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Her payment? A slam dunk all around. Having a theme run through a collection such as this one is like using a set piece in music competition. Comparison between performances becomes perhaps too easy and some entries fare much better than others. Two of the Deadliest ranges from adequate to virtuoso in quality but taken as a whole certainly provides solid entertainment. Trust Me by Jeff Abbott. Sometimes, they show up at your bookstore. Like many a thriller, Trust Me starts with the bad guys. There are two men, one old and one dressed in a gray suit.

They are in a park in London and they are discussing how many terrorist attacks they could unleash with the fifty million dollars the old man, a Middle Eastern prince, is giving to the man in the gray suit. Unbeknownst to them, a third party is there, a lady named Jane, listening in.

Rock and roll.

The Eager Assassin

At the center of all this rocking and rolling is Luke Dantry, a twenty-four-year-old University of Texas graduate student. Specifically, they want to find the radical folks online who may be the next Timothy McVeigh, people who will take their ranting to the next level. After a brief visit by Henry in which Luke delivers the latest reports on these online nut cases, Luke takes his step-father to the airport. On the way back to his car, Luke finds a gun in his ribs. A desperate man, Eric, tells him to drive to Houston. Chained to a bed in a cabin in the middle of the east Texas woods, Luke has to escape and stay out of the hands of the bad guys as well as the police who want him in connection with the murder of a homeless man, a man Eric shot and Luke witnessed.

The chase is on. From Houston to Chicago to New York to Paris, Luke has to stay one step ahead of the authorities and the members of the mysterious Night Road, the group of extremists whose sole desire is to inflict damage upon America. An explosion near Houston is linked to other acts of terror across the country. Luke knows they are tied together and he must figure out a way to stop it while simultaneously clear his name. In multiple POVs, we readers are privy to everything. We know the identity of the hired guns sent to the cabin to fetch Luke.

Later on in the novel, we know things Luke has to find out for himself. I usually write my stories with a limited POV, allowing the mysterious things to remain unknown until the main character learns about them at the same time as the reader. Luke is a regular guy. In the world of the fantastic, you get the sense that it could possible happen, even to you. The pace of Trust Me is pretty relentless, an essential component in a thriller. Action words, words designed to punch the reader in the face at the same time describe non-stop action.

Luke Dantry has a seemingly privileged life. These users express discontentment with the system. Thanks to the anonymity of cyberspace, sometimes this discontentment takes the form of dark and violent exchanges. Luke does this for his think tank stepfather, Henry and to gather data for his own graduate degree in psychology. At first Luke thinks that the kidnapping is related to his study of cyber terrorism. Gradually a different picture emerges that involves his stepfather.

There is colorful cast of characters lurking about as Luke escapes the clutches of his kidnapper. Eric, his kidnapper claims to be saving his girlfriend, but appears to be a banker who stole money intended for terrorist plots. There are Mouser and Snow, who hunt Luke for Henry. There is a mysterious British woman who pulls strings from afar.

Abbot presents a well-written and fast paced mystery. Black Water Rising by Attica Locke. Former activist Jay Porter, now a struggling storefront lawyer and only weeks away from the birth of his first child, seems closer than ever to closing the book on his former life. Porter is compelled to risk his marriage, his sanity and his freedom to set things right. This is a powerful first novel by screenwriter Attica Locke, whose storytelling skills make for a spellbinding debut in crime fiction. The tension never lets up as Porter follows the scant trail left behind by the woman he rescued, leading to betrayal, extortion and murder.

His troubled past relationship with Cynthia, now mayor of Houston, opens many old wounds as he realizes how far she will go to promote her own position and success. Often stark and hardboiled, this novel still holds at its core a belief that standing strong against the darkness and endeavoring to do right will bring at least a glimmer of light. A worthwhile read, recommended. But for those who like a mystery with plenty of suspects who have plenty of motives, and who like to puzzle out the truth, this will fit the bill.

