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David Zeltserman says: "When Hardboiled Magazine publishes new authors, Burnham; "Terror By Night, Christmas is a time for giving, for receiving. We've collected ten Christmas stories, old and new, that will spike your eggnog, trim your tree, and hopefully add a dash of spice to your Christmas cheer. Included are: "A Christmas This is a reproduction of a book published before This book may have occasional imperfectionssuch as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc.

Sh hn me Persian for "The Book of Kings" is an enormous poetic opus written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi around AD and is the national epic of the Persian-speaking world. The Sh hn meh tells the mythical and historical past of Greater Iran f Jean de La Fontaine was the most famous French fabulist and one of the most widely read French poets of the 17th century.

A set of postage stamps celebrating La Fontaine and the Fables was issued by France in A film of his life was Attorney Jill Shannon's clients include Blick Pharmaceuticals, which is pursuing research into life-extending drugs. Blick has reawakened the homicidal maniac Payback, whom they created twenty years earlier, to literally kill off the competition by t The classic pulp magazine "The Popular Magazine" thrilled readers twice every month for generations. This issue, from November 7, , presents a huge selection of fiction, including a complete novel by Henry C.

Rowland "Dicky". Short stories by C Old King Brady and Alice, peering in between the curtains, saw enough. Harry had got himself into a bad fix. There he lay on the floor with three Chinamen bending over him.

One held a box, another a long glass vial. What were they about? When an heiress is found murdered, corporate attorney Gail Brevard is assigned the case, despite her lack of experience in trying criminal matters. The suspect, year-old Damon Powell, was found in front of the murdered girl's house, with the murde Multiple Award nominations including Agatha, Anthony and MacavityFish Tales, The Guppy Anthology, casts a wide net across the mystery genre, delivering thrills, chills, and gills.

This water-themed collection features locked room puzzles, police proc In the tradition of the old "Ace Double" two-in-one novels flip one over to read the second title --here is the seventeenth Wildside Double. The world is running down. People are m In the tradition of the old "Ace Doubles" two-in-one books flip one over to read the second title --here is the fifth Wildside Mystery Double. When the police are aske The world of the Simes and Gens is teetering on the brink. Zeth Farris reaches adulthood just when things start to fall apart.

When he finally understands the audacity of the social engineering experiment that his parents have set in motion, Zeth mus The scene lay tranquil and peaceful--except for A man who terrifies women, a myst Rimon Farris, a rich Sime farmer's son, has a golden future: all he has to do is marry his childhood sweetheart, Kadi, and he's set for life. But Kadi matures into a Gen, as one-third of the human children do, randomly; and suddenly is considered no What if the Cold War never ended -- but continued for a thousand years?

Egerton Castle M. He co-authored many novels with his wife, Agnes Castle In the tradition of the old "Ace Doubles," two-in-one books flip one over to read the second title --here is the eleventh Wildside Double. Judas Payne was the devil's spawn, a product of rape, a In 79 A. It was here that nineteenth-century British novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton set his be In the tradition of the old "Ace Doubles" flip one book over to read the second title --here is the sixth Wildside Double.

He's seen his share of battles and fought them In the tradition of the old "Ace Doubles" two-in-one books flip one over to read the second title --here is the eighth Wildside Double. Collings This is Omne, a world enveloped by perpetua Edward Everett Hale was an American author and Unitarian clergyman. This is a collection of his short stories, many of which gave him a prominent position among short-story writers of 19th century America The Satyricon was probably written by Gaius Petronius ca.

It is a combination of prose and poetry, and tells the tale of Encolpius, who is trying to keep his young lover faithful. The story provides a rare insight into the lives of t This volume contains four short stories by American authors and was edited by William Cullen Bryant , an American romantic poet, journalist, and long-time editor of the New York Evening Post Marvin Dana ?

