for it!

Best Luggage for Long-Term Travel: Backpacks vs Rolling Luggage

Just make sure you give it a good test run before your trip and check how it feels to carry for a while and avoid packing at the last minute. I hope this post has been helpful! Packing is a pretty personal thing so everyone does it differently, but maybe my example has given you a few ideas. Do you wish you could travel more — but can never find the time or money?

Or are you planning a trip but feeling overwhelmed by the whole process? Then don't worry, because my step-by-step guide to budget and adventure travel will help you out In I quit the daily grind for a life of travel. Here I aim to inspire others to travel more — and to share honest budget travel guides from around the world. Leave a comment Your email address will not be published. Your website url. Great article! On Ryanair you can only take one small item on board for free these days it has to fit under the seat in front of you… so Setout 45 would be too big.

With most other airlines including Easyjet you will be able to take the Setout 45 as carry-on luggage. My wife and I are underway for an extended vacation experience in Nicaragua. At the end of your post you mentioned a misconception that many may have regarding women. The irony, my wife packed about as many items as me and possibly less. She is very girly and has surprised me with her can do attitude as a minimalist.

With a hip belt of course. It makes travelling so much easier and stress free. No other bags.

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Got some high quality Merino wool shirts and socks and maybe underwear budget permitting , with one shorts and pants that are travel appropriate. Great article, Marek! You covered so much in this post that a lot of other bloggers miss. I gave up my Canon 5D kit several years ago in favor of a Sony a and a few lenses. Hey MJ. I like the RX series a lot but I also quite like having interchangeable lenses! I shoot everything with my RX I sold my APS-C camera to get it, along with a few other goodies.

It does amazing stills and does great for video for me. It is a perfect jack of all trades camera, but you are going to loose a lot if you want to shoot telephoto-tripod shots. Kills it in low light with the 1. I was blown away. Take a look on flickr and youtube for what people have been able to do with a camera that fits in your pocket. Hi Marek, Thanks for the great article. All the packing info I need for my travels the next 12 months. I have a question regarding your day pack. I aspect that the low cost companies will see it as a second hand luggage.

What are your experiences? Kind Regards! Hi Heriberto. This is an awesome guide! It has been a huge help as I prepare for my trip to Switzerland. Thank you! Also, in trying to find your website, I discovered a copycat blog that totally plagiarized your work.

Packing Like A Pro And Traveling Light—My Ultimate Guide

Thanks for the headsup Tanner. Unfortunately there are a few blogs that just scrape content from mine. Hey Merek! I love your travel blog! Very insightful tips on prep and planning! Hey Mac. Try to go for commercial bank ATMs not small ones at convenience stores etc. Get cash out in larger batches so you reduce the number of minimum withdrawal fees. As for currency exchange, the rates at airports or at the borders are often pretty bad. Thanks, Marek. Your blog is an inspiration and your book helped us to plan our own backpacking adventure.

We are both women and have found packing the amount you describe here totally do-able. My question has to do with carry-on limits, though. For most of our flights in Asia and Australia, we have faced a 7 kg weight limit for carry-on bags not just a size limit. My backpack has never weighed less than 12 kg. Given this limit, is it realistic or should we just get used to coughing up the fee to check bags? Hey Jacqui. I have had the same experience on flights to Europe with either 8kg or 10kg limits.

The trick we use it to put something heavy in your personal bag e. I am going to Japan for a month on a very tight budget and not having to pay for checked luggage is such a fantastic idea. I have just been travelling for 3 months in very hot and then quite cold places carrying 15kg and I was very proud of myself. As a woman, I can give the following tips: 1. Super easy to pack! Thank you for your post!! Incredible post and incredible blog. Hey Dan! I travel with a 25L backpack by Osprey. I love it.

I managed to go around with the smaller bag simply because my clothes are very small! First of all, congratulations on a great traveling resource written in a witty and inspiring way! I have a small question regarding your list: do you have any recommendations regarding t-shirts materials, colors etc. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this. Avoid synthetic blends if you can as they get very hot and sticky IMO. By no means necessary though — only do this if you can spare the money.

Thank you so much Marek. I really appreciate this post!! Felipe Brazil. Hi Marek, Thanks for sharing all your wonderful packing ideas! Mostly I want to thank you specifically for the Safety Whistle and the Wire lock. I have travelled solo for years all over the world and never needed them but now that you suggest it I think its a great safety tip. Thanks Again! Very helpful article thank you. I would like to know whether you are able to get away with the 55L osprey as carry luggage or are you often forced to check it in? Thank you Marek for such an informative post.

Your recommendation of 40 litres is spot on. On my last trip of 2. I travelled on several regional carriers with a one-bag carry-on limit of 7 kg. The Stuff Pack served me well as a day pack, and of course packed away easily in the Farpoint 40 on travel days. I find when I ask myself this question about every item I pack, my packing is more strategic.

Also, I traded in a pyjama top for a tunic I could use as daywear if necessary. Good advice on the Crocs, Anne. I always have a pair strapped to the outside of my pack. When in the outdoors, I bring the standard slip-on version as camp shoes. When traveling, I take along a lace-up pair that look like boat shoes. Either way, they make a great lightweight option that takes up no interior space. I will be asking for as much advice as possible! I will be traveling throughout europe for a minimum of 35 days.

I Will be staying in hostels and will also be walking throughout nature for a few days at a time. Wondering what the most suitable bag os for myself. Which do you recommend and if neither please substitute! Any recomendations of where to visit in Italy, Switzerland. Hey Alex!

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Thank you so much greatly appreciated. Ice it easy to access things in the bag? All in one pile. Thanks so much for this great advice, your a life saver! Going for a year in a month with exactly the same bag as you have got. Thanks again. Hey Marek, great post. I carry preety much everything you do. My pack is very light and I love being minimalist. It makes my travels far more enjoyable and care free. Great post, very useful advice! Did you end up purchasing that Sony mirrorless camera yet, I am also currently saving up for one.

I hear amazing things about them! Hey Alex.

When a Wheeled Backpack is the Best Luggage for Long-Term Travel

I was set on getting the A7 and borrowed one for a while but then went the totally opposite way and got a micro four thirds camera the Panasonic GX8. The main argument for me was the affordability, weight, and small size of micro four thirds lenses. A similar lens on a full-frame Sony would weigh 3x as much and cost 2. Really helpful and really informative, thank you! Super super helpful.

I really loved the blog and found it incredibly useful. I tend to be a light packer, I just want to make sure I invest in the right pack. I tend to take a lot of landscape, structure, and monument photos, but I may also want to take some actions shots along the way as well. Is there any camera in particular that stands out to you? Thanks again for all of the great info! Reading your blog has exponentially increased my excitement for travels ahead as I begin to plan and start thinking about packing!