Murder of a Wedding Belle by Denise Swanson. Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, New Mystery Reader. The bride is not noted for a sweet disposition either, but as long as she gets her own way, she is almost civil, and so Skye remains determined to finish what was started in spite of the circumstances.

Chaos reigns when the wedding planner turns up dead in a flower refrigerator, and in this one murder, there are many suspects. So all Skye and her boyfriend, who is the chief of police, have to do is choose the right one — not an easy task by any means. A few irritants arose while reading this new cozy. However, in spite of this problem there is a good mystery to be found between the insults directed towards this slightly passive character, ultimately making this one worthwhile.

Azim is smart, polished and elusive. Even his own associates can't always keep up with him. His targets are calculated to throw fear and terror into every American's heart. He plans to do this by insuring that no American, no matter where he or she lives, will ever feel safe again. Dantry becomes involved because Ryan Harmon, a friend of long standing and a one-time Navy Seal comes to Tony to inform him that he suspects some of his fellow employees in a prominent high tech firm of being terrorists.

Speaking of high tech, as usual in the Tony Dantry novels, you'll find plenty of the latest spy gadgetry. At first Dantry is not convinced that Harmon's suspicions have any merit because they seem utterly implausible, but eventually he comes around. Soon Dantry, his girlfriend Joanna Barbeau and Harmon find themselves working alongside the FBI, trying to keep pace with the evil mastermind terrorist threat that manages to keep one step ahead of them at every turn.

Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Please welcome Simon Eady. Now evil mommy wants her back but the girl is not too thrilled with it. Told you it was odd. Please say hi to Abby Banks. This extremely capable and deadly assassin for the CIA is a part of the Tom Grey universe and she will interact with members of that series and with that of Andrew Harvey but this series is definitely her own.

Check her out. Please welcome Rayna Tan. This one deals with CIA operative turned private security consultant Josh Fallon and it has a lot of action and is quite fun to read. Check it out. The series of short stories was published in but deals with events going on just before the Great War started. Lots of leftovers, too. My job had been to enjoy. And then do the dishes. A LOT of dishes. Now it is to add this 3-book series that started out seeming like a spy series and then didn't and then did again.

I wavered a couple of times whether to add this and obviously ended on the 'yes' side. Here is the B-Squad , a team put together to combat terrorism and finding a whole different enemy to go after.

About this book

Check out this 3-book series. These books have definitely fallen into obscurity, IMHO, and they definitely do not deserve it. I read a lukewarm review of them describing them as melodrama and they do not really deserve that, either. The writing is very impressive and you really get to know the character and time passes quickly and enjoyable when you are in the world of Saxon Ashe , a name for both the character and the author. It turns out that even before I was writing words of praise for that excellent series, she had put out another one also worthy of acclaim, this one being a trilogy.

She is darn good and so is this series. In the realm of spy stories, the Reds were the arch-enemy trying to destroy democracy. One stalwart bastion of defense with some amazingly good stories was Clark Mason. Read about him and check out his adventures here. Today we travel back to and a television series which spawned a couple of books and a handful of comic books.

The Freewheelers were three teenagers two male and 1 female who are co-opted by a MI-5 agent to help out on a case which then became several cases. This sounds suspiciously like a Mod Squad rip-off two males and 1 female pushed into service for the police but the British spy series came out in April of while the American crime drama was September of that year. Now, did one influence the other? The guru of television spy shows, Wesley Britton, does not mention it in his awesome Encyclopedia of TV Spies so perhaps not.

Anyways, here are facts on the series to revisit. Andrew Harvey is an MI-5 agent who we first meet and get to like in the Gray books but who now has the opportunity to step out on his own. Please welcome him. Alicia Myles is in every one of Drake's adventures in one capacity or another but since she has been given her own set of books, she warrants her own mention. Please say howdy. Veterans Day! Never quite sure on that one. For those of lucky enough to survive, happy, sure! For those we lost, not so much.