Bayard Veiller was a playwright and screenwriter, as well as a film director and producer. He wrote the screenplays for over 30 films. Within the Law was filmed as Paid, starr The second volume in the "Cat Tales" series collects 17 original tales and poems concerning cats plus one classic story by Edgar Pangborn and an essay by H. Lovecraft into the purr-fect anthology for cat lovers Here you will find "If Wishes Were Three tales of mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and adventure. The Orange Forest Rabbit has a thriving business peddling carrots and carrot products on Earth and on other planets such as Zargon.

Helped by his trusty puppy, Robes Pierre, he solves m When the U. President flees the country with a trillion dollars in his back pocket, America is left leaderless while facing an unprecendented economic crisis. Six hundred years ago, a group of pilgrims made their way to Canterbury, and Geoffrey Chaucer created one of the great works of English literature.

A hundred years from now, a nuclear-powered steam train is stopped by a massive storm on its journey t This volume reprints all of the fiction complete with original artwork from the February, issue of "Astouding Stories of Super-Science. Meek, and more The Code of Hammurabi is a well-preserved ancient law code, created circa BC in ancient Babylon.

It was enacted by the sixth Babylonian king, Hammurabi. The stele containing the Code of Hammurabi was discovered in by the Egyptologist Gustav Originally published in To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Traveler , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Shelves: novels-paranormal , novels-romance-paranormal , novels-elves-fairies-fae , novels-magic , novels-paranormal-investigation , read-and-did-not-keep. In this book Melanie Jackson has created a world where Goblins live among humankind in their own ghettos but with no rights to vote.

Some ambitious goblin leaders want to change that situation and are slowly taking over tycoons of industry by modifying their bodies. Thats why an organization called H. Humans Under Ground was founded to prevent Goblins from taking over the world. Io Cyphre is an agent of this organization: Not quite human herself — shes half siren fey — shes sent with her p In this book Melanie Jackson has created a world where Goblins live among humankind in their own ghettos but with no rights to vote.

There she meets Jack Frost a death fey and free agent and they team up after realizing that there is much more to their commission than just finding a magical generator and that the world is in grave danger.. I liked this book. Altough the suspense was not really overwhelming and I never read on with bated breath what would happen to our heroes next - I never thought them to be in real danger everything was going really smooth for them - it was an enjoyable read and I was throughly entertained.

Io is smart mouthed but not stubborn and silly like some main characters in other books I read and the banter between Jack and her was fun to read. Very different, but still a pleasure to read. Rookie agent teams up with a pro to beat the bad goblins. Each from a different agency, they both suspect the goblins are up to something big. It's a mad rush to stop the goblins while enjoying a little romance.

Interesting twists. David Hunziker rated it really liked it Apr 04, Alisha Black rated it really liked it Feb 17, Jae rated it really liked it Feb 24, Leberly rated it really liked it Mar 22, Jackson: A lady set on vengeance. A cold duke with secrets of his own. Wills clash when she falls into his life and sparks fly. But to be together, they must find the will to trust when no one is as they seem.

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Can they learn to trust each other before it is too late? But for three proud, passionate women, the same fierce conflict that rages throughout France burns in their own hearts… and will forever change their lives. Can Kellan get close to his fiery new student without getting burned or will kindling the spark between them change their lives forever? Instead, a university student totaled her car, her boss — after 16 years of loyalty — gave her a letter of termination, and her professor husband of 32 years asked for a divorce so he could marry his post-doc student with the inch waist and perky boobs.

But a new evil will stop at nothing to tear their world apart. Sparks fly as Dylan and Tori put out one fire only to start another one — one that might consume them both. Alright, falling for the sexy single dad was a HUGE mistake. Hard muscle. Marine MP. And the guy who took my innocence five years ago! Also, the guy who gave me the most precious gift ever — my daughter well, our daughter I should be saying.