How about "Proud Veterans Day"? Nah, not the right ring to it. Anyways, to my brothers and sisters with whom I had the honor of standing, thanks for having my back. Please welcome UNO. I have been reading a ton but not writing anything. That stops tonight.

Tonight I bring you a 4-book series about a kick-butt CIA assassin who is a blast to read about and to follow and I hope there are more books to come because I am a definitely fan. Please welcome Viper, aka Alina Maschik , to the compendium. Derry Greene is most definitely not a spy. He is a travel company's trouble-shooter. That's what his job description says but the kind of trouble he has to shoot more than qualifies him for membership. However, since I want to eventually write about every spy series I know of, and this is one, I here and now bring you Victor Canning's Birdcage series.

I hope you will be gentle with me. I had felt the series was a military one but it was pointed out quite well that when soldiers change into civvies to go on a mission, they are considered spies by the enemy. So, they fit. I have given this series the name most associated with it so please welcome the three men, Mallory, Stavros, and Miller, from The Navarone Series and the 4 books in it. We are back in modern times now with two analysts who work in the field as well and whose adventures were so captivating I read all four books straight through.

I greatly enjoyed this series and hope for a lot more from the author. I think you will like him as well. Third such entry in a row. Today we head back to the mids and a very poorly named Tiffany Sinn. Poorly because the character got her start in a romance comic book, not an underground comic like you might expect from that name. The stories were actually quite good and I wished there had been more than the 3 we have. I chanced upon it while looking for something else so I took the time to read it and knew that I had to add it since it fit all the requirements.

Unfortunately, the quality of the series really lacked so reading the stories was harder than I would have liked. Still, I present it to you for your consideration. Please welcome nicely! Madame Strange. I applaud his endeavors and happily share his website url with you. Please check it out and enjoy! It is www. I say that again but it never does! The series is a comicbook one which is not very good, IMHO, but any series from Canada is rare enough to be welcome just on that alone. Please welcome Guy Powers to the compendium. This series of historical spy mysteries is written today but takes place then and the author really has gone to great lengths to bring the realism to the pages and to not give the characters any benefit of the writer's hindsight.

I am always impressed when the really good authors can pull this off and I would put Sarah Shaber in that category. Since she lives in the same city I do, I hope some day to meet her and thank her for the enjoyment I've gotten from these stories. Please welcome Louise Pearlie. It is written by a very talented and industrious Alexander Fullerton and concerns the intrepid Rosie Ewing. Please say hi! It is an 8-book series of wild rides and strange twists.

Please welcome it or them to the compendium. The storyline takes us back to the years leading up to and into the Second World War as we follow the Anglo-German actress Clara Vine as she operates as an agent in Berlin. Both are by the highly prolific author Philip McCutchan who was most famous for his historical adventure series Cameron, Ogilvie, and Halfhyde to name three.

He penned the Commander Esmonde Shaw spy series from to and the Simon Shard spy series from to Both of these are again available. He also did another series, James Packard, under a pseudonym but I have not seen those brought back yet. The Shaw series is very much in the James Bond style of action more so at the beginning while the Shard books are counter-intelligence in almost a police procedural mode.

I am glad the series have not vanished into obscurity. This one is from the early 40s and presents a Spy Smasher wannabee because he starts out as an eager army officer and then in the second issue he dons a skin-tight costume and go undercover as G-2 of the Army Intelligence.

Good artwork. Decent stories. Goofy concept. Neighbors on the coast and to the south of us are not so lucky and my prayers go out to them. Sitting at home with nothing to do but watch and wait and read what a chore , I add a 2-book series well, 4 actually about operatives who have been excommunicated from service for one reason or another. They are given a chance at redemption by a man called the Administrator.

They are The Excoms. Please say hi. Already annoyed my back and shoulder 'cause I be old and fat and not used to this. Oh well! First Look :Today I bring you a 6-book series about a "liar, a chameleon, a different person to everyone who meets him". Please welcome Lance Priest , aka Preacher. I had a lot of trouble with the first book but really liked the second so I have a good deal of hope for the series moving forward.