She needs his help and he needs her more than he ever imagined. As the stakes rise, his willpower weakens. Sparks fly when Tori and Braxton Davies meet. Will his cunning save her, despite her ill feelings toward him? I wanted to make her MINE. And that scared me far more than the men coming to kill us. Forbidden Crush is a standalone MC romance novel filled with humor, action, and suspense. HEA guaranteed! Escaping literally? That was never part of her plan.

If you like a jerk with a heart of gold, this is the book for you. Oh, and I dare you not to fall in love with little Ollie! Her mother offers her a bargain she cannot refuse: if she can last the Season without finding a husband, she may take her inheritance and leave London. The only catch: she cannot say no to any man, for any reason. But when she finds out that Patrick, just like her brother, is involved with notorious criminals, she loses her trust in him. Desperate to win her back and clear his name, Patrick visits her brother in prison, not prepared for what he is about to hear…. When Laura and her 10 Men are on a reality TV show, everything changes.

The ten Jackson brothers who own a ranch are looking for love. Just me… and the four men who want to share me. It was supposed to be three months of solitude and reflection. Irwing: When love is nothing you believe in. When religion is something you mock. When two very different worlds collide. How can Catherine Little become what she needs to be? Torn as she is with the attraction of a sadistic Saudi Prince.

A betrayed man looking for a sense of pride. A loyal four-legged friend who will unexpectedly bring them together. The Trail to You is a sweet stand-alone romantic novel. Start over. Words for everyone else. My wife died on my operating table. My boy and I needed to try to reboot life. We did. Until one day, a beautiful woman walked into my office. I just hope she knows that she has to love us both. Treated like a servant, she has no idea of real love since her father died. The Duke, Ramsey, awaits his true love. At a masked ball the two meet, but with a wicked mother after them, can they have their happy ever after?

His voice is deep and hypnotizing, and boy is he hot. He believes Mackenzie Stiles was always meant to be his to protect. But not even Haven is strong enough to save her from her own demons. Mattia — an Italian count hiding his true identity in order to pursue his art. Their love will seek to bridge the chasm between two different worlds. I remember crushing over Justin long ago. Now, thinking of his touch has me burning with desire. And the way he cares for his daughter melts my heart. He would do anything to protect his family. So, when his little girl gets taken… He moves heaven and earth to bring her home.

Taye is new at the small college. Abandoned and alone, Shera must find a way to escape and confront the people who betrayed her. She gets help from an unlikely source: the man who kidnapped her. And, when their partnership turns to love, the two must face constant danger to endure.

But will they ever be free? A must read! JT is a multi-millionaire grieving widower who loves the simple life of a cowboy. Unable to hide the extent of her power, dangerous enemies attempt to steal her soul. Victoria DeMontville was forced to wed one man to protect her from another. She fought Cameron Savage to hold on to her research and find a cure for the Signe virus. She must love the adversary who arrived with weapons of fire to melt her heart…. First in series of second chance romances set in the Bluegrass of Kentucky.

Hate to love. The king of bad boys, the heir to billions. They met as enemies until his obsession turns her way. He has the power to find a cure, but everything comes with a price. When Vi moves home to Holiday Junction, it could be his big chance. Paired with Henry Finch, they must go undercover as a married couple to recover a missing centuries-old book. His sexy neighbor Riley Jones is hell-bent on finding her missing best friend and her search keeps winding her up in trouble—yet she refuses his help.

But keeping her in the friend-zone proves harder than finding the man who wants her dead. All 6 are full-length novels you can binge read with over pages. Clive agrees to help the saucy lady with her problem, but it will take more than soft smiles and touches to tame this marquess. Good thing the lady is up for the challenge. This second chance romantic suspense duet will heat you all the way through, then chill you to the bone. He was the crown prince of a bear clan. And me? I was a broke single mom.

He needed a fake wife to claim his inheritance. To be crowned Alpha Bear of his clan.

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So, what did I do when he offered me the gig? I stared into his intrusive eyes and said yes. The reward was generous. One rowdy and naked encounter against the lockers with the girl of your dreams will make her your wife. The only question is, will she accept?