Please welcome Michael Brennan. Jim Stillwater is an interesting man whose work takes him to different place around the world where he seems to find ways to get into the midst of trouble but is sharp enough, and has good friends to help, to get out of it in the end. Please welcome the highly resourceful and delightful Cassiopeia Vitt , a mouthful of a first name but one impressive lady to have at your side or covering your back. I liked this character from the first time she saved Malone's behind and she has just gotten better over time. Please welcome Jeff Fortner to the group. There are six books in this series about two friends, one a CIA agent and the other a retired SpecOps who gets pulled back into duty.

My addition today is a good one, though, and one that I am excited to pass along. Bianca St.

Ives is a high-class thief who runs a security business in her non-stealing times. She never steals from her clients but tends to go after really big and really bad fish. She becomes a member of this compendium because her mysterious father, the man who trained her to be a world-class thief, is a former CIA assassin who was thought dead years ago. And she, well, she is very much wanted by the Agency as well, dead or alive. This is a highly enjoyable two-book series that has been waiting excitedly for the third.

Check it out! That is definitely the case for this early-runner in the genre. The two books written about Eileen 'Bundle' Brent are really the first two books in a larger series about Superintendent Battles but the two Brent books were spy-related and the rest not so much. Also, Brent is such a delightful and interesting character, she deserves her own place in spy-fi history. Please say hi to the three-book series about John Ranger. I have been reading, and really enjoying, a 4-novella series about two women, Eve Polastri and Villanelle. I have been watching a fantastic 8-episode Season 1 of Killing Eve which deals with two women, Eve Polastri and Villanelle.

The novellas are the basis of the TV shows but they are different. And they are both well worth the time. I have named the series Eve Polastri but that is just me. The novellas are clearly aiming towards Villanelle as the main character while the television drama kinda, well, does and does not. Either way, the whole shebang is worth the time. I loved both! There are, so far, three books in the series which take him from being a highly successful "ghost" thwarting an impressive number of plots about the US to being a hunted man accused of terrorism himself.

Please welcome Rowan Milani. Please welcome Jayson Wilde to the compendium. Lots of trips to stores buying little but enjoying their cool. Finally repairman came to our rescue! So today I give a First Look at a pair of agents for a hush-hush organization called Cerberus. Please welcome Falk and Koski. It is hot here in NC and my AC is busted.

Fans are going like crazy and when my wife asks if I want to go shopping with her, I think of the air conditioned stores and say, "why not! That stuff invariably means almost getting killed. Please welcome a very entertaining Colin Pearce to the compendium. Today I introduce that author's four-book so far series about a different individual who is brought into the cloak-and-dagger world in pre-WWII Europe. It is pretty darned interesting so far. Please welcome Harry Braham and do check him out. The time is and the place is Europe. The man is a ship owner named Rick Kasten who gets involved in a fair amount of cloak and dagger work in addition to running a business.

Interesting characters presented in a way that lets you get to know the people and how and why they interact as they do with each other. I named the series after the one I consider to be the main character, Martina Jung , but there are several in the group worthy of attention. Hopefully many, many, many more to come. Today's entry into the compendium comes from Britain, however. It marks a significant change for me as well because the spy in this 2-book series from the mids is an industrial spy.

Being very good at his job means not being a very good guy because you flat out cannot trust him, ever. And yet you can trust the terrific author who got his training crafting these tales - Ken Follett. Please welcome the ruthless but entertaining Piers Roper. Hot and humid here in NC. Normal summer weather. Still like living here, though.

Beats the winter blizzards in SD.

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  7. Well, today's entry into the compendium is a very interesting and downright enjoyable series about a former Special Forces soldier turned soldier of fortune who ends up working for some very powerful people doing some very dangerous stuff. High octane and loads of fun. Please welcome the oddly named but quite deadly Stetson Culp.

    Quite a ways back, actually. More than a century. The year is and the world is just a couple of years and a couple of assassin bullets from the First World War. One agent is hard at work to keep France and England ready for what he is certain is about to happen, though he hopes he is wrong.

    Now, there are a fair number of series written for this time period but this one was written then so it is not a historical spy series. It is modern for its time. Please welcome Hugh Morrice to the compendium. It involves an interesting British gent of Indian Muslim descent who is a member of Group 8. I am enjoying them and you might check them out as well. Please welcome Ashraf Khan.

    What I have read so far makes me want to read more. Please welcome Alex Hoffman to the compendium. That is two unsavory entries this month. Not a great month in that regard. Today's reluctant and unpleasant addition to the compendium comes from and is a 3-issue pornographic comicbook series about Jane Bondage.

    The name says enough, don't you think? I apologize ahead of time. Please welcome Chuck Brandt. Dylan Hunter has some unique skills that let him do some interesting things and an internal drive that won't let him not do them. And then there is his love, Annie, who really works for the CIA and is involved in hunting down the mysterious vigilante making the news.

    When the series starts, he does not know the truth about her and she most definitely does not know the truth about him. My choice to live in North Carolina, of course. I bring to the compendium today a series that takes place largely in Saudi Arabia so my mentioning the heat seems appropriate. The entry I present is from and consists of 3 full-length adventures and 1 novella, all telling the life story of a pretty fascinating woman named Sasha Del Mira. Being well into the public domain, there are several versions of it available and most are inexpensive.

    His is not the earliest spy series but it comes pretty close and is important for that. This series has a protagonist who really is a journalist - until he becomes a spy. Please welcome the four-book series about Michael Vaux. These books were very popular back in the day but now are quite expensive. As yet I have found no evidence of ebook versions though I hope they will be available because my bookshelves are crammed full.

    Anyways, this series deals with a author who is really a spy and his college-age nephew who travels with him on "vacations".

    timid tony Manual

    Please welcome this 7-book series about Marston Baines. Not quite as foreboding as those in March. I bring you a two-book series from a half-decade ago by a man who knows a thing or three about espionage thrillers. Howard Gordon was the long-time executive producer of 24 and the co-creator of the incredible Homeland. He wrote the series mentioned here about an American international negotiator who gets involved in some pretty nasty business.

    Please welcome Gideon Davis to the compendium. Three books that make up the adventures of fix-it man turned part-time agent for an international crime-fighting organization. Meet Roman Solaire. But I have a fair amount of information from other sources to let me know that I really do not want to know much more. I could be wrong. Nevertheless, I decided for the heck of it and for the sake of being a complete a compendium of spy series as I can, to include it so please say hello to the highly sexed entertainer Amanda Curzon. And let me know if you know more about her.

    The term 'squad' could mean lots of different things, many of them military in nature but in this case it refers to wait for it! Ah, yep! Perky peppy pom-pom pushers are to be lusted after by young boys, cheered with from the bleachers, and totally discounted as anything of a threat. Which is why in this series, they make some darn good secret agents. This short, entertaining young-adult series is fun and does not take itself too seriously. It does let you into the life of computer hacker forced into being a cheerleader, Toby Klein , and the reader gets to watch her turn slowly into one very good covert operative.

    And cheerleader. This is NOT one of those cases. I enter it into the compendium because that is what I do. I tell you up front it is a blessedly short comicbook series from decades ago. Say hello to Secret Agent 2B But do not plan on spending much time with him. I love you, my dear. Thanks for tolerating me for so long. Now, on to today's entry. I bring you a wonderfully entertaining series that keeps me grinning with each new adventure. And there have been 17 so far. I started reading these at 2.