The Painter's Daughter

And of all the women in the world, he asks me. Been there. Done that. Hated him forever. What would you do for twenty million dollars? Marry the man who broke your heart? Or run far, far away? Sin was a nightmare waiting to happen. One dangerous kiss changed everything, catapulting me into a war between the two. Only Jon, his omega best friend, can save him and bring him home again. In the heat of the night, their friendship begins to grow into something more. But love between an alpha and an omega is strictly forbidden…. Golden couple, Sawyer and Quinn Denali, have an amazing love story.

When Quinn has the opportunity to help others on a two-week volunteer trip, she reluctantly leaves her family. But it does… it changes everything. Drawn by an explosive attraction, they resist their forbidden union until forced to close ranks. Gritty, raw suspense. To experience ourselves alive, awake and in ownership of our sexuality and sensuality. Wild Open: Sacred Erotica Poetry by Rachel Pringle is a book written with the intention to invite and arouse your erotic essence. Four lost souls coming together, forged by the fires of vengeance, passion, and love.

A sizzling, military reverse harem love story. Now my enemy. Apparently my dark SEAL protector. Dom was older. The broken boy next door. I wanted to give him all of me. Then, everything came crashing down. His darkest thoughts revealed. Pages written only for his eyes. His nightmare. His sorrow. His plan. But when the night of their engagement the Earl gets mysteriously poisoned, everything changes for both.

Until the day Emma and William discover that the murder is only the start of a well-thought scheme and they are trapped right in the middle of it. A steamy Reverse Harem wolf shifter romance with no cheating and a guaranteed super sweet, happily ever after. For readers who love Alpha men, and women who fall hard and fast. Louis… harboring terrible secrets that could be the death of her. Running into Zach at a random bar a year later, Ailsa must face her past and her future. After lending money to an American professor to fund his expedition to Peru, the professor dies without repaying his debt.

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Jack needs that money to save his restaurant. But once he finds out about her past, will he even be interested? He must convince her that their future together is stronger than the dark memories that haunt her dreams. When her past comes calling for revenge, will their love survive the raging inferno she brings down upon them?

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The woman knows insects, wins at chess and dances in his upstairs hall. For the joy of it. He won at Waterloo, but can he win this woman he adores? The only survivor. His fellow comrades lost at sea.

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Not the voyage Henry Rochester imagined. A wealthy bachelor from New York. But Henry is not alone in paradise. A beautiful woman has been marooned on the island for years. And the pirates who killed her father are on the horizon. That means avoiding the curvy, delicious temptation of Dreama Agosto… a woman who holds his future in her hands. Is true love even possible a second time around?

One awesome family. Grab this box set. Find her brother, lick her wounds, and spend the time until her divorce was final figuring out what she wanted out of life. Good thing for Mark, he was a very patient man. Can Holly forgive the man who betrayed her and is now ready to try a real relationship? Or will promises kept win her heart back again? Ella could do the same, could she not? Her parents had arranged a marriage with Cotter Findlay, a man she wanted nothing to do with.

She had one other option. Justin is sure his resorts will bring Smithville into the twenty-first century, if that peculiar Tara would stop interfering. With her quirky hometown behind her, will Tara take on Justin, and the financial risk of a lifetime? After escaping from a crazy flying boy, she finds herself trapped on a pirate ship run by Captain Hook.

But is James really the heartless man she heard about? Especially the one called Tier. His wings can heal her. His eyes can trick her. Then her whole life turns out to be a lie and Tier is the only one who has the answers she needs. If along with this quest, she can experience some genuine romance, something her tyrant of a husband could never provide, all the better. Or so she assumes until she must spend days on end with just Charlie, the most exasperating of men. Greene: When Tori discovers a man from inside her Charing Cross bookshop, she accidentally strands him in Can she help Charles find the treasure to transport him home without losing her heart in the process?

An imaginative blend of romance and adventure across Londons new and old. Wall so high no one can ever get in.