    Why I took so long couple of years to write about them, who knows! At long last, I give you The Housewife Assassin and her many guides to all sorts of things you things you never knew you needed to know. This 3-book series from revolves around a quite capable young agent with the DHS. I will give the details of the books as I know them and a brief explanation of the series as I take this "first look" at them. No My Comments or Grade until I know more. Two different comic book publishers included in their anthologies reporters who were bringing America the news from war zones just before the U.

    Neither series lasted very long but both had some good points to them, enough to take the time to read the few tales available. Please welcome Scoop Mason and Scoop Daley to the compendium. Good solid tales. You should check him out. When I recently expanded my reach, he again asked and now, thanks to him and to the fantastic writing of a true sci-fi giant, I present to you a sci-spy-fi treat, if you did not already know about him. Please welcome to the compendium the terrific Dominic Flandry , a man-about-town debonair and resourceful agent who first came out two years before James Bond.

    A couple weeks ago he let me know of a 7th book in the series, "The Second Red Dragon", which is now available in ebook format. Today he told me of the 8th book, "Contact!

    See a Problem?

    Bit red-faced here. To miss one is a shame. To miss two is Thanks, Robert! Please welcome Betty Thursten , aka the Betty Chronicles. This character is a lot of fun to watch but even more interesting perhaps are the people he will run up against. I am very impressed with how well the author brought out these other characters and made them important to the story and interesting to boot. Even the not-so-nice people. Good writing. Please then welcome Steve Baldwin. It was not bad. It just was not good. Nevertheless, please welcome this 5-issue comic book series about Steve Battle.

    Of course, I know that often this shining jewel is known to lots of other people but I still delight in yelling about it. In today's case, I do not know how many people remember the author, Patricia Wentworth, because she left us more than a half-century ago. I knew of her from years ago reading several of her Miss Silver books but until recently with the release in ebook format of her novels, I did not know at all about Benbow Smith.

    Both, what a pleasant surprise it was to hear of then then enjoy the daylights out of these books. Please welcome this fascinating spy-master to the compendium. Not a good series at all. At least it is blessedly short. Take a quick ganger as the comic book series Spade of the Secret Service. That is as long as it deserves. I said no. Well, I changed my mind. Coming to us from the past 60's is a series about a futuristic secret agent who comes and goes all the time. And his sidekick Webley. My entry for today has nothing to do with Luke or Han or Leia although I am a bit psyched about the upcoming movie Solo.

    Today we welcome a 5-book series about a law professor who most definitely was not always a professor. He likes being a professor, though, and would not mind too much if the world would let him just be that. The world will not and so Creed Emerson gets involved in several exciting adventures. I have had this series on the digital shelf for far too long, always planning to get to it 'soon'. Well, if I had known how well written and enjoyable it was, I would have made soon actually be soon. The second is in El Salvador over a decade later as the Soviet Union and Cuba help bring in a communist government to Nicaragua and are looking earnestly at its neighbors.

    Very well-written series I am enjoying a lot. Please welcome Peter Ivorson to the compendium. When I first started this compendium, I knew there were at least a couple hundred series out there, many in obscurity perhaps. I was stunned and amazed and thrilled when I reached the mark. I actually scoffed when a fellow fan, Johny, mentioned I would be hitting soon "I doubt it very much", I told him.

    Now here we are. When a while back I saw I was easily going to hit this millennial moment, I knew I wanted to make that entry a special one and I believe I have done that. The th series concerns the actions of what is, as of this writing, the very earliest true spy series I have found; i. I may find others that came before but in this moment, it is the first that I know about. Please then celebrate this moment with me and welcome Newton Moore , agent with the British Secret Service Fund who had 6 entertaining adventures told in magazine format at the turn of the century, I chose for this almost prestigious position a less than prestigious series that I really enjoyed because I am very much, well, "me".

    Please welcome Carter Brown's 4-book adventure with Paul Donavan international adventurer. He is a hoot. From to today, King Faraday has been an agent who makes women swoon and men growl. The year is and the U. German U-boats are harassing shipping and the Japanese are out to grab all of the Far East Pacific region. Helping protect our allies is Spike Mason , a Naval Intelligence agent undercover as the First Mate of a cargo vessel. Standard fare but not bad and worth the few minutes to read each of 8 adventures. I have had such a terrific time over the past couple of weeks listening to the adventures of Aussie agent Alby Murdoch driving to and from work that it made the traffic totally bearable.

    Of course, people in cars next to me might have wondered a time or two why that old fella was laughing but hey! It was a fun, exciting, interesting, and worthwhile three books. Please welcome this DED-head read or listen to the books, or read my write-up. This new entry is a Secret Service agent who, though he does not really do a whole lot of spy work, does call himself a "Secret Agent".

    Please welcome the comicbook series Johnny Dale. I owned the first two of these but really had not wanted to revisit them. But, as much as I disliked them back when I bought them two decades ago, I decided to get it over with and add the series. I hated the series and gave it one of my lowest grades not for the writing, which is really really good but for the content which was beyond my ability to take. There is actually a third series in the group but I have not yet read the third and got impatient to add these two.

    So, please welcome The Disavowed , a series about three CIA agents who were forced out of the Agency and then just cannot keep from getting into trouble. This predisposes him to a life of crime, which was in fact a common theory in the late s, though there was little — if any — scientific evidence for this. Unfortunately, Spider is also firmly on the radar of Detective Sergeant Bulman and it was this antagonistic relationship which was not only the mainstay of the television series The XYY Man but allowed the Bulman character to develop in the spin-off police series Strangers in and then to star in his own series as a private eye, in Bulman in Kenneth Royce wrote seven Spider Scott novels and, later, three novels featuring Alf Bulman.

    Top Notch Thrillers is proud to be able to reissue the first two novels, The XYY Man which has been out-of-print for more than 20 years and the immediate sequel, The Concrete Boot from Okay, no one ever really says that so let's pretend I didn't just type it. I come today with a series that I say in my write-up may not even be a real series and if it is, it hardly deserves that much attention.

    Still, it is my goal to bring forward any and all spy series I find in print. Yeah, I had never heard of him before either. Enough mushy stuff! Today I present a issue comic book intelligence agent from I describe him as plain vanilla, which he is, but sometimes I like vanilla. Please welcome Skip Schuyler to the compendium. As I write in My Comments, it is not a series in the traditional sense but it does come close enough to qualify for me adding it. Carruthers is the name of the main character and thus the name of the series but he is largely absent in the second adventure.

    It would not have taken place, however, without his influence. Then you throw in the fact that the first adventure, The Riddle of the Sands was written in and the follow-up, The Shadow in the Sands came out almost one hundred years later. It kinds throws a wrench into the cogs of a normal series. But it does give me a chance to add one of the greatest spy thrillers, and certainly one of the first, into my compendium so I happily present it here.

    Today I add the so-far two books about another sniper who turns out to be related to Swagger, Ray Cruz. I enjoyed the Cruz novels as much as I did the Swagger ones and I think you will, too. I started to come up with a reason or two and then realized he was right. Swagger deals with numerous problems that should qualify him and besides, I have enjoyed several Bob Lee adventures over the year. I even enjoyed the Mark Wahlberg movie about the character. Here he is in the group. If you have not already, please check him out.

    A single word description for the series is "rabbits". Read my comments and you will see why. As my write-up will indicate, I didn't always understand what was happening or why but I couldn't put the book down which says something for it. Please welcome Abigail to the compendium. Very interesting series for admittance to the compendium today. What makes it interesting, and I mostly use the term tongue-in-cheek, is that it was published by a soft-core publisher and is likely to have been considered a "dirty book" but it kinda also isn't.

    I had not heard of it until my pal from Argentina, Johny Malone, clued me into it. Please welcome Jeff Lawton. The first book is interesting but a tad uneven but worth the time. Then the series gets better so hang in there. Do give it a try, though, and say hello to Jake Pendleton.